Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 489: She's...Cheating

Chapter 489: She's...Cheating

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Xia Jingyi was born into a family of scholars. Logically speaking, it didn't seem right for her to be with Tang Jingxuan simply because of his identity. But things weren't always logical...

Tang Jingxuan pulled out his phone and gave Song Yanshu a phone call, "Yanshu, leave my schedule free for tomorrow, I have something personal to deal with."

"No problems, but I have one request: please remember your identity."

"Yes," Tang Jingxuan hung up the phone but ended up spending the rest of the night in the study room, deep in thought.

He thought about the way that Tang Xuan schemed against Tangning and the variety of expressions on Xia Jingyi's face; he had never imagined that the people around him would be so frightening.

The next day, Tang Jingxuan watched as Xia Jingyi left her apartment and drove off in her car. He followed behind until she stopped halfway to pick up her so-called 'classmate'. The man stepped out of his villa and naturally boarded Xia Jingyi's car.

Tang Jingxuan tightened his grip on the steering wheel and began to tremble. The flames in his eyes gradually sunk into darkness.

However, he continued to follow quietly behind the two people until they entered a cemetery.

On top of the steep hillside, Tang Jingxuan watched as Xia Jingyi and the man approached a tombstone with a bunch of flowers. Of course, it was impossible for Tang Jingxuan to hear their conversation, but he did see the man wrap his arm around Xia Jingyi's waist and pull her in for a passionate kiss...

Xia Jingyi did not retaliate...

Seeing this, Tang Jingxuan's heart almost jumped out of his chest...

There were no words necessary. Tang Jingxuan directly turned around to leave. However, at this time, the man spotted Tang Jingxuan and gave an evil laugh, "Your little lover seems to have witnessed us being intimate."

Xia Jingyi's expression changed as she fell into a panic. She quickly ran up to Tang Jingxuan and grabbed onto his shirt, "Luo Xing, let me explain."

"There's nothing to explain," Tang Jingxuan brushed her away with a frighteningly dark expression.

"I really had a reason..."

"No matter the reason, there's no need to kiss another man," Tang Jingxuan growled.

"His mother died because of me."

"So he's allowed to kiss you and even sleep with you? Xia Jingyi, don't you think this is ridiculous? I won't expose what happened here today, but Xia Jingyi, we are officially over." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan turned to leave but Xia Jingyi broke down in tears as she grabbed onto him again.

"Luo Xing, I truly love you..."

"So, how did you manage to act intimately with another man when you loved me? What about him? What does he mean to you?"

Xia Jingyi took a couple of steps back. She was suddenly speechless, "I...I..."

"I am her first love. It's always hard to forget one's first love," the man ran over and said coldly. "Luo Xing, you saw it yourself: when I kissed her, she didn't retaliate at all. This is the best proof."

"I wish you both the best of luck," Tang Jingxuan had no intention to linger on the subject as he turned to leave, but Xia Jingyi clung on with all her life.

"Luo Xing...don't give up on me, please."

This time, Tang Jingxuan did not respond. He simply sped up his step.

How could a cheating woman plead for others not to give up on her?

"Why are you crying?" the man wrapped his arm around Xia Jingyi and pulled her into his embrace. "Stop dreaming about joining a rich family. Just marry me. After slandering me yesterday, I'm going to torture you for the rest of your life."

Xia Jingyi cried as she watched Tang Jingxuan leave. Her heart broke, but...

...she couldn't deny that, even though the man beside her was ruthless, she did indeed still have feelings for him...

There were some things in life that appeared good on the surface, like a fresh apple, when it was actually rotten on the inside.


Tang Jingxuan had suffered a shock, so his heart was in a mess. He swallowed his anger and headed straight for Hyatt Regency; in this whole world, the only people he could still trust were Tangning and Mo Ting.

After entering the front door, he directly walked over to Tangning and lay his head on her lap in a depressed mood.

Seeing him like this, Tangning could roughly guess what had happened.

"It's OK..."

"Sis, why are there so many selfish people in the world? For the sake of their own desires, how could they conscientiously deceive others?" Tang Jingxuan asked in a dull tone. "How could she think it's OK to do something like this, then ask for forgiveness after?"

"You should blame yourself for being blind... Of course, I was also blind once. Hurry and get up, stop squashing your nephew," Tangning shooed.

Just as Tang Jingxuan sat up, he received a phone call from Song Yanshu, "Xia Jingyi is looking everywhere for you, what happened?"

"Yanshu, from now on, directly hang up on on Xia Jingyi's phone calls. She's a cheater."

"Are you OK?" Song Yanshu softened her voice and asked.

"I'm just feeling a little tired and want some silence." After Tang Jingxuan finished talking, he was about to hang up the phone, but Tangning suddenly grabbed it from his hand and said to Song Yanshu, "He's at my place. Come and get him."

"Sister Three!"

"Yanshu is someone you can trust. Have you not noticed? Don't keep this from her and try to handle it on your own. Give her the respect she deserves. If something unexpected happens, at least she will know how to handle the PR," Tangning convinced Tang Jingxuan. "You're a man, can't you handle a small setback? Sure, you came looking for me this time. But, can you look for me every time? Your brother-in-law will break your legs if you do!"

Tang Jingxuan fell silent. He could not refute.

He then closed his mouth and took a deep breath before he said calmly, "Sis, I'm sorry."

"It's fine, you made a small mistake," Tangning comforted as she patted her brother on the shoulder. However, she really wanted to see the innocent-looking Xia Jingyi again.

Was the Tang Family cursed? Why did they always experience being cheated on?

Yet, all that was currently happening was just a small matter, because that night, it escalated dramatically.

Xia Jingyi's other man wanted to take revenge on Tang Jingxuan and Xia Jingyi. So, he revealed to the media that he and Xia Jingyi were engaged and hinted that Tang Jingxuan tried to seduce his fiancee.

This man had intended to do this all along. Not only did Xia Jingyi cause him to lose his mother, she even fell in love with another man. If this happened to anyone else, they too would not be able to accept it.

As Tang Jingxuan and Xia Jingyi worked together often, their relationship had always been quite ambiguous. Hence, it wasn't hard to find photos of them together.

Anyone could imagine the impact that a scandal like this would have on a famous singer...

But, Song Yanshu wasn't​ going to allow the man to succeed with his evil scheme. So, after discussing with Fang Yu, she immediately responded to the scandal with an admittance of the relationship that the two once had. She then revealed that Tang Jingxuan was the true victim and that he had been tricked. As a result, he suffered quite a blow.

But, according to the current situation, there was no way that the public would side with Tang Jingxuan. After all, Xia Jingyi's fiance had even stepped out to express his thoughts.

Didn't this signify that he had been pushed to his limits?

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