Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 474: She Isn't Someone You Can Slander

Chapter 474: She Isn't Someone You Can Slander

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However, before the truth was revealed, the scolding online rushed towards Han Xiner like a rapid river, ready to drown her alive.

"Did anyone notice that Han Xiner is the younger sister of Han Yufan? So they say, birds of a feather, flock together."

"Han Xiner once stood up for Tangning, but after entering the entertainment industry, it must have changed her. All I can say is, the entertainment industry is a messy place."

"Isn't Han Xiner diseased? She almost died once and caused quite a commotion because Tangning wouldn't donate her kidney to her."

"Get outta here! I hate people that ruin other people's relationships. Han Xiner, you cheap sl*t!"


"Luo Yi, you've made a huge mistake," Luo Yi's manager said as she looked at the news that was going viral. "I should have stopped you."

"Why?" Luo Yi had no idea that she was in imminent danger as she played with the phone in her hands.

"I thought your relationship with Bei Chendong was a certainty. But, it appears, I may have been mistaken," her manager took a deep breath as she crossed her arms. "Did you know I just received a phone call from Assistant Lu Che? All your upcoming event appearances have been replaced by someone else, including any runways and endorsements. Do you know what this means?"

"It means Hai Rui has decided to place a ban on you."

Luo Yi finally stopped playing with her phone and looked at her manager in disbelief, "Why did this happen?"

"I would like to ask you the same question. What exactly is going on between you and Bei Chendong? I heard that President Mo was the one that directly placed the orders."

"I'll go speak to President Mo," Luo Yi immediately stood up. However, her manager held her back.

"Who do you think you are? Did you think, with your status, you have the ability to see President Mo?" her manager sneered. "Would Bei Chendong be able to help you?"

Luo Yi was speechless. She had never imagined that a person's career could be destroyed so easily because of another person's words.

But, this was the career she had just started...

"How could President Mo do this? It must be Tangning! I met her today and she gave me a warning. Who would have thought she'd do this. Didn't everyone say that she never depends on men? Yet, she ended up complaining to Mo Ting." Luo Yi's eyes grew with anger and resentment, "This won't do! I'm not easy to be bullied. I'm going to reveal this to the public."

After speaking, Luo Yi picked up her phone in anger and started contacting familiar media outlets. As a result, before Hai Rui's PR statement was released, Luo Yi escalated the issue to another level and dragged Tangning into the mix...

"For the sake of sticking up for Han Xiner, Tangning deluded President Mo into banning me. Right now, all my resources have been given to others. Is this the way that Hai Rui treats its artists?"

"Everyone knows how much President Mo dotes on Tangning. In fact, for the sake of Tangning, he's undermined the interests of shareholders multiple times. The shareholders have shares in their hands, so they at least have the power to negotiate, but I am just a nobody, how am I to protect my interests?"

"I demand that Hai Rui provide a reason for banning me."

This was all recorded in a video and shared online...

Luo Yi was determined to drag Tangning down with her because she assumed that Tangning instigated her ban.

Therefore, even if she couldn't make things even, she at least tried to borrow the power of the public to attack the few people that she despised.

But, she overestimated how netizens viewed her and underestimated the influence Tangning had on them. As a result, she had no idea that the video she released, would end up sending her supporters to Han Xiner's side instead...

"This Luo Yi has something wrong with her brain. If you want to make up a story, please don't implicate Tangning. Whether she's a model or an actress, you are not at the level to talk about her."

"Leave my Ning out if it. She isn't someone you can slander."

"Tangning deluded President Mo? That's the funniest joke I've ever heard. If Tangning really did that, Mo Ting would have completely destroyed Luo Yi straight away. If you want to create hype, please leave my Ning out of it."

"Please remember, President Mo is the Big Boss. If you didn't make up a story, President Mo wouldn't have bothered to deal with a small-time model like yourself."

"I can't stand it when people slander my Ning. She only just completed 'The Lost Relative' and is still recovering from the tiredness. As if she has time to deal with a nobody like you. Get lost!"

"Initially, I felt pity for you. But, after seeing you slander Tangning, I'm starting to question whether Han Xiner is the actual victim."

Luo Yi never expected that the unfairness she tried to reveal would end up receiving a response like this. Practically no one believed that she was banned by Mo Ting because of Tangning.

"How is this possible? Did Hai Rui pay people to write these comments? They must have. Otherwise, how is it possible that everyone is on their side," Luo Yi looked at the discussions in disbelief.

Why did everyone believe in Tangning?

Why were they all willing to believe in her?

In reality, being banned by Hai Rui was something that only the internal departments knew about. If the public didn't find out about it, there was still a chance of recovery. But, Luo Yi ended up making the most stupid move possible: she personally announced it to the public. As a result, she could no longer turn back. Even if Hai Rui changed their mind, they now had no choice but to go ahead.

The PR statement this time was possibly the slowest that Fang Yu had ever been in charge of. This was because, after telling his wife about the entire incident, Huo Jingjing felt bad for Han Xiner and demanded that Fang Yu teach Bei Chendong a lesson.

Fang Yu had always respected his wife, so, he personally overlooked the PR statement as it was being typed out - one word at a time.

"Vice President Fang, isn't this too slow?"

"It's fine, we can release it later tonight," Fang Yu said as he looked at the watch on his wrist. "You shouldn't be complaining though. Look at how many mistakes you've made."

The staff member looked at Fang Yu blankly. If Fang Yu wanted to cause trouble for Bei Chendong, he should just say so.

"Call me over when you've finished," Fang Yu couldn't stand around any longer as he crossed his arms and stepped out of the PR department.

Up until this point, neither Mo Ting nor Tangning had called to rush him. It was obvious that everyone had the same thought: Bei Chendong, the jerk, should be taught a lesson.

Meanwhile, the defeated Luo Yi was sitting at home thinking about the two attacks she had suffered that day. In the end, she posted up a message, "Bei Chendong, if you're a man, you should step out and say something. Are you going to sit back and let your woman get bullied?"

Netizens couldn't help but join in, "Bei Chendong, come out and stake claim on your girlfriend. Don't be lazy this time."

Of course, Bei Chendong was still waiting for Hai Rui to release their statement. But, up until this point, Mo Ting had still not released it...

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