Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 466: Tangning Was Still The Same Tangning

Chapter 466: Tangning Was Still The Same Tangning

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This time, even Xia Yuling almost lost control. She had never imagined that Tang Xuan would be vicious to this extent.

Although Tangning knew about all her schemes, she had never once thought about sentencing her to death. However, some people simply would not let go, regardless of how much mercy they were shown.

Xia Yuling wanted to jump up from her seat in anger, but Elder Tang held her back, "Leave this matter with me. I won't let you and Xiao Ning suffer again."

Xia Yuling looked at Elder Tang's firm gaze and eventually sat back down in her seat.

She was going to wait and see if Elder Tang really had the heart to handle the matter fairly.

"She is no longer a part of the Tang Family, but her stomach still contains a Tang Family child. After she gives birth, I will give the two of you a satisfactory answer."

It was actually quite reasonable for Elder Tang to think this way. After all, the child still had the Tang Family blood flowing through its body. If they were to leave the child with the Zhong Family, there would be no guarantee how it would end up. Worst of all, there was a possibility that Tang Xuan would use the child to threaten the Tang Family again.

"From now on, I won't be blinded by her again."

After hearing this, Xia Yuling completely calmed down. She could tell that Elder Tang was serious this time.

He had already given Tang Xuan so many chances, but, he ended up being used and hurt by her every single time. In fact, each time was worse than the last. And this time, she actually wanted to get her own sister's uterus removed, simply because she wanted to be favored.

Did Tang Xuan not have any humanity in her?

Xia Yuling looked into Elder Tang's eyes. At this moment, within his aged gaze, was a burning hatred for Tang Xuan.


Outside the room, Doctor Lin was still explaining everything in detail. Of course, she highlighted the fact that she was being forced and had no option. However, words like this only worked on others. When it came to Mo Ting, there was no chance of mercy.

"In that case, who leaked the information about my wife not being able to fall pregnant?"

"Tang Xuan found someone to do it. It had nothing to do with me...really..." Doctor Lin waved her hands frantically.

Hospital Chief Qiao was shocked by everything that Doctor Lin revealed. Even an observer like himself could not face the situation calmly.

After practicing as a doctor for many decades, he had met people from all walks of life. But, this was the first time he had met someone that was this evil.

"President Mo, don't worry, I'll give you a satisfactory answer to this problem. From this day onward, all those involved, will no longer exist within the medical field. I am well aware of how dangerous this incident was for your wife. Luckily, you discovered the truth in time, otherwise, the world would have been a very unfair place if these monsters succeeded."

"In fact, I am going to call the police right now."

"Police? No need," Mo Ting sneered. "They did not do anything in the end, so the judge will only sentence them to a few years imprisonment. I want to handle this matter privately. Hai Rui has a thousand forms of punishment they can use on these people. Handing them to the police is too light of a sentence..."

"But, President Mo..."

"Hospital Chief Qiao, Hai Rui will not chase the hospital for responsibilty because I still have other plans. This is already the biggest compromise we can make. However, you must hand this list of people over to me, so I can deal with them..."

The hospital chief looked at Doctor Lin. Thinking about all that she had done, he eventually nodded his head, "OK."

"Chief, you can't hand me over to Hai Rui. I beg of you..."

"When you were doing bad things, did you not expect that this day would come?" the hospital chief leaned over and questioned Doctor Lin. "The person you hurt was President Mo's wife: the person that he loves the most! Imagine if someone hurt your son, wouldn't you also give your all?"

After hearing these words, Doctor Lin froze. She had no way of refuting.

"From today onwards, you and the other people on the list will be dismissed from your roles. Plus, you will all be stripped of your medical licenses. People like you, do not deserve to put on a doctor's uniform."

"President Mo, I will hand these people to you. You can do whatever you want with them," the hospital chief stood up and looked at Doctor Lin disappointedly. In the end, he finally turned and left.

Doctor Lin realized she was left in the room with Hai Rui's people, so she quickly crawled over to the hospital chief and grabbed onto his legs. However, at this time, there was no longer anyone that could save her.

Afterwards, Mo Ting looked at Lu Che tiredly. Lu Che quickly understood what he wanted and went to fetch Tangning.

In reality, after she had gotten pregnant, Tangning was no longer interested in getting involved with battles like this. Because, no matter how calm she was, it would still effect her mood and she did not want her child to hear all the negativity.


Doctor Lin watched as Tangning entered the conference room. She was calm and peaceful, like someone that was easy to negotiate with, so Doctor Lin immediately knelt on the ground and pleaded, "Mrs Mo, I did not mean to hurt you. I was being instructed by Tang Xuan. Could you take the fact that I'm a single mother into consideration and let me go?"

Tangning shook her off and walked over to Mo Ting's side...

She was indeed calm and peaceful, but Tangning was still the same Tangning. She had always been nice to the nice and mean to the mean.

"I've said it many times before: I don't attack those that don't attack first. I won't ask for much from you. I will merely pay back what you dealt to me. All is fair."

After speaking, Tangning glared at the doctor, "It wouldn't have mattered as much if you hurt me. But you almost hurt my child and my husband. I would have normally forgiven you, but this time, there is no exception."

"I know you are a single mother. I also know that you divorced your husband and insisted on keeping your child because he is poor."

"What you've tried to make me lose, I will make you lose in return. I assume your child would prefer to live with his loving father instead."

As soon as Doctor Lin heard that Tangning would take away her child, she immediately fell into a panic, "No...I beg of you. My child is my life."

"My child is also my life."

Tangning did not speak in a loud tone, but her words were firm.

"It doesn't make sense that your child is important, but mine isn't. You shouldn't be a hypocrite. That's why you deserve to be punished for what you've done wrong."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning and squeezed her hand. Since she was already getting revenge, he wanted to remind her not to lose her temper and hurt her body. Afterwards, he turned to Lu Che and instructed, "You heard what Ning said. Go ahead and do as she said."

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