Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 465: After All, The Person You Hurt Was The Madam

Chapter 465: After All, The Person You Hurt Was The Madam

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"President Mo, what do you mean by this?"

The hospital chief's first reaction was to obviously protect the reputation of his hospital. After all, mistakes like this could also be the fault of a family member.

"In order not to blame the innocent, I also took my wife to other hospitals for the same examination. Her results all came out the same as the one at Beijing Hospital. Qiao Kang was the only one that was different. Could you please explain this?" Mo Ting asked coldly as Lu Che laid out the other reports on the table.

Hospital Chief Qiao looked at the reports. It was true...

...apart from his hospital, all the others were the same.

"President Mo, I'm sure there must be a misunderstanding..."

"There's no misunderstanding. I've already prepared a list of names for you," Mo Ting again gestured towards Lu Che and Lu Che quickly placed a list of names in front of the hospital chief. "You can question them, one by one."

After looking at the list, Hospital Chief Qiao finally realized that Mo Ting was here for revenge. If he didn't give Mo Ting a satisfactory answer then, according to Hai Rui's PR, there was no way he could maintain the hospital's reputation. So, he had no choice but to sacrifice a pawn to save the king.

Therefore, Hospital Chief Qiao nodded his head and said to his assistant, "Help me find the doctor in charge of examining Tangning."

The assistant nodded his head as he left the conference room with a serious expression. 10 minutes later, he returned with the doctor in charge of Tangning's examination.

As the doctor entered, she was too afraid to look Mo Ting in the eyes. It was obvious that she was overcome with guilt.

The hospital chief did not show her the other reports, he simply pointed to the report from Qiao Kang Hospital and asked, "Is this Tangning's ultrasound report?"

The doctor looked at the report and nodded her head, "Yes, chief."

Hospital Chief Qiao started trembling in anger and anxiety.

"Are you sure? After the examination, was this the report that you personally typed up?" Hospital Chief Qiao reconfirmed coldly.

"Yes, I'm sure, chief!"


A huge slap echoed across the room as the hospital chief slammed his hands on the table. He then stood up and asked, "Who gave you the courage to write up a fake report?"

"Chief..." the doctor was shocked as her eyes grew wide.

"Have a good look yourself," the hospital chief threw the reports that he had hidden on the table in front of him. "Explain this to me..."

After seeing Tangning's real report, the doctor's hands began to tremble. Her voice also began to stutter, ""

"Who gave you the right to do this? How could you do something so medically unethical? Mrs Mo's uterus is completely healthy. Why did you give her the wrong report?"

Faced with the hospital chief's questioning and the solid evidence before her, the doctor froze for a few seconds before grabbing onto the hospital chief's arm and crying for forgiveness, "Chief...I didn't do it on purpose. I really didn't..."

"A few of you also conspired to trick Mrs Mo into undertaking an operation. Who told you to do this? You better explain everything truthfully."

"That..." The doctor looked at the hospital chief and then looked at Mo Ting who was sitting on the side. However, one simple glance was enough to make her tremble in fear...

"Chief, it really wasn't my fault. I don't know who instigated all this. All I know is, the instigator wanted us Miss Tang's uterus so she could never fall pregnant. I was blinded by a moment of greed. I only did this because Doctor Lin said that I'd receive a cut of money..."

"Chief, I really didn't do it on purpose..."

"What?" the hospital chief's face turned red after hearing about their intention to remove Tangning's uterus...

It was completely red...

His fingers also trembled in anger.

The hospital chief could no longer contain his anger as he threw a slap across the doctor's face, "Are you still human?"

Mo Ting remained calm throughout the entire conversation. He already knew everything that was being revealed.

"Chief...I really didn't do it on purpose. I'll never do it again...never!"

Hospital Chief Qiao looked at the pleading doctor and said to his assistant, "Take her away for now and keep an eye on her. Fetch me Doctor Lin."

The assistant nodded his head and immediately did as instructed. Meanwhile, the two people sitting in the other room were clenching their fists in anger after what they had heard.

"Who could be so vicious?" Elder Tang growled.

"Father, don't get too angry just yet. Wait until Mo Ting finishes his interrogation."

Xia Yuling used her last bit of calmess to comfort Elder Tang. Tangning was precious to them. So, they couldn't believe that the rumor that was spreading out of control, was a deliberate scheme against her. How could there be so much filth and underhandedness in the world.

Xia Yuling wondered what kind of a mother she was, to allow something like this to happen.

She was so angry that tears began falling from her eyes...

Not long after, Doctor Lin was brought into the conference room. As soon as she spotted Mo Ting, her heart sank and body turned weak.


After the shock from a moment ago, the hospital chief was calm again. He sat down in his seat and looked at Doctor Lin disappointedly, "Tell me, who instructed you to do something so immoral? Do you have a grudge against Mrs Mo? Did you really do something so crazy for the sake of money?"

"Chief...why do I not understand what you are trying to say?"

"Your subordinate has already ratted you out. Are you going to continue putting on an act?"

As soon as Doctor Lin heard this, she scoffed and knelt on the ground, "Chief... She's lying. You can't trust her words."

"It appears, you won't tell the truth unless I present other evidence," Mo Ting said in an extremely cold voice.

Doctor Lin turned to look at Mo Ting, but her gaze ended up focusing on Lu Che, "You didn't keep your promise."

"I told you I wouldn't chase you for responsibilty, but that doesn't mean the President wouldn't. After all, the person you hurt was the Madam."

Doctor Lin realized she had already been defeated, so she took a deep breath and knelt on the ground, "It was the eldest daughter from the Tang Family that told me to do this."


"The eldest daughter, Tang Xuan!" Doctor Lin exclaimed.

As soon as they heard Tang Xuan's name, the two people in the other room were shocked...

They had no idea that Mo Ting had brought them here for this. So this was Mo Ting's original intention...

It turned out, the person that had plotted the entire scheme to remove Tangning's uterus and leaked information about her not being able to fall pregnant, wasn't an outsider, but Elder Tang's dear granddaughter and Tangning's elder sister, Tang Xuan!

Elder Tang's hands began to tremble, but he tried his best to control his emotions...

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