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Chapter 485: Sticking Up For Tangning

Chapter 485: Sticking Up For Tangning

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"That's right, I won't be filming for a while!" Tangning confirmed.

The host covered her mouth in shock as she looked at Tangning. She never expected that Tangning would go to this extreme just to prove her innocence...

"Actually Tangning, you don't have to..."

"The American director isn't making any announcements and I did not sign any contracts. The only reason I met with him was so I could reject him, not so I could sign with him," Tangning explained to the camera. "From today onwards, Tangning will temporarily disappear from the entertainment industry. Thank you everyone for your continued support and acceptance. I hereby show my gratitude with a bow."

After speaking, Tangning sincerely bowed to the camera once again.


[Tangning counterattacks rumors: "I've decided to retreat from filming!"]

[What is the cause behind Tangning's retreat?]

[Behind Tangning's retreat are a bunch of jealous monsters!]

It didn't take long before news of Tangning's retreat appeared on the headlines of every news website. Her announcement caught everyone completely by surprise.

It was especially a surprise for those that claimed Tangning was creating hype. These ambitious people were in disbelief after seeing the news. They realized they had once again misjudged her.

As Tangning left the recording studio, Mo Ting was on the phone with Lu Che, "Do an investigation and see who manipulated the celebrities to go against Tangning. I'll give you three days."

Lu Che knew that Mo Ting wasn't going to let the matter go, so he was already a step ahead. Whoever dared to target Tangning to this extent was not far from their impending doom.

Afterwards, Mo Ting escorted Tangning out of the television studio. The fans outside were no longer in an uproar. In fact, some of them felt guilty for misunderstanding her.

As they watched Tangning walk out of the television station, the fans quickly gathered around and pleaded, "Tangning, don't retreat from the entertainment industry, keep filming. Just ignore those no-name celebrities."

"That's right Ning Jie, we will miss you. Can you reconsider?"

"Ning Jie...I support your decision. This industry is too disgusting. I can't believe a whole bunch of people teamed up to slander one of our favorite people - how shameless."

Faced with the opinions of the fans, Tangning turned around just before she stepped into her car and smiled, "Thank you everyone. If fate is on our side, we will definitely​ meet again."


"Ning Jie..."

"F*cking hell, let's kick those no-name celebrities out of the industry. I hope President Mo will put in some effort to avenge our Tangning."

"That's right! As soon as I get home, I'm going to get the names of all the celebrities that went against Tangning and broadcast it to the world. Let's see how they team up against others when they themselves aren't that great."

Tangning couldn't bear to see her fans upset, so she eventually did a hush gesture and told them, "I have two films that are waiting to be released and I'm confident that they won't disappoint. You are my fans, so no matter where I am in the world, I will always wish the best for all of you."

"I decided to retreat today, not because I admit defeat, but because I need some time to rest. Trust me, I won't be gone forever."

After speaking, Tangning finally boarded her car. As it drove away, her fans followed behind for a little while...

"Ting...we need to continue protecting my fans. I hope those that have supported me in the past will lead happy lives because of me."

Mo Ting ran his hand through Tangning's hair and nodded, "Fang Yu will organize it."

Tangning relaxed; she had fulfilled her responsibilty. So, she leaned onto Mo Ting's lap and closed her eyes, "From now on, I will have time to take care of you and our child."

Mo Ting gently curved his lips and placed a kiss on Tangning's ear...


Tangning's fans did as promised. That very night, they compiled a list of all the celebrities involved and posted it online.

Since Tangning had already responded by announcing her retreat, she had indirectly proved that there was no contract-signing incident with the American director. So, Hai Rui's staff immediately stepped out and spoke on behalf of Tangning.

"All I can say is, Tangning must be too capable, that's why she attracted a pack of hungry wolves."

"As Tangning's senior colleague, I want to express my thoughts. Everyone at Hai Rui has used their own abilities to get to where they are. No one has ever played any dirty tricks. I bet the people that teamed up against Tangning must be regretting it now, because they have now revealed their true colors to the world."

"As a part of the Hai Rui family, as long as President Mo or Tangning needs us, we will support them without hesitation. How dare they bully Tangning? Are they qualified to do so?"

"I believe that President Mo will handle the matter professionally."

So, Tangning's retreat triggered a mighty counterattack. Apart from Hai Rui's artists, artists that had previously experienced suppression also stood out to express their thoughts.

"I feel bad for Tangning. The people that should be retreating should be the bunch of self-righteous garbage."

"Amongst the list of names, aren't there a few that are repeat offenders? It's already no surprise..."

"It only takes a small incident to see a person's true character. From this moment onwards, this list should be used as an agency blacklist. I wish them the best of luck."

"Let's wait and see their fate..."

Although a lot of celebrities were involved in the incident, the anger online had an earth-shattering power.

A few of the involved celebrities quickly deleted their previous posts. In fact, a few of them completely cleared their entire social media profile. But, Tangning's fans weren't going to forget what they had done; no one on the list should dream of escaping.

A few of the artists from smaller agencies also offered an apology to Tangning and claimed that they were manipulated because they were too young...

They wanted to apologize?

"Tangning doesn't care about your apology. All you have to do is leave the industry and everything will be fine. Even an A-lister like Tangning is brave enough to retreat from the industry, don't tell me a no-name like yourself doesn't have the guts."

"For someone to gather so many people, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a bigger conspiracy in the works..."

"I hope the people on the list stay out of our sights. Whenever I see any of you, I feel like vomiting. You are the perfect example of fake."

Of course, Hai Rui always lived up to expectations. Because the next morning, they released a statement that Tangning had paid for the hospital fees of her injured fans, allowing the truth to be finally revealed. Tangning had cared so much for her fans, yet they stabbed her in the back. Plenty of people were shocked and felt bad for her.

Afterwards, Hai Rui released a second statement. But, the thing that was extra surprising was that the statement was released by Mo Ting personally.

The main point of his statement was, whenever someone from Hai Rui was bullied, Hai Rui would do all they could to avenge them. So what if they had 30 celebrities?

Even if it was 300, Hai Rui would still find the truth and make all those involved pay for what they had done.

As the statement was released by Mo Ting, it caused quite a commotion. The statement was like a direct representation of the amount of concern that Hai Rui had towards the incident.

It was also satisfying to witness beause everyone knew that Mo Ting was definitely going to make all those involved pay.


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