Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 475: Not Afraid of Destroying Yourself?

Chapter 475: Not Afraid of Destroying Yourself?

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Just as the netizens gathered around waiting for an answer, that night, Hai Rui finally released a statement to clarify everything. However, the contents of the statement were enough to blow everyone's mind.

"Bei Chendong and President Mo are cousins!"

"The Mo Family sure has strong genetics. Are all the capable people in the world from the Mo Family?"

"This explains why Han Xiner can continue to be Bei Chendong's assistant while working for Hai Rui. It turns out they are family."

"Phwoar! Is this the first slap on Luo Yi's face? Haha..."

"This is Hai Rui's family business, yet everyone is getting ecstatic over it."

While all this was happening, Bei Chendong and Han Xiner were at home exchanging glances the entire day. Han Xiner was obviously angry because Bei Chendong had not said anything to the public yet.

"Dinner time," Han Xiner said angrily to Bei Chendong who was sitting on the sofa.

Bei Chendong stood up, wrapped his arm around Han Xiner and pulled her onto his lap, "You've been glaring at me all day. Your anger should have subsided by now, right?"

"Why would it?" Han Xiner pushed Bei Chendong away. "You kissed another woman and now she's causing all this drama. My reputation has been ruined. How are you going to make up for it?"

"Are you sure I kissed another woman?" Bei Chendong raised an eyebrow. "Have you not considered the possibility that it was just the angle that the photo was taken?"

"What type of angle makes people look like they're French kissing?" Han Xiner obviously didn't believe his words. This was something that had been bothering her for quite some time. Even if Bei Chendong did it to get a response from her, she couldn't help but feel angry.

"Did you think, with my acting ability, I wouldn't be able to do it?" Bei Chendong asked in seriousness before explaining, "The truth is, I really didn't kiss her. If you don't believe me, you can check the surveillance footage. It is in my bedroom drawers."

"If you hadn't spoken suggestively, would Miss Luo have taken​ things so seriously?"

"She merely wants to use me for publicity...It's a mutual benefit," Bei Chendong replied. "I admit that I didn't handle this matter honorably, but it doesn't mean that I treat stuff like this casually."

"How would I know..." In reality, Han Xiner already believed him. But, Han Xiner was a woman and women always denied their true feelings. Especially after spending an entire month feeling upset, to find out that it was all a part of his plan, how could she not feel angry?

"You don't need to know. Go get changed, I'll take you out to eat something good," Bei Chendong said as he pinched Han Xiner's nose. "Just wear something casual, no need to get dressed up."

Han Xiner did feel bored from spending an entire day at home, so, even though she knew there were plenty of reporters waiting for them outside, she still craved some fresh air. In the end, she casually changed into a sweatshirt and put on a cap.

Bei Chendong also took the opportunity to change into something casual. As they left the house, he protected Han Xiner like an average man.

"Where are we going?" Han Xiner asked.

"There's a place that I've been wanting to go to for quite some time," Bei Chendong did not give her an address, but his tone was decisive.

Han Xiner expected him to take her to some fancy place, but, he instead took her to one of the busiest streets of Beijing and dragged her into the crowd.

"Hey, don't you think you're playing with fire? This is one of the busiest streets in Beijing, if you get discovered, you will have nowhere to run."

"What am I afraid of?" Bei Chendong held onto Han Xiner's hand confidently and continue walking forward. In fact, when he spotted an event in the distance, he directly dragged Han Xiner onto the stage with him.

The location had a constant flow of people, so the organiser's first reaction was to assume that Bei Chendong was a troublemaker. Just as he was about to step forward and reason with him, Bei Chendong removed his face mask and shocked him speechless.

"Bei...Bei Chendong?"

"That's right, it's me," Bei Chendong said without any intention to hide his identity. "Lend me your microphone and I'll help you promote for free."

"Oh...OK, I'll bring it to you straight away," as soon as the organizer heard Bei Chendong's​offer, he immediately grabbed the microphone off the no-name singer he had invited and handed it straight to Bei Chendong.

"What are you doing?" Han Xiner had a feeling they were about to be surrounded.

However, Bei Chendong continued to hold her hand tightly as he lifted the microphone to his lips, "I am Bei Chendong..."

Hearing his name, passersby all stopped what they were doing and looked over. As soon as they confirmed it really was Bei Chendong, they immediately gathered around, pulled out their phones and started snapping photos frantically. In an instant, the small stage was completely surrounded by people.

"Quick, look, Bei Chendong is holding Han Xiner's hand."

"Is he planning to announce their relationship?"

"Oh God, is he personally giving Luo Yi a face slap? Quick, take some photos!"


"I know everyone has been curious about who my girlfriend is. Although I don't feel it is necessary for me to explain myself...I have decided to give everyone an answer anyway. The woman I am holding onto right now, is the woman that I've spent half a year pursuing."

"Han Xiner is my one and only girlfriend."

"She wasn't the one that pursued me, I was the one that clung onto her. I can never leave her."

"That's why I did all I could to make her into my assistant, so she could never leave my side..."

Hearing Bei Chendong's words, Han Xiner's face flushed red...

Because, below the stage, there were thousands of eyes and a countless number of cameras that were all focused on them.

For him to choose such a method to announce their relationship, wasn't he afraid it would effect his status?

"In that case, what's going on with Luo Yi? Weren't they caught kissing?"

"Yeh they were. At that time, Bei Chendong even admitted that Luo Yi was special to him."

As the people below the stage began to discuss Bei Chendong and scold him for playing around with Luo Yi's feelings, Han Xiner subconsciously wanted to retreat. However, Bei Chendong did not give her a chance to back away as he held tightly to her hand, reassuring her that everything was going to be OK; he was here.

"That was all because of the silly pig beside me. She refused to admit her feelings towards me, so I took the opportunity to use Luo Yi to trick her into opening up to me. I don't mind if you guys no longer acknowledge me."

"Are you crazy? Are you not afraid of destroying yourself?" Han Xiner whispered anxiously.

"So be it. That way I can go home and focus on having children. Mo Ting is about to become a father, so we have a lot of catching up to do," Bei Chendong replied leisurely.

Actually, Bei Chendong knew all along that it wasn't right for him to use Luo Yi. So, he had long prepared himself for this moment.

"Why would you do this for my sake? You've put in so much effort over the years."

Hearing Han Xiner's question, Bei Chendong directly raised his and Han Xiner's intertwined hands and declared, "Because you're worth it!"

Afterwards, he dragged Han Xiner out of the crowd, protecting her every step of the way...

Mo Ting saw the video of Bei Chendong self-destructing on stage and couldn't help but scoff, "How troublesome..."

This was why Bei Chendong could only be an actor and not a businessman.

Even though Mo Ting found him troublesome, he still ended up giving Fang Yu a phone call, "Help clean up after Bei Chendong..."

There was nothing that Hai Rui couldn't fix!

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