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Chapter 496: You Are Quite Brave

Chapter 496: You Are Quite Brave

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3pm in Switzerland. Xia Yuling and her assistant exited the airport together. Tangning had told her that Mo Ting's people would be waiting for her and they were to be dressed in brown coats and black caps with a newspaper in their hands. On their chest would be a badge with Hai Rui's Italian name written on it.

So, as soon as Xia Yuling walked out of the airport, she immediately spotted Mo Ting's people. Knowing that she now had assistance, she let go of her nervousness and relaxed.

"President Xia...that's the man that is picking us up..." her secretary said as she pointed to a man wearing a black trenchcoat and holding a sign.

"You go ahead and confirm. I don't understand Italian," Xia Yuling deliberately instructed. In reality, she just wanted her secretary to let down her guard; she had actually studied quite a few languages in school.

"OK," her secretary rushed over to the man and whispered something. She then turned around and waved at Xia Yuling, "President Xia, it's all fine."

Xia Yuling nodded her head and walked over. Meanwhile, Mo Ting's people trailed behind...

"President Xia, please this way." Outside the airport, Xia Yuling's secretary opened the door to a Lincoln Limousine for Xia Yuling to board.

Xia Yuling looked at the man and then looked at her secretary before she happily boarded the car and sat down like there was nothing wrong.

"President Xia, the farm we are heading to will take 2 hours by car. You can have a nap if you want."

"OK," Xia Yuling nodded. Via the rearview mirror, she spotted a car following behind, so she pretended to have a nap.

Afterwards, her secretary said to the driver in Italian, "What time do you plan to make a move?"

"On the way to the farm, we will come across a dangerous three-way crossroad. The terrain is extremely difficult and there are criminal groups from Eastern Europe that commit robbery and ransom in that area all-year-round...give her a glass of wine, the wine contains tranquilizer."

A surprised look appeared on the secretary's face, but she quickly contained her emotions. With her trembling hands, she poured Xia Yuling a glass of red wine while she was sleeping.

"President Xia, would you like some wine?"

Xia Yuling slowly opened her eyes and nodded, "Pass it here."

Xia Yuling received the tall wine glass and gently closed her lips over the rim of the glass, pretending to take a sip, before returning it to her secretary.

She then closed her eyes and pretended to fall asleep...

"OK, we're good," seeing Xia Yuling had fallen asleep the secretary finally relaxed. "Don't blame me for doing this President Xia, but Miss Tang has treated me really well..."

Xia Yuling remained still. It appeared she had been put into a deep sleep because of the tranquilizer in her wine. After double checking that she was completely knocked out, the secretary turned and said to the driver, "Don't treat her too ruthlessly..."

"This is not your concern."

The car continued to race forward, but Xia Yuling did not show any signs​ of waking up. After one hour of driving, they finally reached the so-called dangerous three-way crossroad. Standing at the crossroad was someone ready to meet with them.

The driver stopped the Lincoln Limousine and placed Xia Yuling inside a black bag before carrying her out and handing her over to the man, "Deal with this."

The secretary watched as Xia Yuling was taken away and closed her eyes nervously. Her palms were sweaty as her hands trembled.

Especially when she heard the words, 'deal with this'...

She wanted to back out, but she couldn't say anything as her words clung to the sides of her throat.

It didn't take long before Xia Yuling was taken away in the black car. The driver returned to the limousine and said to the secretary, "You can call the police in a moment..."

She was going to report that they had encountered a robbery and Xia Yuling had been kidnapped!


Xia Yuling was indeed kidnapped, but the car was quickly blocked by another vehicle. A dozen strong bodyguards immediately restrained the men in the car. Not only did they take Xia Yuling away, but they smashed the car and delivered the men to the police station.

"President Xia, are you OK?"

Xia Yuling tore open the black bag with the assistance of a middle-aged man and took a few deep breaths of fresh air. She then replied, "I'm fine."

"That was quite a are quite brave to play along!" the man handed her a glass of warm water.

"I trust in my son-in-law." Actually, now that Xia Yuling thought about it, she was a little traumatized by the incident. But, in that moment, if she hadn't pretended​ to be unconscious, the driver may have made a move right there in the car. That would not have been worth it.

"Don't worry. President Mo's plans are flawless. We will take you somewhere to get some rest."

"OK," Xia Yuling nodded her head. She couldn't believe that her secretary was actually ruthless enough to do what she had done.

What a traitor!

And what about Tang Xuan?

After settling down in safety, the first thing that Xia Yuling did was give Tangning a phone call before calling Elder Tang and explaining the entire situation in detail. As soon as Elder Tang heard what had happened, he angrily flipped the desk in front of him, "What an inhumane animal! She deserves to die!"

"Grandfather, what's wrong?" Tang Jingxuan rushed into the room after hearing a loud bang. Seeing Elder Tang's furious expression, he was quite surprised. It had been a while since Elder Tang had been this angry.

Elder Tang took a deep breath and calmed himself down. Seeing his grandson before him, his anger subsided, "Yuling, I'm glad you are OK. Let's wait and​ see what that foul creature wants to do!"

"Father, I'm OK, don't worry."

Hearing the conversation between Elder Tang and Xia Yuling, Tang Jingxuan roughly guessed what was going on. Who else in the family would cause such an uproar?


Elder Tang put down the phone in his hand, held his chest and shook his other hand, "How did the Tang Family produce such a ruthless monster?!"

Tang Jingxuan immediately rushed over and held onto the old man before he heard bits and pieces of what had happened to Xia Yuling.

"Grandfather, there's no need to worry. With Sister Three and brother-in-law around, no matter how big of a mess that woman stirs up, she will simply be shooting herself in the foot."

"Let's wait and see..." Elder Tang took a deep breath. "Let's see what she plans to do to Tang Corps.! If not for the child in her stomach, I would have dealt with her a long time ago!"


The Tang Family received news that Xia Yuling was missing via her secretary. At the time that the housekeeper received the phone call, he was so frightened that he almost dropped the phone on the floor.

Tang Xuan was in the living room at that time. Seeing the housekeeper in a panic, she immediately asked, "What's wrong?"

"The madam...the madam has been kidnapped and her whereabouts is currently unknown..."

"How did this happen?" a worried look appeared on Tang Xuan's face. "Don't tell grandfather about this. I don't want him to worry."

In reality, Tang Xuan had already heard Elder Tang's footsteps approaching and deliberately said these words.

"Immediately contact the Swiss police and check on the situation. Tang Corps is currently expanding, we can't do without Auntie Xia."

Elder Tang was standing behind Tang Xuan. Seeing her putting on an act, he was so tempted to walk up and throw two big slaps across her face, but he knew he had to temporarily endure.

"Chairman..." the housekeeper furrowed his brows as he looked at the old man standing behind Tang Xuan.

"Grandfather..." Tang Xuan turned around and gasped.

"What happened to Yuling?"

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