Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 120: Doesn't the Madam Not Want You to Interfere?

Chapter 120: Doesn't the Madam Not Want You to Interfere?

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In an instant, [Tangning Refuses to Share a Stage With Mini-Tangning!], [Tangning Absent From Perfume Event Because She Wants to Avoid Lan Yu], [Tangning's Open Mindedness is All an Act!] and other headlines appeared on all the entertainment news sources. As Lan Yu was still young, it was expected adults would be more forgiving towards this 16-year-old. So, the fact that Tangning did not appear at the perfume event, was immediately blown up by all the 'mother fans'....

Of course, Star Age spared no effort, taking advantage of this opportunity to use Tangning to create hype.

Although Lan Xi wasn't shamed by Star Age's actions, she still immediately gave An Zihao a phone call, "Zihao, have you seen today's news?"

"Yes, I've seen it," An Zihao replied as he held his hand to his forehead. In actual fact, he had not noticed until he heard the name Tangning come up on the news and realized it was his artist.

"Do you know how hard Tangning has worked to get to where she is today? Even if you don't respect her, don't go and destroy her. Does she owe you? Does she deserve to be treated like this?" Lan Xi's tone was furious. "I will do my best to hold back the media, but I don't think Lan Yu will let things go so easily."

An Zihao quickly washed his face and flipped through Tangning's details.

He did not intend to harm anyone, he just didn't expect this incident would effect Tangning in such a negative way.

Lan Yu took advantage of the fact that she was young to feed off the public's sympathy. Netizens claimed Tangning was detrimental to the new generation; Mini-Tangning was merely a nickname, yet she acted in such a way. They demanded that Tangning make an official apology and explain why she was absent from the perfume event.

An Zihao realized how hard Tangning had worked to climb up and out of every scandalous situation; he felt uneasy. He decided to give Tangning a phone call.

"Hello? Tangning speaking..." a calm voice answered.

"It's An Zihao..."

Upon hearing the name of the person on the other end of the line, Tangning's expression turned cold. She turned off the TV in front of her, putting the living room into complete silence, "Please speak."

"In regards to the event..."

"If Mr. An has no intention to be my manager, he could have spoken to President Lan; I don't actually have high hopes for my manager. As for the incident with the event, the negative news is already out there, there's nothing else to say about it. I will find a way to fix the situation, you don't need to worry," Tangning expressed her thoughts resolutely.

An Zihao was stunned. So this was Tangning's temper...

Most importantly, Tangning did not give him a chance to explain before hanging up the phone. Did this mean he was in trouble?

In reality, it wasn't that Tangning wasn't upset, but she felt that being upset wouldn't help the situation at all. Lan Yu was closing in on her one step at a time; she wanted to see her make mistakes so that she could eventually take over her position.

She wouldn't allow herself to fall into Lan Yu's trap.

Not long after, Tangning received a phone call from Lan Xi, "Tangning, this incident is indeed Zihao's fault, I will tell him to immediately fix it."

"President Lan, you know, you could have arranged for me to have a normal manager; I don't require a top-level one," Tangning responded.

"I never expected you would have a mutual dislike for each other...however, Zihao has already discussed this matter with me, he will step out to fix everything," Lan Xi promised. "Trust him, he knows how to handle matters like this."

Tangning did not say anything. She just didn't understand An Zihao. Was he born to take joy in causing trouble and then fixing it?

Online, a video of Lan Yu crying was stirring up the emotions of hundreds and millions of users. Tangning had been thrown into the deep end by someone she didn't even consider to be a worthy opponent.

The power of a 16-year-old should not be disregarded; too bad she used it in the wrong place.

Not long after, Mo Ting gave Tangning a phone call. His voice was gentle, "I saw the news, how are you feeling now?"

"Honestly, I feel terrible," Tangning shook her head and let out a sigh. "The first time I lay eyes on Lan Yu, I knew she wasn't simple. I just hoped a 16-year-old wouldn't get involved in a world where people scheme against each other, that I think about it, it seems she quite enjoys it."

"In this industry, everyone is striving for fame and fortune. She really shouldn't use her age as a shield."

"But, it is true that I did not attend the event because I had no idea about it," Tangning was a bit annoyed.

"Do you still intend to go easy on Lan Yu?"

Hearing Mo Ting's question, Tangning was dumbfounded. She then shook her head and replied, "No."

Since Lan Yu didn't care about her own future and used such extreme measures to take a risk, why should she worry about her?

"Good. If it was me, I would not go easy on her either."

After speaking, Mo Ting waved Lu Che over, "Go and investigate Lan Yu's school. I want you to retrieve any information you can find on her, no matter big or small."

"Yes, President."

"Also, take control of the media. Make sure the popularity of Tangning's incident is reduced to a minimum."

"But...doesn't the madam not want you to interfere?" Lu Che scratched his head; he was put in a difficult position.

Mo Ting's eyes squinted with a piercing glare, "I personally dislike Lan Yu. Is this reason enough?"

Lu Che was so frightened by Mo Ting that he could feel his body break out in a cold sweat. He quickly nodded his head as he left the office. It seemed Mo Ting could no longer control the pain he felt for Tangning.

In this industry, how dare someone bully his woman. Did they think he didn't exist?

Tangning wasn't aware that Mo Ting had already made a move behind the scenes. She instructed Long Jie to contact the perfume company and request for a chance to explain herself. Regardless of whether it was An Zihao's fault, she indeed did not make an appearance, so she had to apologize sincerely.

As for Lan Yu, she had other ways of dealing with her.

Long Jie used a lot of effort to convince the perfume company for a chance. In the end, they only gave Tangning 10 minutes to provide her explanation.

Tangning did not complain; throwing a tantrum never solved any problems. So, even if it was just 10 minutes, she was going to try her best.

3pm. Tangning arrived at the perfume company but did not see the person in charge. However, she did not complain. It took 2 hours before they were finally touched by her sincerity and decided to see her.

The person in charge was a burly mixed-blood man. Upon seeing Tangning, he immediately started his countdown, "You only have 10 minutes starting from now."

"I'm sorry Mr. Blair, I would like to apologize for my absence at your event. However...I didn't do it on purpose and it has nothing to do with Lan Yu, please do not believe the rumors. I am confident my love for perfume is no less than yours. Here, I have a bottle of perfume which I would like to give to you as a gift, I hope you like it. Also, I came here today to specifically apologize to you in case we have any misunderstandings. As for breaching my contract, I will make sure to double the compensation."

Tangning's attitude was modest and calm. She wanted the man to know she had simply come to apologize.

As soon as the man saw the perfume, his eyes lit up, "This perfume...where did you get it from? Miss Tang is familiar with perfumes?"

"I know a thing or two..."

"Since it is all a misunderstanding, I will instruct my staff to release a statement to clear things up. Miss Tang, I feel like we can be friends?" Blair was fascinated by the perfume Tangning had brought him; the fragrance was so unique.

It was only natural. After all, the Tang family had a century-old history in producing perfume...

Upon deciding to see Blair, Tangning had already decided to target his interests and it worked. As for Lan Yu...

...she was going to deal with her next! Her patience for Lan Yu had already reached its limit.

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