Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 476: I'm Not as Tolerant as You

Chapter 476: I'm Not as Tolerant as You

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Bei Chendong had actually stepped out to stake claim on his girlfriend. In fact, he chose to do it in an extremely busy location.

As soon as this was revealed, onlookers expressed that as a weirdo actor, it did not come as a surprise that Bei Chendong would do something like this. After all, this famed actor who lived a mysterious lifestyle, never did things like a normal person.

So, onlookers had a decent opinion towards him. In fact, seeing that Bei Chendong was older than Mo Ting but still made such a childish move, made them feel like he was quite down to earth.

At the same time, the majority of the public expressed their sympathy towards Luo Yi. After all, Bei Chendong had revealed that she was merely a prop in his plan...

Not only did he not consider her a woman, in Bei Chendong's eyes, he didn't even consider her a human.

"Oh God, I can imagine Luo Yi's awkwardness right now. It wasn't too long ago that she demanded Bei Chendong step out and stick up for his woman."

"Actually, as someone with experience, I can confidently say that I knew Bei Chendong had no relationship with Luo Yi from the start. If you look at the way that he treats Han Xiner and the way that he treats Luo Yi, the answer was right before our eyes."

"Regardless, I must say that this is the result I was hoping for. After all, Luo Yi slandered Tangning..."

"I agree with the commenter above. Tangning is my bottom line. The fact that Bei Chendong is willing to accept responsibility, makes him a true man. But, I can't stand Luo Yi, she should get lost."

"Did you really think that Tangning asked Mo Ting to ban you? Are you joking? Do you really think so highly of yourself?"

Because of instruction from Mo Ting, Fang Yu got Hai Rui's PR to clarify the entire incident. Hai Rui had always been honest, plus they were good at simplifying complex situations. So, in the end, the public only understood two truths: one, everything that happened was an artist's private matter and there was no right or wrong; two, Han Xiner and Bei Chendong's relationship had long been confirmed and everyone in the industry already knew about it.

Afterwards, a rumor spread within the industry that someone had gotten hold of Tangning's phone number and personally asked her thoughts on the situation, to which she answered, "If I was to actually make a move, Miss Luo would not have had the opportunity to say a word."

The reporters were immediately impressed by Tangning's domineering character.

Everyone was aware of Tangning's motto within the industry; she did not attack those that didn't attack first. So, the incident this time was just a part of normal life for her. Hence, she simply remained calm the entire time and netizens reacted by ridiculing Luo Yi...

"Haha, my Ning is amazing."

"To be honest, as soon as word got out about Tangning's response, I also thought she was amazing. As soon as Tangning makes a move, no one can stand a chance!"

"I believe the rumor is true, my Ning definitely said that because she is indeed that domineering."

The show finally came to a dramatic ending. Some people were worried that Han Xiner was committing fraud, so they're worries were dispelled by the fact that Bei Chendong and Mo Ting were cousins. Some people suspected Bei Chendong of dating two girls at the same time, so Bei Chendong directly told everyone that he had used Luo Yi and shouldered all the scolding and ridicule. Most hilarious of all, was the claim that Tangning had complained to Mo Ting.

In the end, Tangning gave a simple response and turned Luo Yi into a joke. Even if she wasn't banned, she could no longer survive in the industry.

Ultimately, Luo Yi never appeared in front of the public again. According to people that ran into her at the airport, she had supposedly fled overseas in embarrassment.

Afterwards, Bei Chendong returned to living a life of mystery and disappeared from the public's sight. It was almost like the man that confessed his love for Han Xiner in front of everyone was just a part of their imagination.

Not long after, October came around. 'The Lost Relative' officially announced that the film was complete, so, as the female lead, Tangning naturally attended the celebration.

As it was late autumn, Tangning's stomach was hidden underneath her huge coat. As a result, everyone was still unaware of her pregnancy.

During the celebration, Wei An leaned towards Tangning and asked, "Before you reveal your pregnancy, can you come with the crew overseas to promote 'The Lost Relative'? I need a great actress like you to speak on behalf of a great production like this."

Tangning swirled the glass in her hand and lowered her head in careful thought. She then asked, "When?"

"I heard from Mo Ting that you have a talk show to attend. The overseas promotion will take place before that, so it won't effect your time off," Wei An explained sincerely. "More Chinese actors should branch out overseas. That's why, Tangning, you should set a good example. Out of all the actors I know, apart from your grandfather, you are the only one that has shocked me with your acting."

"You should make a contribution to the film industry."

"Director Wei, you view too highly of me," Tangning laughed.

"You are worthy of being called an actress."

That night, Tangning did not give Wei An an official response. She simply told him she'd sleep on it. Afterwards, she spoke to Mo Ting about it, hoping to get his opinion.

"You should go," Mo Ting replied almost instantly. "It will help your career in the international market."

"When it comes to this point, I am on the same page as grandfather. I do not necessarily think that Chinese actors are any worse than foreign ones," Tangning said as she leaned into Mo Ting's embrace. "It's because of this reason that I want to go. I want to give actors and fans at home a piece of confidence."

"Then go," Mo Ting nodded his head as he hugged Tangning.

"Another thing, Ting...after careful thought, I don't think it's a good idea for us to reveal my pregnancy. I want to be left in peace and not cause a huge commotion. If I reveal it, it will feel like people are constantly looking at my stomach. That won't be good for the development of our child."

After hearing this, Mo Ting let out a sigh and asked gently, "Don't you care that people are saying you can't fall pregnant?"

"It's not true, so why should I care? Plus, we still need to be cautious of Tang Xuan."

"I'm not as tolerant as you," Mo Ting said as he looked down into Tangning's eyes. "But, if it's a request from you, then I will agree to it. After all, I've always satisfied your every wish."

After the couple were finished with their discussion, Tangning buried herself in Mo Ting's embrace and fell asleep. Meanwhile, Mo Ting hugged her with one arm, while he read through his documents with the other.

Within this complex industry; an industry full of underhanded schemes, only their family was constantly filled with love and warmth.

After 'The Lost Relative' completed filming, Elder Mo continued to live in his small villa. As soon as he heard that Tangning would be participating in promotions in the US, he immediately gave his granddaughter-in-law a phone call, "Your grandfather was spit on by the Americans in the past. This time, when you go there, make sure you avenge me."

"Don't worry, grandfather..." Tangning replied with a laugh.

"Uh huh, compared to Mo Ting the rascal, I have more faith in you," after expressing his thoughts, Elder Mo immediately hung up the phone.

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