Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 473: Caused Their Own Death

Chapter 473: Caused Their Own Death

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As soon as he confirmed his relationship with Han Xiner, Bei Chendong immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call, "Get Hai Rui to release a statement revealing our relationship."

"In the past, I told you to rely on Hai Rui, yet you always refused. Now you've finally realized that you need me?" Mo Ting took every opportunity he could to ridicule Bei Chendong. He then gave him a condition, "I can release a statement if you want, but I want you to sign a contract with Hai Rui."

"Come on, Mo Ting, you've already been married for one year. You don't want to see me being single for the rest of my life, do you? I need to get married as soon as possible and catch up to you."

"I'm afraid you won't be able to catch up," Mo Ting laughed confidently. "I'm about to become a father..."

Bei Chendong: "..."

Tangning was sitting beside Mo Ting as she flipped through a book on childcare. As soon as she heard Mo Ting showing off to Bei Chendong, she couldn't help but laugh, "It's not normal for President Mo to go around revealing his secrets."

Mo Ting put down his phone and sat down beside Tangning, "I seem to still be overcome with excitement."

"Since it's something to do with Bei Chendong then hurry and make arrangements. That way grandfather will also have some peace of mind," Tangning encouraged as she gently touched Mo Ting's face.

Mo Ting moved in close and planted a kiss on her forehead before nodding his head, "I'll come home early tonight to keep you company."

"I'll come by at lunchtime to eat with you..." Tangning smiled.


After speaking, Mo Ting stood up and headed out the door as he made a phone call to Fang Yu, "Get a PR statement written up to reveal the relationship between Bei Chendong and I." Since they were family, it was OK for Han Xiner to work for both of them at the same time.

As for revealing his girlfriend, that was something Bei Chendong had to do himself.

But, before that was to happen, the internet was separated into two groups.

The majority of netizens were on Han Xiner's side. They felt that when it came to the length of time they had known each other and their level of intimacy, Bei Chendong and Han Xiner were destined to be a couple. Luo Yi had just suddenly thrown herself into the mix.

As for Luo Yi's fans, they ridiculed Han Xiner's background. They claimed that Bei Chendong merely treated her as an assistant and had never thought anything more of her.

At the time that Luo Yi found out about Bei Chendong's ​appearance at Hai Rui to look for Han Xiner, her face turned completely red. She was a famous model; how could she not compare to a measly assistant?

She couldn't understand what tactic Han Xiner used.

"This won't do, I can't just sit here doing nothing," Luo Yi refused to let go of a great man like Bei Chendong. Since she was the only woman that Bei Chendong had ever admitted to having a special relationship with, it must mean that she meant something to him. So, she had no reason to give up.

As a result, before Hai Rui managed to release their statement, Luo Yi stepped out to undertake an interview.

"Miss Luo, between you and Han Xiner, who is actually Bei Chendong's girlfriend? Everyone is saying that you stepped in between them..."

Faced with the reporters' attacks, Luo Yi looked at the cameras calmly and said with slight fierceness and anger, "I have been Bei Chendong's only girlfriend from the start."

"He has no relationship with anyone else..."

"I'm sure 'somebody' is well aware of who stepped in between who."

"Did she think that she could threaten my Dong by taking his secrets to Hai Rui? Has she considered who she is?"

"It's a shame, but my Dong would never be interested in a measly assistant."

"That's all I have to say. I will not answer this question a second time."

After speaking, Luo Yi left the scene under the protection of her assistant. But, the message that she left behind was explosive.

Firstly, she admitted that she was Bei Chendong's girlfriend.

Afterwards, she pointed out that Han Xiner was clinging to Bei Chendong when Bei Chendong had no feelings for her. In fact, the two were at odds because of this.

"I knew it. With Han Xiner's status, how could she possibly win the heart of a top-class actor?"

"Not only is Luo Yi beautiful, she also has a great body. I think every man would know who to choose."

Hearing the discussions of the public, Luo Yi returned to Hai Rui with a smirk. She originally wanted to head for the resting lounge, but, as she stepped into the elevator, she ran into Tangning, who was there to pick up her husband from work.

Their eyes met, but Luo Yi did not dare to look at Tangning for too long; it made her feel subconsciously guilty...

Of course, Tangning had seen plenty of people like Luo Yi in the past, so she directly stopped the elevator door from closing, crossed her arms and said to Luo Yi, "You've broken one of President Mo's rules."

"Is it because his gotten kinder since getting married that you think you can do whatever you want?"

"Mrs Mo, this is my own private matter," Luo Yi did not dare to look straight into Tangning's eyes, afraid that Tangning would see through her.

"You will face the consequences for what you have just said," Tangning did not push any further as she released the door. Her actions were brief, but it was enough to cause an impact on Luo Yi. With her perfect body, it didn't matter whether she was a model or an actress, her status and popularity was enough to leave Luo Yi straddling far behind.

In this world, there would never be another Tangning; she was a legend.

At that time, Luo Yi did not understand the full power of Tangning's words, but not long after...

...she would realize how badly her face could be slapped. In the meantime, the attacks online were all focused on Han Xiner. Everyone thought she was full of schemes and wanted to become a Cinderella by clinging onto Bei Chendong...


Meanwhile, high above, in Mo Ting's office, Lu Che played a video of Luo Yi's interview for Mo Ting to see. Mo Ting had a brief glance and instructed, "Ban her."

He did not say anything else, just two simple words...

...because Luo Yi had brazenly provoked both his and Hai Rui's authority.

Lu Che understood Mo Ting's thoughts, so he nodded his head, "I will make arrangements to cancel all of Luo Yi's endorsements and events."

"Also, contact Fang Yu and tell him to hurry up with the statement. Any slower and Bei Chendong will start knocking on my door."

Although...he did feel that there was nothing wrong with teaching Bei Chendong a lesson.

If Bei Chendong wanted true love, he shouldn't have used another woman to achieve it. By doing this, he obviously had a death wish. So, it was only reasonable for Han Xiner to be angry.

By doing something that was bound to make a woman angry, he deserved to face the consequences.

"OK," Lu Che chuckled as he turned and left Mo Ting's office.

Was Luo Yi possessed?

She obviously knew the type of place Hai Rui was, yet she openly schemed in front of Mo Ting; she was asking to die a painful death.

Worst of all, the person she chose to bully was a friend of Tangning's. She had a thousand death wishes, no exceptions.

In this world, there would always be people that think highly of themselves. But, not until the last moment, do they realize that they've caused their own death!

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