Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 491: I've Never Been a Nice Person

Chapter 491: I've Never Been a Nice Person

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"That's enough, what can I do? Xiwen won't let Luo Xing or I off. Whether I say anything, the result will still be the same. Miss Song, please leave," Xia Jingyi turned and looked fiercely at Song Yanshu. Her mind had long been in a mess.

Her message was clear: she couldn't help.

In reality, before Song Yanshu arrived, she had already predicted this outcome. But she still decided to give it a gamble. She wanted to see if the woman that Tang Jingxuan once liked, would have at least, the tiniest bit of conscience and courage.

But after hearing Xia Jingyi's response, Song Yanshu laughed...

"Since you've decided to give up on Luo Xing, then don't regret it." After speaking, Song Yanshu stood up straight and left the room.

Xia Jingyi slowly returned her gaze. At this moment, all she felt was self-mockery.

She understood Tang Jingxuan. Regardless of everything else, Tang Jingxuan was a kind person. She couldn't possibly push him off the edge, but Ruan Xiwen was different.

However, Xia Jingyi would find out later how wrong her decision was today.


After leaving Xia Jingyi's waiting room, Song Yanshu gave Tangning another phone call to tell her Xia Jingyi's response.

Tangning remained silent for a few seconds before saying, "That means from now on, no matter what we do, we don't need to take this woman into consideration."

"Yes we don't, Ning Jie. But, I'm worried about Luo Xing..."

"Don't worry, he will never turn back," Tangning said confidently. "Yanshu, go discuss with Fang Yu. Reveal the entire story of Tang Jingxuan and Xia Jingyi's relationship to the public."

"The truth is always more stable than lies."

"OK, Ning Jie, I'll go handle it now."

Since Xia Jingyi wasn't willing to speak up, then they had no choice but to force her to make a decision.

But, even if Xia Jingyi was willing, she may not necessarily speak in favor of Tang Jingxuan...

So, under Fang Yu's lead, Hai Rui's PR once again explained the relationship between Tang Jingxuan and Xia Jingyi. But this time, they described it in detail and highlighted the fact that Tang Jingxuan was a victim in order to recover Tang Jingxuan's reputation.

But, when it came to gossip like this, the public wasn't concerned about who was innocent. In fact, most people just wanted to watch the show.

To put it simply, one sentence summed up everything: all three of the people involved weren't great.

"Luo Xing doesn't have such bad taste, does he?"

"Since Xia Jingyi's fiance reached his limit and stepped out to say something, then it must be true."

"I feel that the key figure in this incident, Xia Jingyi, should say something. Hai Rui has been emphasizing that Xia Jingyi lied to Luo Xing and I'm beginning to think that they are telling the truth. Both artists are from Hai Rui, if it wasn't the truth, why would Hai Rui clarify for Luo Xing?"

"If I was Xia Jingyi's fiance, I would directly castrate Luo Xing. How dare he play around with someone else's wife!?"

"I bet he caught them in bed! How does someone like this deserve fans to spend money on him and help him get on the billboards? He uses fans' money while flirting with people in the industry. How disgusting!"

"Men from the entertainment industry always make me question the lower limits of a human's values."

"This time, they've gone too far."

With increasing attention on the situation, the negative effects on Luo Xing also increased. Even his intended album release date had to be postponed.

Tangning sat at home and gave Xia Yuling a phone call, "Mom, find an excuse to postpone your trip to Switzerland until after the issue with Jingxuan has been resolved."

"I'm also worried about Jingxuan. Everyone at work has been talking about him. I'll find an excuse then. Tang Xuan can wait a little longer."

Tangning hung up the phone and looked up at the rainy skies. It was time...


"Jingyi, Vice President Fang spoke to me a moment ago. The agency has organized a press conference for you so you can clarify everything," Xia Jingyi's​ manager said in a strict tone. "If it was another entertainment agency, for the sake of protecting their artists, they would think of a solution for both sides. But, this is Hai Rui..."

"President Mo has no tolerance for stuff like this. So, for the sake of the bigger picture, it's best you cooperate and at least prove Luo Xing's innocence. After he's protected and the entire incident is over, we can find a chance to start all over again."

"So, Hai Rui is trying to force me?" Xia Jingyi sneered as she asked her manager.

"Just because Luo Xing is Tangning's younger brother and can't be given up on, does that mean they can sacrifice me?"

"When it comes to sacrificing someone, I'm sure you understand that better than anyone," her managers voice turned cold, "Luo Xing was so good to you, yet what did you do?"

"So, all I have to do is clarify everything, is that right?" Xia Jingyi changed the focus as she looked at her manager with a gaze that her manager could not understand.

"3pm," her manager had nothing else to say to her as she left the room.

Xia Jingyi held back her tears as she remained seated in her chair. No one could understand the situation she was currently in. It's not that she didn't want to save Luo Xing, but, if Ruan Xiwen was to reveal what happened years ago, she would be completely destroyed.

If Luo Xing was to step foot out of the entertainment industry, he could still be the fourth master of the Tang Family. She, on the other hand, couldn't afford to lose anything.

"Sorry, Luo Xing," Xia Jingyi thought in secret.


For the sake of the press conference in the afternoon, Tangning arrived quietly at the agency and met with Fang Yu and Song Yanshu.

"Ning Jie, Xia Jingyi has finally decided to cooperate. She has agreed to speak up and clarify for Luo Xing," Song Yanshu said as she followed behind.

Tangning did not immediately respond. She never took gambles and didn't actually trust Xia Jingyi.

"Go ahead and make preparations."

"OK," Song Yanshu replied before leaving Fang Yu's office, while Tangning and Fang Yu remained.

As good friends and regular battle comrades, Fang Yu could understand what Tangning was thinking just by looking into her eyes.

"You don't trust Xia Jingyi..."

"Regardless of whether I trust her or not, there's no way I can place all my bets on her. She's allowed to get in trouble, but I won't let anything happen to Jingxuan," Tangning replied coldly. "Have you already found something from your investigation?"

"I'm sure you already heard everything from Long Jie's findings. Right now, all we need to do is compile what we've got and Luo Xing should be fine," Fang Yu fetched some documents from his shelves. "I understand you. The only reason why you've planned things out this way is so that Xia Jingyi can't keep hiding. And to avenge Luo Xing, the only way is to expose Xia Jingyi in front everyone."

"I've never been a nice person," Tangning smiled with deep meaning, "If she wants to bully a member of my family, she will first need to get past me."

"Who could possibly get past you?" Fang Yu laughed. Hai Rui had so many people, including Huo Jingjing, and every single one of them had been convinced by Tangning.

When it came to Tangning, no one dared to disagree or challenge her.

So, that afternoon, there was bound to be a good show.

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