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Chapter 478: You Don't Have Real Actors

Chapter 478: You Don't Have Real Actors

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In all honesty, although 'Stupid' received good feedback in the Western markets, Tangning was still just a supporting character and her new movie had not been released yet, so it was normal for the Westerners to look down on her.

If it was someone else, they would have accepted this treatment, but she was Tangning...the Tangning that never admitted defeat.

3pm. Plenty of European and American actors started piling into the hotel. At this time, Tangning's Rolls Royce also arrived at the entrance.

Mo Ting first stepped out of the car wearing a retro suit. Because of his natural air of authority and nobility, the Western reporters were quickly drawn to his presence. However, Mo Ting completely ignored them as he walked around the front of the car to the passenger's side and opened the door for Tangning. He then helped her out.

"What's happening? Who is this?"

"I've never seen this woman before."

"It looks like Taka's acting partner, the Asian woman."

The American reporters expressed their doubt towards Tangning's identity in English. They couldn't be blamed though, because Taka was the main drawing point of the event. This was the reason why Taka's agency placed Tangning's name in a not so obvious part of the event poster. In fact, only Taka appeared on the poster. So the media were well aware that Taka went to partake in an Asian film, but they had no idea who he acted alongside.

After all, in their eyes, they did not view highly on the acting ability of Asian actors anyway.

Tangning was fluent in English, so she naturally knew what everyone was discussing. But, she did not get intimidated. She simply hooked her arm on Mo Ting's and entered the hotel.

Up until this point, the reporters had not yet realized that the woman in front of them was the same woman that had ignited the Oriental Trend a year ago!

After stepping out of the car, Tangning did not immediately remove her coat; Mo Ting did not allow it because he did not want her to catch a cold. It was only after they stepped into the hotel that Mo Ting helped her take it off and handed it to one of the waitstaff.

At this moment, the venue was already packed full of guests. As it was an event hosted by Westerners, it was relatively casual. Hence, the attending guests were left to their own devices.

Tangning's appearance undoubtedly attracted attention from the foreigners, because underneath her coat, the Qipao on her body looked extra chic and elegant against the backdrop of the palace-like hotel.

Logically speaking, this was a Westerners​ territory. So, dressing like the way she did wasn't entirely appropriate. But, the Qipao on her body surprisingly suited the elegant surroundings.

So, attracting everyone's attention was destined to happen. After all, Tangning wasn't just an actress, she was also a model. Attracting attention was something she was well experienced with. At this time, Mo Ting decided to let her enjoy the limelight by leaving her side and willingly standing on the sidelines​. However, he didn't go as unnoticed as he thought...

For a man who looked like something straight out of a painting, how could he go unnoticed.

The strange thing was, he had his brilliance while Tangning had her uniqueness. The couple both attracted the attention of the foreigners equally.

Tangning understood what Mo Ting was thinking, so she hooked her arm around his and smiled, "I need you be my side."

Mo Ting nodded and led her towards Taka...

"This Oriental woman looks very familiar..."

"Her outfit is beautiful and very unique! I wonder which designer designed it."

"I never liked Asian clothes because I found it too complex. But, after seeing this Asian woman wearing this outfit, I feel like I want to give it a try."

"Oh my God, is a new Asian trend going to be ignited?"

Discussions​ began filling the venue as the couple caused a stir. Eventually, Tangning and Mo Ting stood before Taka as Taka contained his usual unruliness and introduced his agency and team to them.

"Taka, can this couple speak English?"

Tangning smiled and answered naturally, "Of course."

The man facing Taka was a little surprised as he smiled back, "I am Taka's older brother and owner of Worldwide Entertainment Agency, Braun."

"Hello Mr. Braun, it doesn't seem like you know who I am," Tangning greeted straightforwardly. "I am Tangning: the female lead of 'The Lost Relative'."

"Oh, I'm sorry. You're right, I had no idea who you were. Taka simply told me that he wanted to play around in Asia, so I gave him permission to go to Beijing. But, I didn't care what he was doing there. After all, the acting standard in Asia isn't anything special."

The blond-haired American man expressed his disdain towards Tangning.

"You have plenty of celebrities, but I must be honest, you don't have real actors."

After hearing this, Tangning did not show any signs of anger, she simply replied in perfect English, "It seems, Mr. Braun is trying to say that you guys have plenty of actors?"

"Of course. We have at least a dozen that are present at this event who have been awarded with international acting awards. It's an awards stage that you Asians can never step foot on."

"Really?" Tangning queried. After looking around the room, she turned back to Braun and responded, "Apart from Jason, I don't recognize any one else here. Do you know what this means, Mr. Braun? In the highly populated Asian region, no one can recognize the faces you have mentioned...The only reason I recognize Jason is because he once played an antagonist in an Asian film..."

"In other words, the so-called 'good actors' in your eyes..."

"...still need to bow down to the potential benefits of the Asian market."

Braun was a little stunned; he never expected Tangning's mouth to be so sharp.

"Aren't your 'good actors' capable of making any cultural contributions?"

"That..." Braun didn't know how to respond.

"I wonder if Mr. Braun is aware that in South Korea, they have a rule?" Tangning smiled confidently before continuing, "They have always exported their B-Grade films and kept the best ones for their citizens to enjoy."

"I feel this is an Asian habit, because we are the same in China. The older generation of actors are artists who have inherited the beauty of our culture. They have no need to suck up to Westerners. Only 3rd-rate actors like myself have the need to go international..."

"But the funny thing is, you Americans were once infatuated in this 3rd-rate actor..."

Braun's expression turned extremely awkward, but Tangning had no intention to stop, "Do you still remember the Oriental Trend?"

"Back then, how many people present went to buy an Oriental outfit or accessory because of me?"

Hearing these words, plenty of people were shocked.

Because, to this day, the Oriental Trend had not completely subsided...

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