Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 494: It's Fair For Me To Destroy Them

Chapter 494: It's Fair For Me To Destroy Them

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"Xiwen..." Xia Jingyi subconsciously grabbed onto Ruan Xiwen's hand. She was so nervous, her hands began to sweat.

"Don't be afraid. I would like to see how the infamous Tangning clears her brother's name!" Ruan Xiwen was full of confidence because he did not expect Tangning to know any insider information.

Tangning did not immediately respond. She simply walked onto the stage and said to Song Yanshu, "You've worked hard. Leave it with me."

"Ning Jie..."

"I'll be fine," Tangning reassured confidently with a warm smile.

Song Yanshu glared at the disgusting couple below the stage and retreated behind Tangning; no longer implicating herself with the show that was playing out.

The cameras in the reporters' hands flashed continuously. Meanwhile, to conceal her stomach, Tangning deliberately hunched forward a little and placed her arms on top of the podium on the stage. Her entire body emitted an unapproachable vibe.

After a few seconds of silence, she threw a warning at Xia Jingyi, "Xia Jingyi, if you continue to put on an act and refuse to tell the truth, then...I have no choice but to speak up."

Although Xia Jingyi was extremely anxious, she could not imagine what information Tangning could possibly have in her hands. So, even though her heart was racing, she still replied stubbornly, "We've already told everyone the truth."

"Really?" Tangning's voice cooled a few degrees. "You've spoken the truth? OK then, let's start off by talking about what happened 12 years ago..."

Hearing her mention 12 years ago, Xia Jingyi's eyes grew wide and throat turned dry as she stared at Tangning.

"It seems, it's time for me to tell everyone a spectacular story. 12 years ago..."

"No, don't!" Xia Jingyi suddenly yelled. "I beg you, don't..."

Tangning's lips curved upwards, but she did not stop, "12 years ago, on a certain afternoon..."

"I was in a relationship with Luo Xing!" Xia Jingyi had no choice but to make an admittance. "I was in a relationship with Luo Xing...Are you happy now?"

"Happy? The way you're yelling makes it sound like I am forcing you," Tangning laughed. "It's either you come up here and explain everything, or...I send you to your doom. Your choice."

Xia Jingyi's eyes turned red and body stiffened. She had never imagined that Tangning would hold something so strong against her; she was holding onto the story of Ruan Xiwen's mother's death.

"Don't go up..."

"I have no choice." Xia Jingyi freed herself from Ruan Xiwen's embrace and suddenly yelled, "This is all your fault. Why did you force me? I already agreed to marry you, yet you still schemed against Luo Xing. I really didn't want to do this, but you left me with no choice."

After hearing Xia Jingyi's complex outburst, the reporters were shocked.

"I admit, I hurt Luo Xing and tried to destroy his career, but this was all a part of this man's plan...He wanted to take revenge on Luo Xing and I," Xia Jingyi said fiercely as she emotionally pointed to Ruan Xiwen. "I really didn't do it on purpose...nor did I want to hurt Luo Xing..."

"Since you didn't want to do it, why did you listen to this man? And why did you put on an act at the press conference?" Tangning pressed for an explanation.


"Let me answer for you. It's because you were afraid he'd reveal your dark secret," Tangning said firmly, "The secret that 12 years ago, you caused the death of his mother!"

Hearing this, the reporters immediately pulled out their cameras to document Xia Jingyi's expression...

"That's why you had no choice but to compromise and go along with his plan! As for what happened 12 years ago, Hai Rui will hand their investigation report to the police in a moment, along with evidence of illegal activities that your supposed fiance has taken part in over the years. You can leave your explaining for the police..."

"Hmmph, what is there for me to be afraid of? I'm completely innocent," Ruan Xiwen persisted.

"So, you were innocent when you took part in money laundering?" Tangning asked with a deeper meaning as she raised her eyebrows.

Ruan Xiwen's expression changed...He never expected Tangning to know such a deep secret of his.

Tangning looked at the expression on his face and smiled, "You can play your tricks on other people, but you made a huge mistake when you tried to bully my family member. If my brother did something wrong, I would discipline him myself. But...if someone tries to degrade him with bad motives, then sorry, I will do all I can to find them and reveal them to the public."

"If you try to destroy Luo Xing, I will destroy you. That's only fair." After speaking, Tangning turned around and said to Song Yanshu, "I'll leave the rest with you."

"You can rely on me, Ning Jie," Song Yanshu nodded.

As expected, when it came to power, no one could compare to Tangning.

"Tangning is still the same Tangning...She is so cool!"

"I'm totally mesmerized by Tangning's attitude. She's​ f*cken boss!"

"Bl*ody hell! I almost believed the disgusting couple's words. Who would have thought that as soon as Tangning appeared, all forms of demons had to reveal themselves."

In order not to effect her child, Tangning immediately left the stage after she was done and exited the hall under the protection of security. The reporters trailed her until she disappeared out of sight.

"We have something to write about again. Tangning's news is always popular."

"Of course. Tangning is exactly how an older sister should be..."

"Now that I think about it, Luo Xing does have some similarities with his sister. He obviously has such a strong background, but he didn't use it to create hype. We can see that he is quite a low profile person."

Song Yanshu returned to the front of the stage and looked down at the couple that was being surrounded by the reporters. It didn't take long before the police arrived on the scene.

Xia Jingyi was so frightened that she immediately took a few steps back. But the police stretched out their arms and restrained her, "Be honest with us. We suspect that you are involved with an accidental death 12 years ago. Please follow us back to the police station to assist in our investigation."

Of course, there was no way that Ruan Xiwen would escape unscathed...

But being taken away by the police in front of everyone, made Xia Jingyi feel like she'd rather die.

However, just as the police escorted them out of the hall, they saw Luo Xing coming downstairs. At that moment, Tang Jingxuan simply looked at Xia Jingyi with indifference.

But, Xia Jingyi still clung onto Tang Jingxuan's shirt, "Luo Xing save me. Save me please."

Tang Jingxuan stood still and slightly turned his head. The look in his eyes made Xia Jingyi's hairs stand on end, "Why should I?"

"I really had no choice..."

"I've decided to pursue Yanshu..."

"Luo Xing...I still love you."

"Oh?" After a simple response, Tang Jingxuan freed himself from Xia Jingyi's grip and left. From this moment on, this person who had left wounds in his life would disappear from his heart forever.

There was no doubt that Luo Xing's incident would provide the entertainment industry with some controversial news to write about.

After the press conference, Tang Jingxuan went directly to the CEO's office. At this moment, Song Yanshu was reporting to Tangning about the aftermath of the press conference...

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