Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 469: Wife-Chasing Path

Chapter 469: Wife-Chasing Path

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"Ning Jie, don't worry, I know what to do," Han Xiner replied confidently.

After a moment of silence, Tangning let out a gentle laugh, "Bei Chendong has too much of an ego. Take this opportunity to teach him a lesson. If you really have the intention to spend a lifetime with him, don't be weak and back down."

"I understand, Ning Jie."

After talking to Tangning, Han Xiner immediately contacted the media. But, because they already had solid evidence of Bei Chendong kissing the mystery woman, Han Xiner directly told them, "We can't give you a response right now, but we will share some good news with you soon."

In reality, the media had been trying to figure out the relationship between Bei Chendong and Han Xiner for quite some time. After all, Bei Chendong had never used an assistant over the years, yet he chose to use Han Xiner. Han Xiner obviously meant something special to him. But, Bei Chendong's whereabouts was always a mystery, so capturing a photo of him with Han Xiner was always a challenge.

However, just as everyone accepted the ambiguous nature of Bei Chendong and Han Xiner's relationship, a mystery woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere...

The media assumed that Bei Chendong had lost interest in Han Xiner and had found himself a new toy, that he wasn't going to keep her around and was bound to cancel her contract without hesitation.

With the addition of Han Xiner's response, the media were certain that the relationship between Han Xiner and Bei Chendong had undergone a change.

However, this was not the most spectacular scene. Because, it didn't take long before Bei Chendong stepped out to reveal the truth, "The woman in the photo indeed has a special relationship​ with me."

A suggestive response like this pushed Han Xiner further into the media's line of attack.

"In that case, have you thought about what to do with Han Xiner?"

"She's just one of my staff, what should I do with her?" Bei Chendong walked and responded at the same time.

So, when Han Xiner saw the news the next day, she realized it was perhaps the right time for her to leave. Therefore, she typed up a resignation letter and drove over to Bei Chendong's home. As she pushed open the door to his home, she realized he was still asleep in bed, so she quietly placed the letter on his bedside table.

"What is the meaning of this?" Bei Chendong asked as he furrowed his brows.

"I'm about to attend Hai Rui's entry exam, so...I may not be able to continue being 'one of your staff'. I've learned alot from the time I spent with you. Thank you."

"Wait. Who said you could leave?" Bei Chendong sat up, revealing his firmly toned body, "Have you not looked at your contract in detail?"

"Yes I have. The contract term is 30 years," Han Xiner replied calmly. "You might be after a long-term assistant, but I can't possibly spend my lifetime just being your assistant. I have my own life to live and goals to achieve."

"Han Xiner, did you think I'd spend my entire life circling around you? There is a limit to my patience..."

Han Xiner stopped in her track, but she did not turn around. She simply said in a firm and mature manner, "You're wrong. If you truly love someone, even if it means all your internal organs are painfully destroyed, you will still have the patience..."

"Dong Ge, the answer you've been waiting for, I'll give it to you now...I do indeed like you, but, I lack confidence. There is no way I can fight to be with you in my current state." After speaking, Han Xiner started heading out the door, but Bei Chendong suddenly grabbed onto her hand.

"Is what you say true?"

"Of course," Han Xiner threw away Bei Chendong's hand and walked out without turning back.

However, Bei Chendong did not chase after her. He simply lay back in bed and smiled. He had waited too long for Han Xiner to give him a response. If Han Xiner continued to be an indifferent assistant around him, their ambiguous relationship would continue to drag on with no end...

So, he deliberately tried to trigger her.

Although his technique may have been a bit harsh, there was plenty of time to make up for it.

A while later, Bei Chendong received a phone call from Tangning, "Don't worry, Xiner is temporarily staying at my old home. Her apartment is currently being surrounded by the media."

Tangning's old home had been empty ever since Long Jie married Lu Che and moved out. So, it was a suitable place for Han Xiner to hide out.

"How did you know that I'd still care about her whereabouts?"

"If you continue to put on an act around me, then I won't tell you anything about Xiner from now on."

"Stop talking rubbish. Send me the address," Bei Chendong said directly. "I owe you one."

"You don't owe me anything. You've helped me enough." After Tangning hung up, she directly sent her old address to Bei Chendong. Bei Chendong quickly tidied up a little and drove out to the secluded home.

From his car, he watched as Han Xiner struggled to move her things into the house, but he did not rush over to help her. Now that he had found her location, he wasn't going to let her escape. So, he immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call, "Help me find a place to live near your wife's old home."

"Is this how you ask for a favor?" Mo Ting's lips curved slightly.

"I'm in a bad mood today..." In reality, 'bad' wasn't the right word to use, 'complex' was more accurate.

He had discovered Han Xiner's true feeling, but he couldn't find a reason to hold onto her...

He felt both happy and defeated.

"I'll get Lu Che to handle it for you..." Mo Ting did not argue with him, he simply agreed in a calm manner.

Tangning and Han Xiner were actually quite similar, but different at the same time. Tangning had undergone a lot of suffering, so she was clear about what she wanted and what she should be grateful for. Whereas, Han Xiner still lacked certainty and courage. She was well aware of this, so she hoped to test herself and make herself more mature through pursuing a successful career.

In conclusion, Bei Chendong's wife-chasing path still had a long way to go...


10am. Tang Xuan entered Tang Corps. wearing a set of professional white business attire. Her style and posture was undoubtedly the same as before she left, because, she was certain that the old man would help her back to the position she once held.

At the same time, because of her identity, the staff at Tang Corps. respectfully greeted her "Miss Tang" even though they were surprised by her return. They all wondered if Tang Corps. was about to be flipped upside down.

Tang Xuan approached the front desk to find Xia Yuling's secretary waiting for her, "Miss Tang, the President has already told me everything. Follow me."

Tang Xuan raised her head with confidence and charisma, "OK."

After entering the elevator, she noticed the secretary press the highest level. Her confidence once again boosted.

Her office used to be on that level...

"You seem quite switched on, let's get to know each other better from now on," Tang Xuan said to the secretary.

However, the professional secretary did not respond. She simply remained silent. Because she knew, Tang Xuan was about to experience a huge drop in her ego...

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