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Chapter 117: No Longer Retreating

Chapter 117: No Longer Retreating

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For this show, Tangning was originally meant to only do the opening...

But because of Qin Lu, Tangning had instead secured a lot more opportunities to appear on the runway. With Tangning's presence, all the other models became nothing in an empty vessel taking a stroll on the runway - with no soul at all.

This was the incredible thing about Tangning...

The show director found he had to take a double take on Tangning because this was extremely rare...not only was Tangning's professionalism exceptional - more importantly - her personal style was outstanding and impressive. It was like she was born for the runway and they had fused to become one.

During his excitement, the show director peered out into the audience and noticed an extraordinary man sitting amongst the guests. His gaze was sharp and deep like that of an eagle's, and the entire time, his eyes were locked on Tangning. He gave off an aura that any male could sense; a desire to protect and possess.

It was Mo Ting!

The CEO of Hai Rui had actually disregarded his status and made an appearance at Royalty's show?

Even though backstage rumors were already spreading that Tangning and Mo Ting knew each other personally, no one had actually witnessed anything with their own eyes. Now that the show director spotted the man himself, he was shocked as well as worried; if Tangning was to tell Mo Ting about what happened backstage...

But, maybe he was thinking too much into it. If Tangning and Hai Rui's relationship was really that great, there was no way she would only be at the position she was in at present. However, how could he explain the look in Mo Ting's eyes?

While the show director was still in shock, Mo Ting's gaze settled upon him. Just as the director wanted to say something, Mo Ting looked at him with a faint smile and told him to shush...

He was gesturing him to keep his mouth shut!

The show director was dumbfounded as he stood frozen in place nodding his head - it really was Mo Ting.

Not long after, the designer led the models out on stage to thank the audience. But, it seemed, the only person everyone could remember was Tangning. All the models that had their doubts about Tangning in the backstage no longer had anything to say. It no longer mattered that Tangning had landed from nowhere - even if she was to directly walk onto the international stage - no one would doubt her ability...

At this moment, however, in the spot where Mo Ting sat, there was no longer any trace of him - like his presence had all been an illusion.

In actual fact, Mo Ting had already returned to his car and the show director was standing beside his window full of respect as he leaned over to speak to him.

"My appearance tonight, don't tell anyone about it."

"Of course, you can be rest assured President Mo," the show director replied as he repeatedly nodded his head and bowed. Who was he kidding? As if a mere show director like himself would go against Hai Rui. Even if he had ten times the amount of guts he still would not be brave enough.

"Also, in the backstage, who else caused trouble for Tangning?" Mo Ting asked straightforwardly. His voice was deep and charming but was threatening at the same time, causing the show director's forehead to be covered in a cold sweat.

"Well...Qin Lu...was a little unhappy that Tangning had landed the opening out of nowhere, so she brought her uncle along to support for everyone else, they had their doubts. But, Tangning has now proven herself...she is indeed amazing!"

Mo Ting did not respond; he was deliberately keeping the show director hanging. The show director had obviously not included himself as one of those that caused Tangning trouble. On top of that, he also did not mention Yang Jing!

The show director could sense Mo Ting's mood was not right, so he immediately apologized, "President Mo, I am so sorry, we really didn't know..."

"The one you should apologize to is not me."

The show director was so frightened his legs started trembling. A moment later, Tangning and Long Jie headed into the basement carpark. Upon spotting Mo Ting's car and the show director talking to Mo Ting, Tangning froze. But, she quickly remembered what she had said earlier; she didn't want to be so timid - so she continued walking and opened the Rolls Royce car door naturally in front of the show director....before sitting beside Mo Ting.

After performing non-stop for an hour and changing into multiple clothes, Tangning appeared tired. Upon seeing her, Mo Ting gently stroked her hair, gesturing her to lie down and take a rest.

Tangning shook her head; there was an outsider present. Mo Ting returned his gaze to the show director, "I don't want the people that caused Tangning trouble to be well off, what do you think?"

"Yes...yes...," the show director nodded his head repeatedly.

He must have forgotten to bring his eyes when he left the house this morning. How could he be so blind to not realize Tangning's importance? He had almost offended her...

"I'm sure you know what you should do. Also, you did not see me today, nor the two of us together!"

"I understand, President. You don't need to worry. I won't say a word."

After hearing the man's assurance, Mo Ting wound up the car window and wrapped Tangning in his embrace before instructing Lu Che, "Start the car."

The show director held his breath; afraid to even let out a peep. Mo Ting's king-like presence was so suppressing.

Now that he thought about it, the small-time models and small-time actor were much too brave. Luckily, Tangning didn't hold grudges, or else she could have hung them all if she wanted to. It seemed Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship...wasn't as simple as friends. But, why hasn't Tangning...

...used Mo Ting to benefit her career? The show director had his doubts, but after thinking it over, who did he think Mo Ting was? Since he didn't want to reveal his relationship with Tangning, even if Tangning was to pull out evidence, no one would believe her. Regardless, with Tangning's ability, all she was missing was a platform to show her skills.

A while later, Lan Xi phoned the show director, "How did Tangning go?"

"All I can say is, she is still the top model she once was. Her professionalism has not faded, in fact, she is even more charming."

"Well...have I told you I've already signed Tangning? I asked her to go over today so she could warm up a little," Lan Xi smiled.

"You have good taste," the show director responded; his words contained a double meaning, because he knew, behind Tangning, there was also Mo Ting!

Of course, he did not reveal Tangning and Mo Ting's relationship to Lan Xi - he still wanted to survive in the entertainment industry.

"Glad you agree. Did Yang Jing bring the newcomers today?"

"Yes she did...but, I noticed Yang Jing's attitude towards Tanging isn't great?" the show director questioned.

"They have a history with each, Yang Jing is not aware that I have signed Tangning...I will announce it in a few days."

The show director was surprised before feeling a little bad for Yang Jing; not only was Lan Xi's trust for her slowly fading, Tangning...was definitely not going to let her off. It was clear to see that Yang Jing was even more blind than him.

Upon returning to the backstage, he heard Yang Jing boasting about Cheng Tian and belittling Tangning, "No matter how impressive she is, she will only have a few more years of glory. On the other hand, there is still a long road ahead for you guys. No matter how professional she is, in the end, it's still impossible for her to join Cheng Tian!"

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