Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 481: Even When I'm Not Around

Chapter 481: Even When I'm Not Around

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After Long Jie left, Tangning turned back to the magazine on her desk. However, she could no longer focus, so she ended up looking out the window. She had long become impenetrable to the darkness in the industry because she was never afraid of putting up a fight.

But, she was now pregnant with her and Mo Ting's child. So, she had to put in as much effort as possible to take good care of it.

Did someone want to scheme against her?

Then they should give her all they got...

If she was afraid, then she wouldn't be the Tangning that always got her revenge.


Over the next two days, the fans that were injured at the airport were gradually discharged from hospital. As they left, they were given a full refund of their hospital fees. Someone had helped them pay the full amount, but the identity of this person was not revealed.

The hospital staff didn't quite understand why they had to keep the identity a secret, but since it was organized by Hai Rui, they accepted the money without hesitation.

However, after leaving the hospital, they declared that they were now anti-fans of Tangning. Even though Tangning showed concern as soon as she arrived back in China, they failed to sense her sincerity.

They also posted on social media, "I must have been blind to have liked Tangning for so long."

"In Tangning's eyes, we are nothing."

"In the past, when we were insulted by the public, she never stepped out to protect us. So this time, I finally saw through everything. When we were faced with danger, Tangning was worse than a stranger."

"She sure is cold-blooded."

Because of these posts, these new anti-fans were attacked by Tangning's remaining fans. This triggered the anti-fans to be even more extreme. In fact, they even used their identity as long-time fans to respond, "I have already been a fan for many years, but I'm now an anti-fan because there is no limit to the hype she creates."

"Let me convince you guys not to be tricked by her. She is much too arrogant and barely interacts with her fans."

"I can clearly say that she's always been aloof from the world, but that is about to change."

As long-time fans knew a lot of insider information and made a lot of half true half false statements, they ignited an internal argument amongst fans.

Externally, people from the industry had their eye on Tangning. Meanwhile, internally, her own fans were in an uproar. Tangning was in quite a predicament. Although stuff like this no longer hurt her, if her long-time fans decided to team up with her enemies, it would be a recipe for trouble.

Late into the night, after Tangning fell asleep, Mo Ting headed into the study room. He knew that Tangning was in more of a crisis this time because her enemies did not have a conflict of interest like her usual enemies.

Although, the obstacle she faced this time was something that was bound to happen on her path to fame, as her husband and manager, there was no way he would let her get hurt.

But, he never expected that Tangning would suddenly wake up.

"It's already late. Why are you hiding in the study room?"

As Mo Ting watched Tangning walk in and approach his side, he reached out his arm and pulled her into his embrace, "I still have a bit of work to do."

"Who are you trying to fool?" Tangning sat down on Mo Ting's lap and looked at his laptop screen, "You're making preparations for my upcoming talk show appearance, aren't you?"

"I can't keep anything from you," Mo Ting replied in a slightly tired voice as he placed his chin on Tangning's shoulder.

"Actually, I've already made a decision," Tangning looked at Mo Ting seriously, "I want to use the talk show as an opportunity to announce my temporary retreat from filming."

Mo Ting was obviously surprised by these words.

"What's wrong?" Tangning asked as she saw his reaction.

"It's nothing. It's just...previously, when you were about to become an international supermodel, you had to give up because of me. This time, just as your career is on the rise, you need to give up because of our child. I can't bear to see you like this."

"I want you to be happy. I don't want you to keep giving up on stuff."

"Right now, the outside world is saying that I am two-faced. On the surface, I appear to not care about Hollywood, but behind everyone's backs, I've met with an American director. Whatever I say at this point will sound like a lie. If that's​ the case, it's​ better for me to move away from all this gossip," Tangning said gently. "At the moment, I simply want to put all my heart into our child. That's why I've decided to temporarily retreat from filming."

" wasn't easy for you to get to this point..."

"Ting...there's nothing that I can't do. It's just a matter of time. That's why I want to take care of our child even more."

Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly. Thinking about the way she trusted him and the sacrifices she made, he subconsciously told himself again, in this lifetime, he was going to do all he could to give her the best things in the world.

"OK," Mo Ting eventually nodded his head. "After giving birth, I want you to return to being a brightly shining star, as soon as possible. In fact, I want you to be more dazzling than before..."

Tangning smiled and sat up straight. Holding onto Mo Ting's face and taking aim, she gently matched her lips with his.

Tangning had always been like this: whether right or wrong, as long as it was the path she had chosen, she would finish it even if she had to crawl...

Especially when Mo Ting and her child was involved, she felt that even risking her life was worth it.

Afterwards, Mo Ting gave Lu Che a phone call and instructed him to stop what he was doing. Tangning's announcement of her retreat was already going to be the best attack on all the rumors.

In fact, Mo Ting suddenly realized, according to Tangning's personality, the only reason that she said what she did in the US was because she was already prepared for the ramifications.

So, rather than saying others were scheming against her, it was more likely that she did what she did to find an excuse for retreating from filming...

Mo Ting understood that the only reason why Tangning chose to do this was so she could protect their child. She wanted to keep it away from the public eye...

"I really don't know what to do about you. You almost tricked me too."

Tangning understood what Mo Ting meant and let out a laugh, "What others do, has nothing to do with me. I simply don't want to cause you trouble. So, isn't retreating a good thing?"

"You do everything for my sake. Have you ever thought about yourself?"

"Of course. Once upon a time, my biggest dream was to be someone that matched you well. Now, my biggest dream is to take good care of you and our child..." Tangning replied seriously. "So, don't get involved this time. They can give me all the scheming they got. Before I retreat, I will let everyone know that even when I'm not around..."

" one will be able to forget me!"

Mo Ting nodded his head as he laughed, "OK."

If someone wanted​ to team up and scheme against her.

Then they should ready themselves for a good show.

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