Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 463: Enjoy The Show

Chapter 463: Enjoy The Show

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Because of Tangning's persuasion, Wei An came to a compromise and slowed down the rate of filming.

Taka was quite surprised by this as he said to Tangning in broken Chinese, "I'm quite amazed by you. Why does the production crew always listen to you? Do you know how American directors are like? If you don't perform well, they're the type to kick you out straight away!"

Tangning couldn't help but burst out laughing, "I don't do anything special. I'm simply genuine in front of them."

Taka scoffed and said in a disapproving manner, "You Asians are troublesome."

"You're nothing like us Westerners. If we like something, then we like it; if we don't like something, then we don't. We don't act nice like you guys."

Tangning couldn't deny this statement.

She raised her head and smiled at Mo Ting who was talking on the phone not too far away.

A moment later, Mo Ting returned to Tangning's side and covered her with a jacket, "Fang Yu has organized the first round of promotions for 'The Lost Relative'. Survey results show that it is the second most anticipated film after 'W.H.'. Also, a big American Director has taken interest in you and Bei Chendong."

"Really?" Tangning once again experienced the joys of being an actress.

"I've told you before that you're Hai Rui's future superstar," Mo Ting hugged her and gave her a firm answer. "You deserve it."

"In that case...should I meet with the director?"

"I'm sorry Mrs Mo, I've made you lose the opportunity to pursue the international film stage. I still remember how you gave up on the Victoria's Secret runway because of me too."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting and reached out her hand to trace the curves of his handsome face, "It's not called giving up, it's called working together as a married couple. I don't see you mentioning the fact that you abandoned Hai Rui to take care of me? As long as it is for the sake of each other, it's not considered giving up. Because we gain more than we give."

"I will never regret any decision I make, nor will I stubbornly chase a particular status. You have taught me that there are a lot more possibilities in my life than I can see."

"Giving birth does not mean the end of my acting career. An actor is judged on their acting ability, not their age."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning; at her mesmerizing confidence. His lips slowly curved upwards.

Mo Ting knew how rare someone like Tangning was. Perhaps, there wouldn't be anyone else in the world who viewed everything so clearly.


Tangning had stopped appearing as often in front of the public for quite some time, but Hai Rui did not feel worried at all, because all three of Tangning's films were listed in the hottest film rankings.

Although 'Stupid' stopped screening, it had left a lasting influence on the industry. It's unique approach made film fans discover an alternative method of screenwriting.

Most surprising of all, was Tangning. Although she was just a supporting character, the female actress that she created, was extremely memorable. Best of all, she still had two films to release to the world.

Discussions surrounding Tangning did not reduce at all. In fact, she continued to be even more popular than actors that appeared often on variety shows and TV.

No one could explain this phenomenon. There was always someone that wanted to talk about Tangning's past. How she announced a comeback when she was about to get married, and how she became an actress when she was about to become an international supermodel...

It appeared, she always had more surprises up her sleeves. So, her fans were filled with anticipation for what was to come. They especially couldn't wait for 'W.H.' and 'The Lost Relative' to start screening. As a result, the coming year was expected to be very rewarding for Tangning.

But, no one would have imagined that behind-the-scenes she was surrounded by a load of schemes and calculations.

Mo Ting had said before that he was going to let the Tang Family know about the situation with Tang Xuan. So, while Tangning was resting, Mo Ting made a phone call to Xia Yuling, "Mom...I need your assistance with something."

"Speak up. No need to be so polite," Xia Yuling was well aware that Mo Ting absolutely doted on Tangning, so her attitude towards Mo Ting was warmer than if he was her own son.

"Could you please bring grandfather to Qiao Kang Hospital tomorrow around noon, but don't let Tang Xuan know."

Xia Yuling could roughly guess what Mo Ting was up to, so she quickly agreed, "I'll think of something."

"OK, I'll leave it with you."

"Are Xiao Ning and my grandchild healthy? Why is Xiao Ning still filming when she is pregnant?"

"Don't worry, everything's fine. I've got my eye on her on set."

Hearing Mo Ting say this, Xia Yuling sighed, "Don't just focus on taking care of Tangning, you also need to take care of yourself. Taking care of Hai Rui has always been tiring in itself, yet you now need to deal with Tangning's stubbornness..."

Mo Ting chuckled as he continued to chat to Xia Yuling for a good 20-30 minutes. He suddenly felt like he and Tangning's families had been flipped around.

Elder Mo felt like he and Tangning were on the same page, while Xia Yuling cared about Mo Ting more than she did for Tangning.

However, upon returning to the bedroom and seeing Tangning fast asleep on their​ bed, he felt nothing else in the world mattered. Because the woman he loved the most, was in his arms.


After receiving Mo Ting's request, Xia Yuling wracked her brain for a way to take Elder Tang to the hospital without Tang Xuan knowing.

Because Elder Tang's heart ached over the suffering that Tang Xuan had received at her in-law's, the grandfather-granddaughter duo did not leave each other's side even for a second.

Xia Yuling understood that the old man felt hopeful because of the arrival of a new life...but Tang Xuan had never been one with pure motives...

After careful thought, she finally decided to ask for help from one of the shareholders by asking him to invite Elder Tang for a meeting.

Tang Xuan was by Elder Tang's side at the time that he received the phone call. After his phone call, she smiled and asked, "Grandfather, what kind of meeting is it? Can I come along?"

"Of course you can...but, it might be a bit tedious," Elder Tang replied cheerfully, "The meeting will be at an equestrian field."

Tang Xuan thought about her options for a second. She was pregnant, so it was necessary to be extra careful. Plus, judging by Elder Tang's reaction, the meeting did not seem like anything important; it was but a mere catch up for the old men. So, she thought it was best if she avoided any situations that may put her at risk.

"Grandfather, I think if it's best if I don't go." She was originally meant to deliver money to Doctor Lin anyway, so this was her perfect opportunity.

"Yes I agree, the equestrian field can be quite dangerous. Just stay at home and don't frighten my grandchild."

Tang Xuan was not prepared for what was to come, because there was no way that she could have guessed that this was a show put on by Xia Yuling and the shareholder. Even if she had followed along, the shareholder would have found a way to shake her off.

Xia Yuling was, after all, in control of Tang Corps.. If she couldn't think of such a simple plan, she would not be worthy of her position as CEO.

However, she still did not know what plan Mo Ting had brewing and the show that would play out the next day.

After confirming that her plan was flawless, Xia Yuling messaged Mo Ting about her success. Meanwhile, Mo Ting notified Wei An that he'd borrow Tangning at noon for a little while and promised he would not delay the filming in the afternoon.

Since it was time for him to make a move, he was going to secure a seat for his wife to sit comfortably and enjoy the show.

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