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Chapter 118: A Good Show

Chapter 118: A Good Show

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"Yang Jing, I'm not sure how many more years of glory Tangning will have, but...if you continue to go against her, then you will only be able to enjoy these next few days..." the show director couldn't help but stick up for Tangning.

"With Tangning's status, it is definitely hard for her to get into a top agency since the industry is so competitive, but...even Lan Xi can't say that Tangning isn't qualified. Don't you think, as a small manager, you are thinking too highly of yourself?"

Yang Jing gave a deep and unhappy look at the show director; he was getting a bit out of line.

Even if he was friends with Lan Xi, how could he stick his nose into their business?

"Don't worry. I've said these words because I am certain...there is no way Tangning can join Cheng Tian!"

The show director felt Yang Jing was being overly confident and pretentious. Even if she was Lan Xi's right-hand woman, in the end, Lan Xi was the CEO. No wonder Lan Xi went ahead and signed Tangning without letting her know. It seemed, there was going to a be good show to watch.

"Oh that's right, I am friends with your CEO, so I am reasonably polite to you, but from now long as it is one of my shows, I don't want to see your face; I don't want to annoy each other. Regarding this, I will speak to President Lan myself."

As for Qin Lu...

The fact that she had brought her uncle to help her snatch the opening, he had a feeling it would make an interesting news headline...Would Mo Ting be satisfied with him doing that?


On the way home, Tangning leaned comfortably on Mo Ting. It seemed no other embrace in this world could make her feel more safe and at ease.

In regards to how Tangning had acted in front of the show director, Mo Ting was quite satisfied. It seemed Tangning had seriously taken their relationship into consideration and didn't merely say she would.

"Lan Xi wanted me to teach Yang Jing a lesson, but instead, I made her even more arrogant..."

"I'm sure someone like Lan Xi would have predicted this outcome and actually expected you to inflate her ego," Mo Ting said gently. "We often do things like this to teach our staff a lesson. Whenever they've gone too far, this is the only effective method to use on them."

Tangning smiled and responded, "This method makes sense."

When you are trying to persuade someone, no method is faster and more memorable than making them suffer a fall.

"Are you tired?"

"I'm OK. Back when I was in France, I spent a record-breaking 12 hours repeatedly changing clothes." Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist and whispered in his ear, "Can't you tell I just want you to dote on me?"

Mo Ting let out a gentle laugh and subconsciously hugged her tighter.

After arriving home, the couple had a quick shower and headed to bed. Mo Ting watched TV with Tangning. However, as the words 'Mini-Tangning' appeared on screen one time after another, Mo Ting's eyebrows became more than slightly twisted, "This Lan Yu has been quite active on screen. Seems Star Age has been promoting her so she can go on variety shows."

"But I can't do something to her just because of the words 'Mini-Tangning'" Tangning responded calmly, "If I do, people will say I am petty for getting worked up over a nickname. Above all, Lan Yu is only 16-years-old. In the public's eyes, she is only a child and should be taken care of gently."

"Don't tell me she still considers herself small..."

"Ting, don't get involved in this. I'm sure Lan Xi is more uncomfortable with this behavior than you, that's why she arranged a grand contract signing ceremony. I think part of her intention is to remind Star Age not to go too far. By utilizing her team, Lan Xi can help me save a lot of energy. For someone like Lan Yu that can't even be considered a proper opponent...I don't want to waste time on her, she's too small..."

"Her age may be small, but her methods...aren't small at all," Mo Ting assessed.

Naturally, he didn't need to step in, but...Lan Yu should not think that after riding on Tangning's coattail she didn't need to face the consequences. Although Star Age's intention was for Lan Yu to surpass the original, they would need to ask for the approval of Tangning's fans first. So, Mo Ting had a thought, although Tangning had signed with Cheng Tian, behind her, he would still provide her with a strong backing - especially when it came to managing her fans.

A professional cohesive fan club should be able to handle big matters.

And the matter Mo Ting was most precautious about was the fact that Lan Yu resembled Tangning...

If Lan Xi wasn't going to make a move, he wouldn't have the patience to continue waiting!

Next morning. The news of Qin Lu bringing her uncle to snatch the opening was exposed. Of course, this was a joke in itself; she was unhappy that Tangning had landed the position out nowhere...

...but anyone that had seen the show would have realized, Tangning's ability and professionalism...was something Qin Lu couldn't compare to at all.

No one expected she would cause such a fuss backstage...

Of course, the 'big-shot' actor mentioned was also ridiculed. No one imagined a highly respected senior in the film and television industry would suppress someone because of his niece. So what if they managed to snatch the opening? Weren't they destroyed by gossip in the end?

Yang Jing thought this incident was created by Tangning behind the scenes. After all, she was the type of person to insist on seeking revenge. So, she couldn't help but sneer, "Tangning is sure narrow-minded, she won't even let go of such a small matter..."

At this moment, they were sitting in the meeting room waiting for their meeting to start. Luo Hao overheard Yang Jing's whispers and laughed inside. How could she talk about Tangning and not consider that she is exactly the same?

"I also watched last night's show, Tangning's performance was indeed so good there are no words to describe it."

"So are you regretting that you agreed to help me prevent Tangning from joining Cheng Tian?"

"That is already in the past," Luo Hao said as he twirled the pen between his fingers. "If you have time, you should spend it on training some newcomers. That is a better challenge for Tangning...Haven't you considered what would happen if Tangning was to sign with a better company? By going against her like this, aren't you afraid they will make you suffer?"

"Some things...once they are done, you can't turn back," Yang Jing lowered her head with mixed emotions. She had never expected Tangning would rise up so quickly and be so difficult to control and suppress. Not only had she gotten herself in a situation she couldn't turn back from, she had also met an opponent skilled in scheming.

This made her extremely excited; she would definitely challenge Tangning to the death.

"There are times when I just don't understand you," Luo Hao shook his head.

"At least I'm not as fake as you."

While the two were talking, Lan Xi entered the meeting room with her secretary. She also brought in someone they had never imagined, "Zihao, sit..."

An Zihao? Hearing this name, Yang Jing and Luo Hao felt slightly guilty...

Who would have thought, Lan Xi would actually invite this person back. Why?

Of course, the thing they least expected was yet to be revealed.

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