Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 458: Are You Prepared to Tell Grandfather?

Chapter 458: Are You Prepared to Tell Grandfather?

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After Tangning returned on set, Wei An was actually more nervous than she was. So, before starting her scene, he anxiously asked, "Are you fine with this? Do you need a body double? Should I warn everyone to be careful?"

"Director Wei..." Tangning's voice contained a trace of helplessness.

"OK, I understand, I'll stop worrying," Wei An returned to his seat uncomfortably. He couldn't help it, he was much too afraid of Mo Ting and was paranoid about how fragile a pregnant woman was. However, as soon as Tangning got into character, Wei An found himself forgetting she was pregnant all the way until the scene was over. "Cut! Time to have a rest and prepare for the next scene," he cheered.

Mo Ting immediately approached Tangning's side and asked, "Are you still OK?"

Tangning looked down at her stomach and replied, "With daddy watching over us, how could we not be OK? I'm fine, don't worry."

"Let's find some time to have dinner with the old man," Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning's​ waist, treating her like a precious treasure whenever he could.

"You're ready to tell grandfather?"

"He performed well as an elder," Mo Ting replied gently. If Elder Mo had said anything to hurt Tangning, he would have made him regret returning to Beijing.

Tangning giggled without saying a word. She simply kept her focus on her stomach.

While she filmed, Mo Ting sat to the side reading books about pregnancy and babies. And after she finished filming, Mo Ting took care of her lifestyle needs meticulously...

Sometimes, she wished that filming would end quicker. That way, Mo Ting would have one less thing to worry about.


After rumors about Tangning not being able to have children started spreading, Elder Tang had actually showed signs of concern. In private, he had contacted Xia Yuling a few times to express what a pity he felt it was.

He had once hoped that even though Tangning couldn't return to the Tang Family, she could at least leave behind a decent descendant. But now...

...his hopes were gone. How could the old man not feel disappointed?

Although he had plenty of offspring, Tangning was the only one truly capable of assuming responsibilty of the family business.

On another note, ever since Tang Xuan was kicked out of the family home, Elder Tang's heart began to soften. After all, blood was thicker than water. So, no matter how big a mistake she made, he knew he would eventually forgive her.

The 20th once again came around. 2pm that day, Elder Tang visited the orphanage like he did every month. However, not long after they left, his assistant noticed there was a car accident which was blocking off the traffic.

"Go have a look at what happened."

Assistant Leng nodded his head and immediately headed over to check on the situation. A moment later, he returned to the car and reported to Elder Tang, "Chairman, a pregnant woman was hit. It''s the Big Miss."

"What?" Elder Tang was stunned for a moment before he anxiously reconfirmed, "She was hit?"

"It's not serious. She simply fainted and is being helped by a nurse from a nearby clinic."

"Let's go have a look," Elder Tang sighed as he pushed open the car door. With the assistance of Assistant Leng, he hobbled over, one step at a time with his walking stick, to the scene of the accident.

Seeing Tang Xuan lying on the floor in plain clothes, he shook his head, "Carry her into the car and take her to the hospital."

"But...what will we tell the Madam?" Assistant Leng asked.

"Yuling isn't the unreasonable type. Plus, Tang Xuan is still my granddaughter. Even if she's wrong from head to toe, as her grandfather, I should still forgive her...I'm old now, there's not much else I can do for her."

Assistant Leng nodded his head and immediately approached the scene to reveal his identity. He then carried Tang Xuan into the car and directly drove her to the hospital.

"The pregnant woman is at risk of a miscarriage. Family members should take good care of her and not do anything to stimulate her emotions," the doctor concluded after giving Tang Xuan a thorough examination.

"Yes, doctor," Elder Tang said as he turned to look at the hospital bed. Tang Xuan was awake, but she refused to speak.

Elder Tang walked over and sat by her bedside, "How do you feel?"

"I'm too ashamed to face grandfather..." Tang Xuan sobbed, "I hope grandfather can let me leave the hospital."

"You are a member of the Tang Family. Where do you intend to go?" Elder Tang held her back. "Has life been tough in the Zhong household? You left the Tang Family in such an unglamorous manner. So, as a socialite Family, the Zhongs mustn't have treated you well. Forget it...come home. Grandfather simply hopes that you've changed for the better."

"Grandfather, I know I've done a lot to hurt auntie and Tangning..." Tang Xuan wept, "In the past, I was indeed reckless with greed. But now, all I want, is to take good care of my child and let it grow up in a loving family..."

"Come home, come home with grandfather. Leave with me, right away..."

Tang Xuan held back her tears for a moment before finally pouncing into Grandfather Tang's arms and crying. However, only she knew, how sincere she truly was...

Mother Zhong's plan was effective as expected. The child was definitely Elder Tang's weakness...

Indeed, the only reason Elder Tang asked Tang Xuan home was because of the fact that she was pregnant. If they taught the child well after it was born, the Tang Family would perhaps have some hope.

Tang Xuan was going to depend on her own two hands to win back the Tang Family!

She couldn't wait to see the surprised look on Xia Yuling's face.

In reality, Xia Yuling was in the UK due to work. So, when Tang Xuan arrived home, the maids were shocked, but did not dare to say a word.

Elder Tang had already passed the household into Xia Yuling's hand, yet he still brought Tang Xuan home. Did he want the house to never be at peace?

However, Tang Xuan returned this time with a completely different attitude, "If I've ever offended any of you in the past, I would like to officially apologize. From now on, I hope everyone can help take care of my baby and I."

She was pregnant!

While news of Tangning not being able to get pregnant was spreading like wildfire, Tang Xuan had actually gotten pregnant.

Everyone understood the hidden meaning to her words. She was warning them that she had a child in her they had to be extra careful around her.

The Tang household maids weren't impressed. After all, the home had been filled with laughter and smiles after Xia Yuling took over. So, they weren't sure if Tang Xuan's return was a blessing or a disaster.

Tang Jingxuan was the first to receive news of Tang Xuan's return. At the time, he was practicing his new song. As soon as he heard that she had returned home pregnant, he found it slightly suspicious. So he immediately gave Tangning a phone call, "Sister Three, did you hear that grandfather brought Big Sister home?"

"No, I haven't," Tangning's eyes subconsciously darkened.

"I heard she's pregnant and hasn't been living well in the Zhong household. Grandfather ended up buckling and bringing her home. I wonder where he picked her up from..." Tang Jingxuan refused to believe that Tang Xuan had changed for the better.

Especially since the timing of her return was too coincidental...

"Just focus on yourself. Mom will handle the Tang household."

Xia Yuling was no longer easy to bully. If Tang Xuan was to play any tricks...she would definitely find a way to deal with her. They would have to sit back and see what drama Tang Xuan could possibly cause.

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