Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 459: Waiting to Reveal the Truth

Chapter 459: Waiting to Reveal the Truth

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"What's wrong?" Mo Ting noticed Tangning's expression darken as she put down her phone.

"Grandfather brought Tang Xuan back to the Tang household," Tangning replied calmly. "Jingxuan said that she's apparently changed for the better. But, I have a feeling she will continue to cause trouble. Tang Xuan's character wasn't developed overnight, so it's not that easy for her to change."

"Mom will keep an eye on her, you don't need to worry," Mo Ting completely acknowledged Xia Yuling's capabilities.

She had studied finance in the past, so she took over Tang Corps. quickly and managed it efficiently. In half a year, the performance of the company had continued to climb at a steady rate.

"I'm just afraid that grandfather will end up being disappointed again," Tangning sighed. "Regardless, I hope she has truly changed."

The Tangning at this time, had not yet discovered the correlation between Tang Xuan and the scheming that was going on. She was too focused on protecting her child. However, the reality was right before her, so the truth wasn't far off.

That night, the couple and Elder Mo sat down in his home to have dinner. Elder Mo waved the fan in his hand and kept his eyes focused on the silent Tangning. It seemed, he was worried he'd say something wrong and unintentionally hurt Tangning's feelings.

Tangning remained silent and Mo Ting also did not say a word. The vibe in the room made Elder Mo feel extremely unsettled. So, in the end, he couldn't help but speak up, "Why did you return to work so quickly? Why didn't you rest a few more days?"

"Grandfather, I'm fine," Tangning reassured gently.

"How could you say you're fine. You're not normally this dull," Elder Mo said as he pointed to Tangning with his fan. "Did the rascal force you to return to work?"

" know that Ting can't beat me when it comes to stubbornness," Tangning stuck up for her husband.

"How about this? I know a really good martial arts move that is good for the recovery of a woman's health. Do you want to learn it right now?"

Tangning: "..."

"If you make Tangning jump around with you, I'm afraid your grandchild may report to you ahead of time. I think it's best if she doesn't do anything," Mo Ting said with a pleasantly mellow voice as he looked down at the teacup in his hand. He then filled the teacup to the brim and handed it to Elder Mo.

"What do you mean?" the old man froze. "What do you mean by my grandchild will report to me ahead of time? Didn't they say that she can't have children?"

Mo Ting looked at Elder Mo with a meaningful look in his eyes...

...while Tangning simply smiled.

The old man was stunned for a few seconds before he finally jumped up in surprise. His reaction was even more emotional than Mo Ting, "You're're saying..."

"That's right. It's already been one month," Mo Ting replied as he looked at Tangning.

Elder Mo looked at Tangning, afraid that Mo Ting was playing a trick on him. After seeing Tangning nod, he finally felt a sense of relief, "Great! That's so great!"

"But, what's with all the rumors that are going around?"

"We are still investigating this matter. So, we need to temporarily keep Tangning's pregnancy a secret," Mo Ting reminded with a slightly threatening look. He was well aware that Elder Mo liked to show off.

"Rascal! You definitely need to investigate this matter thoroughly. Whoever dares to scheme against my granddaughter-in-law and challenge the Mo Family, deserves to be destroyed!"

"Of course."

Regardless of the scheming that was going on, Elder Mo was driven crazy with excitement. Perhaps, that night, he wouldn't be able to fall asleep. He really wanted to share the good news with someone. But, the fact that some evil creature was involved, left him no choice but to hold back his urges in the meantime. After all, Tangning's safety was more important.

The silly girl really knew how to put up a fight!

A really good fight!


As Tangning's rumor continued to stir up the nation, fans did all they could to protect her. It appeared, Tangning's status had already been established.

After appearing in three great films, the public recognized her as an actress and truly acknowledged her.

Seeing her fans working so hard to protect her, Tangning felt her heart break. However, the culprit had not been found yet, so she couldn't possibly reveal that she was pregnant. All she could do was comfort her fans by telling them that she was fine.

"Tangning, aren't you going to get some rest? The film is important, but your body is more important."

"President Mo has revealed that Tangning is fine and he has told everyone not to worry. But, Tangning is precious to us, how could we not be worried?"

"Tangning has sacrificed too much for the sake of filming. She is also very professional. I hope she can recover."

"I respect Tangning's decision. I will forever support her in the background."


Tangning looked at the comments and thought back on the attacks she received one year ago. Back then, she was known as an outdated model. But now, she had ended up gaining so much.

"Filming will end in late September. When that time comes, we will officially announce your pregnancy. 'The Lost Relative' will then be released at the end of the year, after which, I will help you apply for a Fei Tian Award."

Tangning sat quietly in bed as she listened to Mo Ting's arrangements. She then reached out her arms to hug him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Mo Ting embraced her as he continued, "'W.H. will be released in March next year. After you give birth...if you still want to film, I can then help you secure something."

"With these three films as a base, you are no longer lacking resources."

Tangning did not say a word, she simply let out a gentle laugh.

"What are you laughing about?"

"Nothing. I just feel it's really sweet that I'm protecting our child while you're protecting the both of us." After speaking, Tangning placed a bite on Mo Ting's shoulder. "If a great script comes along, I will definitely accept it. I truly enjoy acting; I enjoy becoming another person and experiencing their life."

"However, when I'm not around, you better not be like Coque and let our child lie in the grass eating dirt."

As Mo Ting thought about the future his heart softened.

"OK, it's time to sleep."

Tangning thought to herself: in this lifetime, having Mo Ting and her child was already enough...

However, at present, apart from a few people, Tangning had not yet told anyone about her pregnancy - not even Long Jie! Because of the earth shattering news that was released earlier, she now didn't know how to tell everyone the actual truth. Most importantly, she didn't want to trigger Long Jie's sensitive emotions.

So, there was only a minimal number of people that knew about her pregnancy.

But, this made it extra spectacular, right?

After all, the public all assumed that she couldn't fall pregnant. Plus, there were plans for something even worse: the enemy wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to remove her uterus...

As an expert black belly, Mo Ting had long confirmed that he wasn't born with a kind nature. Since someone wanted to act in such a vicious manner, he had no choice but to give them an eye for an eye.

All he was waiting for, was Lu Che to reveal the truth...

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