Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 482: One Fan Against Anti-fans

Chapter 482: One Fan Against Anti-fans

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The talk show that Tangning was to go on this time was called 'Superstar Talk'. It was the leading talk show in the film category. As Tangning would be appearing as an actress this time, the programme would be very different to when she went on Feng Cai.

The incident with her converted fans slandering her was still ongoing. As for rumors about her being two-faced and coming in contact with an American director, that was still spreading rapidly...

This time, her attack involved the combined power of multiple people within the industry. But, Tangning wanted to sit back and see what this group of people had planned.

"Ning Jie, here's some information for your interview on the talk show," Song Yanshu said as she sat opposite Tangning in Hyatt regency and handed her a stack of paper. "In order to not be exposed, I've already organized an outfit that will hide your stomach."

"Thank you..." Tangning received the information and nodded her head. At that moment, she suddenly remembered something, so she put down the information in her hands and turned to Song Yanshu, "You were originally brought here to temporarily take care of me. After my pregnancy, I will have a good few months with nothing scheduled. What do you plan to do during that time?"

Song Yanshu had mentally prepared herself long ago. So, she tugged her violet scarf nervously and smiled, "President Mo has already arranged another job for me."


"President Mo has asked me to manage your brother," Song Yanshu explained.

"That's not a bad idea." After hearing this, Tangning felt relieved. "Although Jingxuan has adjusted to this industry, he is still young, so he is bound to make mistakes. I will feel a lot better with you by his side to keep him in check."

"I won't disappoint your expectations," Song Yanshu suddenly stood up and bowed sincerely at Tangning, "I'm really thankful for all that you have taught me during this time."

"I should be the one that's thanking you for taking care of me," Tangning replied as she held onto her hands.

"Regarding the interview on 'Superstar Talk', are you sure it will run smoothly?" Song Yanshu wasn't oblivious; working in the industry, she was bound to hear things.

"Of course, it will be fine," Tangning smiled.

After receiving reassurance, Song Yanshu bid farewell and left.

As Tangning watched Song Yanshu disappear from her sight, she suddenly felt a little emotional. Each person was destined to complete certain phases in their lives and move forward. But, it seemed, Song Yanshu's story hadn't truly started.


"Tangning is finally going on a talk show! Apart from sporadic news and rumors, she hasn't made an appearance for a long time."

"I hope she can give us some good news and get rid of the rumors that have been going around. I refuse to believe that she is a two-faced person."

"Pfft, those ex-fans are disgusting!"

"Recently, there have been a few small-time actors that have stepped out to insult my Ning. I was a part of one of the arguments with them and it was so satisfying to yell at them."

"The commenter above, you are one fan against ten anti-fans, it's best you don't ruin Tangning's character."

The promo clip for the talk show had just been released and Tangning's name was already on the hottest entertainment search rankings. As a popular topic of discussion, it seemed, Tangning could do anything and she'd immediately attract attention.

The talk show was scheduled for 7pm that night and it was to be a live broadcast. So, editing and starting over was not possible.

4pm. Tangning arrived at the television station accompanied by Mo Ting.

Thanks to Song Yanshu's thoughtful arrangement, Tangning was wearing a dark blue coat with a bow tied at the front that covered her stomach.

However, as soon as she stepped out of the company van, a group of people holding eggs pushed aside the media and threw the eggs towards her...

Mo Ting immediately protected Tangning and gestured for the bodyguards to control the crowd and stop the culprits.

The four bodyguards immediately stepped forward, restrained the five young girls and brought them to Mo Ting.

Mo Ting's eyes burnt up like a torch as he gave the girls a fiery glare, "Are you girls crazy?"

"We are her ex-fans. When we were treaded on last time, where was she? Tangning, we were wrong about you..."

"Even strangers know how to show sympathy. How could you be so cold?"

Seeing more and more people were gathering around, Mo Ting knew he had no reason to drag on, so he directly sneered, "Naive!"

"Go and do some research at the hospital and see which stranger helped you pay for your hospital fees..." After speaking, Mo Ting protected Tangning as he escorted her quickly into the television station.

The bodyguards immediately released the girls and left them confused as to why Mo Ting brought up the hospital fees. So, one of them directly called the hospital and started questioning the staff.

But, before they found someone who could give them an answer, one of Mo Ting's bodyguards crossed his arms and said, "Why bother investigating? It's pretty obvious that in this entire world, there is only one person capable of forgiving the nonsense sprouted by her moronic fans. This person is our Madam, Tangning. All your hospital fees were paid from her own pocket..."

"I feel ashamed on your behalf!"

Hearing Tangning's name, the girls were stunned as they stood speechless in place. They weren't sure whether to trust the words of the bodyguard.

"As a celebrity, the Madam isn't obligated to hold responsibility for the actions of her moronic fans. So, from now on, don't appear in front of her ever again."

"Hai Rui will release a statement to prove that the Madam paid for your hospital fees. If you still have the slightest bit of conscience, you should step out and admit your wrongdoings."

"You bunch of ungrateful ingrates!"

Perhaps it was because Mo Ting had carefully selected his own bodyguards, even they knew how to talk and think with reason.

The bodyguard that was talking was a 1.82 meter tall, strong, muscly and handsome man. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses as his body overflowed with testosterone.

Of course, Mo Ting selected these four men because they each had their own strengths.

As soon as the observers heard the bodyguard talk, they immediately realized what was happening. So, this was the truth behind the hospital incident that was still causing an uproar because the ex-fans thought Tangning didn't care about them.

"Oh God, how awkward. Didn't they say that Tangning didn't care about them? For a celebrity to pay for her fans' hospital fees, that's already pretty good."

"If these morons had brains, they wouldn't be called morons."

"F*ck...isn't this what you call returning kindness with ingratitude?"

"I can't believe they went around slandering her. Tangning must have had 8 lifetimes of bad luck to have come across fans like this."

As the girls listened to the discussions around them, their faces turned red... They never expected that the kind-hearted stranger that had paid for their hospital fees, turned out to be Tangning...

It was Tangning!

The girls left the television station in a depressed state. Perhaps, in this lifetime, they would never suffer the same amount of humiliation again...

Worst of all, Hai Rui were planning to reveal this to the public.

Wasn't this indirectly telling the world that there was something wrong with them?

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