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Chapter 480: You Are No Longer The Same Tangning

Chapter 480: You Are No Longer The Same Tangning

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Why did people react in this way? It was because plenty of people had once told Tangning that she wasn't suited for the industry. Her methods unintentionally broke too many of the rules.

Although her words in the US received acknowledgment from many of her peers, there were still some people that happily accepted the insults and dreamed of becoming famous in Hollywood.

In reality, Tangning's intention was to elevate the status of Chinese actors in the Western market, however, there were some people that willingly accepted insults when put in the same position.

Tangning made them feel ashamed and angry because her dignified approach made them feel cheap.

Some were even afraid that fans would start making comparisons, so they decided to use the airport incident as a stepping stone to get discussions going...

No actor in their right mind wouldn't want to pursue a career in Hollywood and no actor didn't want to be famous worldwide. If a big American Director came knocking on their door, they didn't believe that Hai Rui would let Tangning miss out on the opportunity...

So, claiming that Tangning was creating hype was reasonable.

At this time, before Tangning left the US, an American Director did indeed contact Mo Ting through a mutual friend.

The director had previously contacted Hai Rui about a female Asian role. With the commotion that Tangning caused, any intelligent American would start changing their view on Asian actors.

The director did not hold grudges, so he was willing to give Asian actors a chance to prove themselves. But, Tangning still ended up rejecting him, "Sorry, I have a personal reason why I can't take on this film. Thank you for your consideration."

The man gave Tangning a chance, but Tangning gave him her usual attitude. This made those that had been waiting for opportunities feel like Tangning was too arrogant. So, their disdain towards her increased.

The day after, Tangning and Mo Ting returned to Beijing. As soon as they found out about what happened the previous day, they immediately expressed their concerns. But, for the sake of safety, Tangning still did not take the public exit.

The Tangning at this time was practically at the peak of her acting career. She was famous both domestically and overseas. But, because she was stealing too much of the limelight, she was standing in too many people's paths.

In fact, artists from other agencies decided to team up and go against her...

"Tangning has slapped too many faces this time, including the faces of many artistic actors."

"The more people she offends, the happier we should be. Back when she was a model, she already disregarded everyone. I never imagined, now that she's an actress, she still acts high and mighty. Seeing her makes me lose my appetite."

"People within the industry have been discussing in secret that if we can find someone to overturn Tangning, we should utilize them. As long as we can find something that is effective against her, we should not hold back."

"Forget it. Can you really go up against Hai Rui? Plus, did you think that Hai Rui wouldn't be aware of something like this? Mo Ting is probably the first person to find out that we are up to something."

"So what? Hai Rui can easily go up against another agency, but if they are faced with a few dozen, what could they do? Don't you understand that when everyone adds fuel, the fire will rise high?"

Inside a private high-class nightclub, a few actors that frequented the big screen were sitting inside chatting about Tangning.

"I've decided not to take part in all this. I'm just going to sit back and watch you guys perform," a woman with a ponytail said.

"Pfft, you just wait and see. There are plenty of people that have tolerated Tangning for too long. This time, we will definitely teach her a lesson."

"Who is so brave to do that? Have you guys already got a plan?"

Three of the men enjoyed their red wine as they gave a sly smile...

"Someone got hold of information regarding Tangning from the US. Don't forget, the industry is only so big."


Long Jie was the best at gathering information. So, before Lu Che even heard, Long Jie had already found out from a friend that someone was scheming against Tangning behind her back. Hence, she immediately rushed over to Hyatt Regency.

As Long Jie was still unaware of Tangning's pregnancy, her sudden appearance made Tangning subconsciously cover her stomach. Tangning was afraid that her pregnancy would be a huge blow to Long Jie.

"Tangning, what happened this time?" Long Jie felt that Tangning had always kept a low profile, so there was no way she would do something that angered the public. But, this time, she had indeed attracted a lot of negativity from her peers, "Did you know that there are already people scheming against you?"

"What do they want to do?" Tangning asked calmly as she sat on the sofa.

"In two days time, you will be going on a very important talk show. On that same day, someone is planning to make an explosive revelation. I still haven't heard what the content of that revelation is though."

"In that case, well just go with the flow," Tangning's gaze did not contain a single trace of panic.

"I'm starting to not understand you anymore," Long Jie had absolutely no idea what Tangning had up her sleeves.

Hearing this, Tangning finally put down the magazine in her hands and looked at Long Jie seriously, "I have something to tell you..."

"Huh?" Long Jie raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"Actually, I am already 3 months pregnant," Tangning revealed honestly as she studied Long Jie's reaction. Long Jie was surprised as expected, but a look of excitement quickly appeared on her face as she glanced down at Tangning's stomach.

"Does that mean I will be a godmother soon?" Long Jie smiled. "This is amazing news. Why did you keep it a secret from me?"

Tangning did not say a word as she looked at Long Jie.

Long Jie seemed to have understood what Tangning was thinking as she smiled, "Did you think that if you didn't tell me, I wouldn't know? Don't worry, I'm fine. But, I can't believe people were saying you couldn't fall pregnant before. Their faces are going to be slapped until they are swollen."

"I've decided to announce this news to everyone," Tangning said calmly. "I've also decided to make a very important decision on the talk show."

Long Jie held onto Tangning's hand and nodded her head, "You are no longer the same Tangning. If you want something, you should go for it. If you want to do something, do it without cares."

"Long Jie, thank you for everything."

"What nonsense are you speaking?" Long Jie gripped Tangning's hand tightly and then let go. "I can't wait to see your baby. The thought of both you and Boss' genetics combined...Oh God, this child is going to be extraordinary."

Tangning looked down at her stomach with anticipation.

Afterwards, Long Jie left Hyatt Regency and headed to her car. However, as soon as she stepped inside, tears involuntarily rolled out of her eyes as she looked down at her own stomach...

She also wanted a child...

She really wanted one!

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