Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 477: Do You Want Me To Help You?

Chapter 477: Do You Want Me To Help You?

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"Grandfather is no longer my grandfather..." Mo Ting looked at his wife jealously.

"How many years has grandfather seen you? Right now, I'm simply something new for him to look at. When the little one from my stomach comes out, do you think he would still notice me?" Tangning laughed, "Plus, isn't it good enough that you have my love?"

Mo Ting did not reply. He simply placed a kiss on Tangning's forehead and hugged her to sleep.

Whilst in her drowsy state, Tangning felt Mo Ting's body heat up. So, she quickly sat up and asked, "What's wrong?"

Mo Ting leaned against the headboard and shook his head, "Don't worry about me, hurry and get some sleep."

Tangning was actually well aware that this man had been abstaining for too long. Once upon a time, it didn't matter because he had never experienced the ecstatic pleasure, but now that his wife was pregnant and he couldn't make a move, any other man in his position wouldn't be able to endure it.

"Do you want help you?"

"I don't want to hurt you," Mo Ting said, restraining his desires. "Listen to me. Hurry and get some sleep..."

"Actually, I've spoken to the doctor and she said that the baby is stable, so...there's no need to resist this badly," Tangning said softly as she climbed onto Mo Ting's chest, "I can do it..."

Mo Ting closed his eyes, putting up his last struggle, but...thinking about becoming one with his wife made him involuntarily open his eyes again. Tangning took the opportunity to nibble on his ear as she said in a seductive voice, "I also want you..."

Nothing was more of an aphrodisiac than these words.

Mo Ting also understood that in this lifetime, he would never be able to leave Tangning's side. After all, a bite of the forbidden apple makes one yearn for more.

In an instant, a white robe was strewn across the floor as two figures intertwined passionately like they always did. It was only when they reached the deepest parts of each other that they truly understood how inextricably linked they were.

A few days later, after Mo Ting left the business in capable hands, he rushed off to the US with his wife.

As Tangning was pregnant during this trip, Mo Ting was extra careful and hired a dozen bodyguards to follow them around.

No one could get close to Tangning. But, they had no idea that this would end up causing Tangning a whole heap of trouble.

It was unavoidable that some people would start to question whether she looked down on her fans just because her status had improved.

However, this was to happen after she returned home.

To increase Taka's status, Taka's agency released an article claiming that he was extremely popular in Asia. They even said that he was a complete heartthrob who attracted even the most famous of Beijing's actresses. This also proved that over the years, with the continuous development of the film industry, people in Europe and the United States increasingly valued the Asian market. Hence, every artist tried every means to broaden their horizons.

It didn't take long before 'The Lost Relative' was to hold its first promotional event in Washington DC. On the day of the event, Taka's agency invited a large number of famous actors for support.

Tangning arrived one day in advance. And to ensure her safety, Mo Ting organized all the logistics.

They were on American soil, so he had to be extra alert and wary of the event schedule.

However, before all this, Xia Yuling had actually made a phone call to Tangning. But, because she was asleep, Mo Ting ended up picking up.

"Mom, it's Mo Ting."

Xia Yuling was silent for a few seconds before responding, "Mo Ting, Tang Xuan has been playing tricks at Tang Corps. lately. It seems she's found a way to go against me. She keeps using her child as a threat and is getting more and more arrogant. That's why I called to say that I don't think you and Xiao Ning should announce Xiao Ning's pregnancy just yet. It's for the sake of her safety."

"I've discussed this matter with Ning before and we both had the same thought."

"That's good," Xia Yuling let out a sigh of relief.

"Mom, do you need any help?"

"Not at the moment, I want to see how else she plans to use the child. When it gets to the point where I can't tolerate her anymore, I'll speak to Tangning's grandfather," Xia Yuling replied. "If she wants to use her son to increase her status, it's impossible. Father is determined that he will only keep the child, not the mother..."

"Plus, even if she tries, nothing will come of it, because Tangning also has a child. I'm simply calling because I don't want Tangning to have so many worries."

"With my protection, nothing will go wrong with Ning."

"I believe in you. In fact, there are times when I feel like I owe you. You've taken care of my daughter so well that I wonder if this is good karma from my past life." Xia Yuling perhaps felt she was getting too emotional, so she quickly changed the subject, "Hurry and get some sleep, mom won't bother you anymore."

However, after hanging up the phone, Mo Ting simply stood by the window in deep thought.

There was definitely no end to Tang Xuan.

This woman was so ruthless that he was afraid she would never stop causing trouble.

But, he had access to every single one of Tang Xuan's hospital examinations. So, if she was to play up...he was going to make her regret for the rest of her life.

The next morning, the hair and makeup team organized by Mo Ting arrived at the hotel. As the promotional event was scheduled for 3pm, they needed to start getting ready.

Because of the Oriental Trend, Tangning had previously caused a stir in the American market. So, when the makeup artist asked her what she wanted to wear, she responded in perfect English, "I've already prepared something. It's inside the chest. Get it ready for me and I'll wear it in the afternoon."

The stylist opened the chest to find a light blue Qipao.

But, it wasn't just a simple Qipao. On the left chest was a beautifully colorful silk embroidered phoenix that flowed all the way down to just below the stomach.

The delicate and elegant design made the stylist gasp in surprise.

Of course, the main reason why Tangning chose to wear this was because the Phoenix's extravagant tail managed to hide her slightly protruding belly...

This outfit was prepared by Tangning behind Mo Ting's back for the reason of avenging Elder Mo.

As soon as Mo Ting saw it, he shook his head helplessly and smiled, because his views were very different from Elder Mo. He only ever compared himself to strong people, with no bias towards their country of origin. But, since Tangning wanted to do this, he would allow her to do what she pleased...

Plus, he wanted Elder Mo to dote on Tangning more.

His wife had always been smart, and this time was no different.

"It's perfect. I've never seen such a beautiful outfit," the stylist was still marveling at the Qipao in her hands. "Mrs Mo, I can guarantee that you will be the main focus of the event!"

Tangning glanced at Mo Ting and smiled.

That was for certain!

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