Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 472: Rather Die With Honor Than Live With Shame

Chapter 472: Rather Die With Honor Than Live With Shame



[Shocking news! Two women fight for one man: Bei Chendong enjoys two women!]

[Exposed: Who is Bei Chendong's official girlfriend?]

[Bei Chendong rumored to be dating two women and both women get along harmoniously.]


Because of one simple appearance at Hai Rui, Bei Chendong stirred up a thousand waves and dragged all three of them back into the gossip. An insider also revealed that Han Xiner had never canceled her contract with Bei Chendong before she started working for Hai Rui and was suspected as being a fraud.

After returning on set, Bei Chendong entered into his acting state of mind. But, as long as he got to see Han Xiner by his side, he was able to push on no matter how tired he was.

Seeing Han Xiner's influence on Bei Chendong, the production crew couldn't help but say to her in private, "Xiner, it's best if you don't leave Dong Ge again. You don't know how much we suffered when you weren't around."

"That's right. Without you around, Dong Ge is like a ticking time bomb. No one can get close to him because his deadly aura can be felt within a 5km radius."

"Plus, I think Dong Ge cares about you the most. It's best if you ignore the rumors he has with others."

Han Xiner looked at the production crew and smiled. In reality, she wasn't in any better condition than Bei Chendong.

She just never imagined that after such a normal night, all three of them would appear on the hottest searches the next morning.

One was the only woman allowed near Bei Chendong over the years, his assistant.

The other was the only woman that had ever had a scandal with him, the famous model.

Who was Bei Chendong's actual girlfriend? Everyone was curious about the answer.

Han Xiner's phone was once again harassed by the media, while Hai Rui was questioned about whether they knew of Han Xiner and Bei Chendong's still-existing contract. At the same time, Luo Yi was endlessly chased by the media. It seemed, the whole morning was spent on trying to uncover who Bei Chendong's girlfriend was.

Han Xiner and Bei Chendong had just arrived home from filming. Han Xiner was in the kitchen preparing dinner, while Bei Chendong watched TV from the sofa after having a shower. The annoying piece of news was currently being broadcasted.

"Come eat," Han Xiner said in an indifferent tone. Judging by her expression, Bei Chendong wasn't the only one that was tired. But, there was something bothering her. After all, Bei Chendong did not handle the matter with Luo Yi properly causing the three of them to be harassed by the public.

Bei Chendong approached the dining table wearing only a towel around the bottom half of his body. As soon as Han Xiner saw this, she immediately covered her eyes, "Can't you at least put on some pants?"

Bei Chendong looked at Han Xiner with an amused smile, "It's not like you haven't seen me like this before. Stop acting."

Han Xiner turned her body slightly so she could avoid looking at his body and replied impatiently, "How do you plan on handling the mess that you made?"

"You're my assistant. How do you think I should handle it?"

"I'm too afraid to talk recklessly. After all, they have photos to slap me in the face with," Han Xiner said with a double meaning. "I wonder who admitted to the public that he had a special relationship with Luo Yi. If you're a man, then you should step out and clarify everything yourself."

"Can I say whatever I want?" Bei Chendong tested.

Han Xiner turned around and glared at him, "Right now, everyone is saying that I am full of tricks. I have Hai Rui in one hand, while I'm holding onto you with the other. Go and clarify everything."

Bei Chendong looked at Han Xiner seriously and grabbed onto her wrist, "I will only clarify things on your behalf if you are someone important to me, otherwise, what right do you have?"

"What do you mean? You caused all this!" Han Xiner grunted.

"I don't care...If you don't give yourself an identity, I'll leave this matter as it is."

"I am your assistant!"

"So, you're still aware that you are my assistant. As my assistant, you have failed your job by allowing me to fall into all this gossip. So, this identity of yours, I can easily do without. I won't step out and clarify things because of a mere assistant. I am a top-class actor!" Bei Chendong reasoned. In reality, he was trying to place pressure on Han Xiner.

Han Xiner lowered her head quietly and refused to give a response. After quite some time, Bei Chendong asked, "Tangning has always said that you are the most optimistic and motivated person she knows. What is it about me that makes you worry so much? Apart from acting, I'm not good at anything else, so I don't understand why you can't gather your courage?"


"Only for my own woman would I step out to clarify things. Are you my woman?" Bei Chendong asked possessively as he held onto Han Xiner.

Hearing this question, Han Xiner finally turned her gaze towards Bei Chendong...

Perhaps it was because she buckled under the pressure, Han Xiner finally replied loudly, "I, Han Xiner, will only ever start a relationship with no end. If you think of me as a toy or a momentary impulse, please stay away from me because I will take things seriously. Once I'm serious, I will be serious for life."

"Ning Jie and I are the same. We'd rather die with honor than to live with shame. If you truly want to be with me, but decide to betray me or leave me some day, I will make sure we die together."

Bei Chendong was a little surprised by these words.

So, Han Xiner was the type to get either 100% or nothing at all.

If she couldn't get everything, she'd rather give up on it...

A moment later, Bei Chendong pulled Han Xiner into his embrace and hugged her tightly.

He didn't care about anything else. All he wanted was Han Xiner, just her. He felt he had already held back for too long...

"Be my woman. I promise you, you won't regret it."

Han Xiner's eyes turned red. At this moment, she finally felt that she could no longer reject Bei Chendong. Otherwise, she would well and truly lose him forever.

"Think of a way to clarify the rumors that are going around. I don't care if it's Luo Yi or Luo Er, clean up the mess that you made," Han Xiner said in an emotional voice. She had wanted this hug for too long.

Han Xiner nodded his head and looked at Han Xiner.

Han Xiner's face turned red in embarrassment. Because at that moment, she realized Bei Chendong wasn't wearing any clothes. In fact, underneath his towel, he was completely naked.

"Go put some clothes on first."

"You've already gotten used to my lifestyle," Bei Chendong wasn't embarrassed at all as he raised an eyebrow and smiled. "I've finally gained the first step of my victory. I feel like letting off some fireworks to celebrate. Wanna join me?"

Han Xiner pulled out from Bei Chendong's embrace and scolded him softly, "You're crazy. I'll go get you some clothes."

Bei Chendong knew he couldn't rush things, so he stood back and watched as Han Xiner disappeared into his room.

He had to admit, he did not use an honorable method to win over Han Xiner, but...from an unknown point in time, he had already lost control of his feelings for her. He simply wanted to see her whenever he wanted and to bully her whenever he wanted...

As long as she was willing to be his woman, clarifying a few rumors was no big deal. From this point onwards, she would remain as the only woman by his side - for the rest of his life.

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