Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 486: Her Position is at Risk

Chapter 486: Her Position is at Risk

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Even though Tangning's announcement was quite shocking, Elder Tang remained calm. He was well aware of the real reason behind Tangning's decision.

Retreating was a good idea. It's what he felt she should do.

"Grandfather, don't you think that Sister Three's decision is quite a pity?" Tang Jingxuan asked as he looked at the entertainment news. "Sister Three has never been this fragile. Why did she suddenly make this decision?"

"Your brother-in-law will protect your Sister Three. You should just focus on yourself. Have you found yourself a girlfriend recently?" Elder Tang asked.

Tang Jingxuan smiled; silently admitting.

"When will you bring her home to meet me?" Elder Tang continued to ask.

"Hey, grandfather, now that Sister Three isn't a celebrity, does that mean she can come to Tang Corps. and take on the role of CEO? What do you think?" Tang Jingxuan deliberately changed the subject.

Elder Tang knew his intent and chuckled, "Since you're in the entertainment industry now, you don't need to worry about the family business. I have my plans."

The two men sat in the living room chatting and watching television. However, they did not notice that not too far away Tang Xuan was watching them from behind a column with a dark expression...

She wanted to destroy Tangning. But, she never expected that Tangning would rather retreat from the entertainment industry than be slandered by others.

Did Tang Xuan just shoot herself in the foot? She intially thought that if she ruined Tangning's reputation and career, Tangning would suffer a setback. Instead, she created the risk of Tangning returning to the household.

If Tangning really took on the role of CEO then all the endurance she put up with so far, would go to waste.

She could not let this happen.

So, Tang Xuan returned to her bedroom and made a phone call after locking her door, "Send Xia Yuling's schedule to me. If we don't make a move soon, Tangning will end up returning. I need to grab onto the right timing to seize control of the company."

The person on the other end agreed respectfully before hanging up the phone.

Of course, the only reason why Tang Xuan was willing to put up with being an insignificant member of staff for so long, was because she had a plan brewing. Firstly, she blamed Xia Yuling's secretary for almost causing her to have a miscarriage and used it as an excuse to remove her from Xia Yuling's side. Afterwards, she cooerced the new secretary to side with her. All the while, Xia Yuling appeared oblivious to her scheming.

This time, Tang Xuan was quite desperate. She hated Tangning too much.

10 minutes later, Tang Xuan received an email. The email indicated that Xia Yuling would be going to Switzerland in a few days.


"Since she's going away, then she shouldn't come back," Tang Xuan thought.


Xia Yuling was indeed heading to Switzerland, but it didn't mean that her and Elder Tang were oblivious to Tang Xuan's every move. They even knew that Xia Yuling's current secretary was betraying them...

It didn't take long before Xia Yuling was notified by one of her company confidants that her secretary and Tang Xuan may be up to something and that she should be careful.

Xia Yuling immediately thought about her trip to Switzerland. Even though she wasn't 100 percent certain that something would go wrong, she still decided to be cautious.

Initially, she was supposed to travel on her own. But, since her secretary loved sharing her every move, she decided to bring her along...

After Xia Yuling settled on a plan, she gave Tangning a phone call, "Tang Xuan seems to be making a move. For her to make a move after enduring for so long, it must be because you announced your retreat from filming. She is worried that her position is at risk."

"I guess she's right," Tangning smirked. "Mom, make good use of this opportunity to destroy her once and for all."

"In that case, we need to put on a dazzling show," Xia Yuling replied after careful thought.

"I'll come back to Tang Corps.," Tangning suggested straightforwardly. "Since she keeps anticipating it, let's not disappoint her."

"What about your child?"

"Don't worry, I have my ways," Tangning reassured. Her grandfather had already given up on forcing her to take over the family business. But, if she allowed Tang Xuan to continue causing trouble and her mother couldn't do anything about it, then she had no choice but to personally deal with it herself.

Mo Ting watched as Tangning finished talking on the phone and placed a blanket on her body. He then wrapped her in a warm hug, "The weather is getting cold. You better stay in bed at all times and rest."

"But, you heard what I just said..."

"Didn't you say you'd take good care of our child?"

"I'm not going to work full time, there are just a few occassions where my attendance is necessary. It won't have too much of an effect on me. I'm simply afraid that if Tang Xuan continues to act recklessly, mom and grandfather might get hurt."

Mo Ting was a little dumbfounded. After a little while, he replied, "You must have heard my conversation with Lu Che. The person that paid people to slander you was Tang Xuan. She must have been secretly gathering people and developing relationships for quite some time."

"It's because I know that she is starting to act ruthlessly that I need to destroy her before she gets any worse."

"I didn't have enough time before, but I can now take care of you and our child as well as help mom."

"Don't tire yourself," Mo Ting had one simple request because he was well aware that Tangning's decision was right.

Although Xia Yuling could suppress Tang Xuan, she couldn't stop her mind from endlessly scheming.

"Don't worry. When have I ever disappointed you?" Tangning hooked her arm around Mo Ting's neck and placed a kiss on his mesmerizing lips.

Meanwhile, after returning to Hai Rui, Tang Jingxuan originally wanted to tell Xia Jingyi that that his grandfather wanted to meet her, but...

...just as he pushed open the door, he heard Xia Jingyi talking to a man.

"Why are you here?"

"Are you afraid that your little lover will hear us?" the man naturally revealed a sly smile. "Did you really think you could marry into a rich family? Don't forget you are still my woman. You once used every method you could to pursue me. Now you want to give up on our years of love because of your rich lover?"

"Don't make things up," Xia Jingyi immediately responded.

"Fine. I'll be serious. I can't wait to see the expression on your little lover's face after he sees the real you." After speaking, the man turned to leave. Tang Jingxuan quickly took a few steps back and pretended that he hadn't heard a thing and had just arrived.

After bidding the man farewell, Xia Jingyi looked at Tang Jingxuan awkwardly and explained, "That was my classmate. He dropped by to catch up."

Tang Jingxuan nodded and watched as the man disappeared into the distance. The dangerous looking man also possessed an attractive face. How could he possibly be just a classmate?

Tang Jingxuan did not believe her, but he had no evidence, so he had no choice but to endure for now. Of course, the good news he was originally going to share, had now been swallowed into depths of his stomach...

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