Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 490: Just Because He Has Money, Does That Mean He Should Let You Off?

Chapter 490: Just Because He Has Money, Does That Mean He Should Let You Off?

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Luo Xing was known as a singer born out of nowhere and trained into a superstar by Hai Rui, one knew his true identity. They didn't know that he was the fourth master of Tang Corps., nor did they know that he was Tangning's younger brother...

So, now that it was revealed that he had stepped into someone else's relationship and became the hated 'third person', the reputation he had worked so hard to build, was completely destroyed.

After all, he wasn't Tangning. So, one simple scandal was enough to return him to nothing.

Inside the artists' resting lounge, Tang Jingxuan saw the hottest news story of the day and laughed in ridicule. Meanwhile, behind him, Song Yanshu remained quiet for a while before saying, "It's fine, Hai Rui is doing their best to recover the situation."

"I'm not worried about my image being destroyed, I'm just..."

"You're just hurt. So you're bound to think this situation is unfair," Song Yanshu finished his sentence calmly. "Luo Xing, you need to be clear of your own identity. Not only are you Hai Rui's new superstar, you are also the fourth master of the Tang Family. No matter what your identity is, I will prove your innocence."

Tang Jingxuan remained silent for a small moment before finally saying thank you.

Not everyone could deliver coal in the snow like she did. Based on this fact, Tang Jingxuan agreed that Song Yanshu was exactly how Tangning described; she was someone that could be trusted.

"If you really want to thank me, then toughen up and be strong like your sister," Song Yanshu suddenly revealed a rare smile. "To be honest, you and Ning Jie are the same. Both of you don't belong to the entertainment industry. But, Ning Jie has the ability to change the rules of survival in the industry, whereas you..."

"What my sister can do, I can also do!" Tang Jingxuan responded confidently.

Song Yanshu tilted her head and looked at him with a smile, "I believe you."

Tang Jingxuan also looked at Song Yanshu. He was originally depressed because he did not expect anyone to believe his words. But, the look in Song Yanshu's eyes told him that she truly believed.


Because of the scandal, traveling became very difficult for Tang Jingxuan. Song Yanshu tried her best to protect him and escort him out of the hoards of reporters, but they pushed and pulled her repeatedly.

He never expected - the person to protect him at a time like this - would be a woman!

Did she not know how tiny she was?

Seeing Song Yanshu completely surrounded, Tang Jingxuan finally couldn't take it anymore. So he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him before he protected her out of the crowd.

Song Yanshu looked at Tang Jingxuan in surprise, before she freed herself from his grip, "Are you crazy? Do you want things to become more complex?"

"Did you expect me to watch you getting trapped in the crowd and not do anything about it?"

"That's exactly what I wanted you to do. After your actions today, the reporters are going to start saying something's going on between us."

Tang Jingxuan gritted his teeth and said in an uncaring manner, "If worse comes to worst, I'll just retreat from the industry. I'm determined to protect you."

This time, Song Yanshu did not refute. Only after they boarded the company van and Tang Jingxuan's assistant drove them to a safe location, did she finally say, "You're too reckless."

"Yanshu, I joined this industry because I like to sing, not because of fame and status."

Song Yanshu simply sighed, "No matter what, I will definitely prove your innocence."

Tang Jingxuan did not say another word, but he secretly made a decision in his mind. At this moment, Song Yanshu had to admit that she suddenly couldn't understand Tang Jingxuan.

After returning home, Tang Jingxuan headed directly to his bedroom. As for Song Yanshu, as soon as she left the Tang household, she received a phone call from Tangning.

"Ning Jie..."

"I saw how the situation has escalated," Tangning said to Song Yanshu. "Tell Xia Jingyi to step out and clarify everything. The fourth master of the Tang Family isn't someone she can offend. If she wants to keep her status and doesn't want her career to be destroyed, she better understand the situation before her."

Song Yanshu was a little surprised. Because, the impression she had of Tangning was, if a situation had nothing to do with her family or lover, she was not one to attack. She could endure anything and keep it to herself. But, as soon as a situation involved Mo Ting or her friends and family, her ruthlessness would come seeping out from the depths of her bones.

"OK, I'll talk to Xia Jingyi about it."

"Be careful not to let anyone else know and not to let Xia Jingyi use you instead," Tangning warned.

"Don't worry Ning Jie, I know what to do," Song Yanshu understood straight away.

After putting down her phone, Tangning leaned back on the cushion behind her as Mo Ting placed his arm around her shoulder, "You've already retreated from the industry, yet you're still getting involved with stuff like this."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting and laughed, "I've gotten this far for you, for me and for the sake of protecting those around me. Jingxuan took a big hit from the incident with Xia Jingyi. I understand the feeling of being betrayed and slandered, better than he does."

"Fine. I already know how you are like; no need to explain yourself..." Mo Ting placed his hand on Tangning's slightly protruding stomach, "You can seek revenge if you must, but don't tire yourself out. If you feel like you can't handle it anymore, hand it over to me."

"You? Forget it. Your level of destruction is too powerful. I'm afraid Xia Jingyi won't be able to handle it." Tangning was well aware that if Mo Ting was to make a move, he would completely uproot her because he disliked leaving chances for recovery. "I can handle it..."

"You are the boss of the family. Your words are final," Mo Ting placed his lips against Tangning's hair and breathed in her unique fragrance, like he was absorbing his days worth of nutrients.

Tangning closed her eyes satisfyingly. Her heart still felt moved by being close to the one she loved. This was something she would never get sick of.


After talking to Tangning, Song Yanshu contacted Xia Jingyi's manager that afternoon. Because of her relationship with Tangning, the manager did not dare to delay her request, so she immediately arranged for Song Yanshu to meet Xia Jingyi in the waiting room.

Xia Jingyi was well aware of the reason for Song Yanshu's appearance. As she stared at the mirror in front of her, she simply said, "I know why you have come today, but I'm sorry, I won't be able to help you."

"Oh, so you know," Song Yanshu smirked. Her voice increased in fierceness, "So, you think that I am here to ask for your help?"

Xia Jingyi was holding onto a stick of mascara as her hand began to tremble.

"Luo Xing was deceived by you. You were the one to cheat, yet you are allowing Luo Xing to be slandered. Did you think your appearance would help him?"

Xia Jingyi looked displeased.

"Both you and I know Luo Xing's identity. Don't forget whose brother he is. Xia Jingyi, I'm not here to plead for your help. I am suggesting for you to clarify everything. Otherwise, if the situation escalates, the one to get hurt in the end, would be you," Song Yanshu sneered.

"I can't. Even if Luo Xing is no longer a celebrity, he is still the fourth master of the Tang Family. But, if I'm no longer a celebrity, I will have nothing."

"Just because he is a part of the Tang Family, doesn't give you reason to slander him. Just because he has money, does that mean he should let you off? Who do you think you are?"

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