Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 464: There's Something You Need to See

Chapter 464: There's Something You Need to See

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Tang Xuan was oblivious as she arrived at the cafe that her and Doctor Lin had previously met at. She picked the same seat to sit down at, as it was quiet and hidden.

"You still remember what to say in a minute?" Lu Che reconfirmed with Doctor Lin as he monitored the cafe from his car.

"Yes," Doctor Lin nodded her head enthusiastically. Just as she was about to step out of the car, she turned around and checked one more time, "If I do as you say, will you really let me go?"

"You have my word," Lu Che replied in seriousness.

After hearing Lu Che's response, Doctor Lin pushed open the car door, forced herself to look calm, and walked towards the cafe.

"You're here," Tang Xuan did not notice any change in Doctor Lin. As soon as Doctor Lin sat down, she handed her a bag, "I have put the full cash amount in here. Have a count, and if it is correct, we will seal the deal and pretend we never met."

Doctor Lin received the bag and looked inside. It was packed full of cash, but unfortunately, she wouldn't be able to keep any of it.

Tang Xuan thought everything was over, so she stood up to leave, but Doctor Lin suddenly spoke up and held her back, "Miss Tang Xuan, may I ask you a question?"

"What is it?" Tang Xuan turned around and raised an eyebrow questioningly, "Is the amount incorrect?"

"I want to know if you were the one that came up with the idea of removing Tangning's uterus. Did​ you really want to see Tangning suffer that badly?"

"What has this got to do with you?" Tang Xuan asked with suspicion.

Doctor Lin opened her mouth but didn't know what to say. However, a moment later, Tang Xuan smiled. She was in a good mood, so she decided to reply, "She's an actress. What use does she have with a child? Removing her uterus is a good thing. I'm doing it for her own good."

Hearing this response, sent chills down Doctor Lin's spine...

Although she had done many immoral things for the sake of money, this was the first time she had seen someone hurt their own sister in such a way.

Instead of taking her life, she took her uterus!

Tang Xuan was pleased with the surprised look on Doctor Lin's face as she turned around and left the cafe proudly. After she left, Doctor Lin removed the pinhole camera hooked to the front of her chest and watched as Lu Che entered the cafe and sat opposite her.

"A mere $500,000 was enough to buy your soul. You sure are cheap..."

"The money..."

"Did you think you'd still receive the money?" Lu Che placed the bag of money on the table and retrieved the camera from the doctor. "Dirty money like this should be donated to charity so you can gain some good karma."

" that case, can I go?" Doctor Lin stuttered as she pointed to the door.

"Up to you," Lu Che kept his word and let her go. The doctor was so frightened that she did not consider the consequences​ of having the video in Lu Che's hands.

She quickly got up to leave, afraid that Lu Che would change his mind. As Lu Che watched her disappear from sight, a slight smirk slowly formed on his face.

There were a million ways to punish a person, but Mo Ting only needed one...


2pm. After meeting at the equestrian field, Elder Tang's friend suddenly had an episode of rheumatism. So unaware of what was actually happening, Elder Tang ended up accompanying his friend to Qiao Kang Hospital. It was only after he arrived at the hospital that he spotted Xia Yuling.

"What...what is this all about?" the old man was overcome with confusion.

"Father, there's something you need to see." Xia Yuling approached Elder Tang and offered him support as she thanked the shareholder, "Thank you, Uncle Yu."

"No worries. You guys chat, I'm going to leave first."

Xia Yuling nodded as she watched the old man leave. Afterwards, Elder Tang grabbed onto her arm and asked, "What do you want me to see?"

"Father, you will soon find out." After speaking, Xia Yuling led Elder Tang further into the hospital to the conference room.

In reality, apart from Elder Tang, Xia Yuling also wanted to know what Mo Ting had up his sleeves.

Since Mo Ting already had things planned, she faithfully followed his arrangement. Inside the conference room, there was a smaller resting room. Xia Yuling and Elder Tang sat inside and waited patiently.

A moment later, some voices could be heard echoing from the conference room, "Why does President Mo from Hai Rui suddenly want to see me?"

The hospital chief's assistant stood to one side and said in a respectful tone, "It must be because Mrs Mo recently had an operation in our hospital that was a success, so President Mo is here to show his gratitude."

The 40-something-year-old hospital chief nodded his head proudly, "That's good. Lucky no one made any mistakes. What time will he arrive?"

"He's on his way."

Hearing the conversation in the conference room, Elder Tang roughly figured that Mo Ting wanted to tell him something about Tangning. But, he had not yet made the connection with Tang Xuan.

"Since it's regarding Xiao Ning, why can't we sit outside and listen?"

"Father, trust in Mo Ting's decision. He must have his reason for doing this," Xia Yuling assured.

In reality, Elder Tang was both impressed and cautious of Mo Ting. Mo Ting was too powerful, so it was normal for one to feel on edge around him.

After a few moments of silence, footsteps could be heard echoing from the conference room. Following closely behind, Xia Yuling and Elder Tang heard the sound of Mo Ting's voice.

"Hospital Chief Qiao, how are you?"

"Welcome President Mo, I hope you can forgive us for not being prepared for your arrival."

Mo Ting's lips curved slightly upwards as he walked in with his two bodyguards and Lu Che. He then sat down opposite the hospital chief, "I am here today regarding my wife. There's something I would like to verify with the hospital chief."

"I've heard about your wife's operation. It was apparently a huge success."

After hearing these words, Mo Ting laughed. His laugh made the hospital chief feel a little frightened and surprised.

He suddenly realized...judging by Mo Ting's expression, he wasn't here to thank anyone. His eyes were much too sharp to be thankful...

"Let's not talk about this for now." After speaking, Mo Ting gestured for Lu Che to present two ultrasound reports to the hospital chief. "I would first like to ask Hospital Chief Qiao to clarify something for me. How could the same person doing the same examination in two different hospitals, receive two different results?"

The hospital chief's face turned pale as he looked at the two reports. Both had Tangning's name on them, but one came from Qiao Kang, whereas the other came from Beijing Hospital. However, the results were completely different.

One showed a healthy pregnant uterus, while the other showed an extremely unhealthy one...

"President Mo, if there's something you want to say, please be straightforward."

"I've already expressed myself clearly. Hospital Chief Qiao, my wife is obviously pregnant, but why did her results from your hospital say that she is ill?" Mo Ting's voice wasn't very loud, but it still contained an irrevocable authority and strength...

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