Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 457: She Hated Being Threatened

Chapter 457: She Hated Being Threatened

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To speed up the process of finding the truth, Lu Che pretended to have fallen for the culprit's trick and went to look for the doctor.

"Doctor Lin, the Madam has calmed down and agreed to take on the treatment you have suggested. So, President Mo has instructed me to come make arrangements with you."

"OK. The tumor needs to be removed as soon as possible, so it is important for us to immediately book her in for an operation," the doctor said in a professional manner. In reality, Lu Che could barely maintain his basic manners, because deep inside, he wanted so badly to strangle the immoral doctor to death.

As a doctor, not only did she not fulfill her duty to save the dying and heal the injured, she completely ignored the lives of others. So, in Lu Che's eyes, she was not worthy of being human.

Lu Che was so tempted to tear off the doctor's mask. But, remembering that the truth had not been found yet, he continued to endure.

"I've looked at my schedule. Is it OK if we do the operation in 3 days time?"

"Yes, that's fine," Lu Che nodded as he smiled. "I'm sure you know how much President Mo cares about the Madam. Her body has always been a high priority to him. So, as a subordinate, I wouldn't dare to delay the treatment."

"Of course."

"But, I would like to did the Madam's confidential information get leaked? It seems you still have not provided Hai Rui with an answer to this matter. I hope next time we meet, you will be able to give us a satisfactory explanation," Lu Che deliberately suppressed the doctor's arrogance by chasing her for an explanation.

The doctor's expression changed. She never expected, under Lu Che's polite exterior, he could be so aggressive.

"Don't worry, the hospital is currently investigating this matter. Our initial suspicion is that the disgusting paparazzi did something," the doctor smiled.

Lu Che scoffed inside, but did not make a sound as he watched the doctor blatantly lie to his face. However, he had long become accustomed to seeing people like this.

Afterwards, Lu Che left. But, he planted many spies in the hospital. It seemed, it wouldn't take long before the truth would be uncovered.

As soon as Lu Che left, the doctor quickly pulled out her phone and gave a call to an unlisted number, "They've taken the bait and everything is progressing smoothly. But, I need to meet with you. This matter is too risky, I can't handle it on my own."

As a doctor, she wasn't so blinded by money that she couldn't determine the seriousness of the matter.

Using a doctor to injure someone had always been easy to uncover. Especially when the almighty CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting, was being offended.

So, the doctor needed to make sure that the person she was working with was sincere.

"How can I meet with you?"

"If you refuse to meet, then go look for someone else. Let's see if others are willing to take the risk over a bit of money."

On the other side of the phone, Tang Xuan was furious. They had already agreed on the terms at the beginning that they weren't going to meet, yet the doctor suddenly changed her mind. However, she couldn't refuse... They were already on the same boat; did she still have the choice to find someone else?

Although she hated being threatened, she still ended up agreeing, "Tomorrow afternoon, let's meet at a cafe near the hospital."

However, she never expected that this one simple move would end up placing her into the palm of Mo Ting's hands, giving him complete control over her life and death.

"What happened?" Mother Zhong asked as she noticed a change in her daughter-in-law's expression.

"The doctor has requested to meet in person and receive cash before agreeing to work with us. She said the risk is too high," Tang Xuan explained to Mother Zhong.

"That's actually quite reasonable. Let's start making preparations then," Mother Zhong nodded. "Also, go get changed into the plainest clothes you own. It's time to go see your grandfather."

"Yes, mom..."

It appeared, some battles were extinguished like a fire, only to erupt again like a volcano.


After resting for two days, Tangning decided to return on set.

However, as she arrived, the production crew all looked at her in sympathy and respect.

Even under her current condition, she still insisted to appear on set. If it was someone else, they would have definitely taken more time off.

In reality, Tangning's body was indeed a little uncomfortable...

But, it wasn't because she was sick. It was actually because she was pregnant.

On her return to the set, it was hard for the production crew not to notice Mo Ting following by her side. He did not say much. He just quietly assisted her with simple things.

"Ning Jie, are you truly fine?" the props assistant asked. "If you're not feeling well, you should get a few more days rest. After all, we can always film other scenes first."

"Thank you for your concern, but it's not necessary. I'm completely fine," Tangning replied with a smile.

"Don't mind the rumors that are going around. Everyone is supporting you. I hope you understand that the entire crew acknowledges you. Whether it's your acting or your personality, you are amazing," the props assistant raised a thumb.

Mo Ting cleared his throat, gesturing to the man that he had said enough. Meanwhile, Tangning looked at him helplessly.

Was he jealous at something so simple? The man was simply showing his concern.

Taka also rushed out to see Tangning after finding out that she'd be returning on set. Of course, after his encounter with Mo Ting, all he had left for Tangning was admiration and respect. This was one of the positive features of foreigners, they were dedicated to their work and weren't petty. This was also the reason why Tangning managed to tolerate Taka; he was simply childish, but he wasn't a bad person.

He was, after all, picked by Mo Ting...

How could he be bad?

"Your news is all over the place. It seems you are quite popular."

"Of course, I've always been a hot topic of discussion," Tangning responded in fluent English.

Taka was intimidated by Mo Ting's gaze, so he scratched his head in a nervous and awkward manner, "Anyway, if you need anything from me, just let me know."

Before Tangning could respond, Taka had already disappeared from sight...

Tangning couldn't help but laugh. Seeing her laugh, Mo Ting also smiled.

"Sit here for a moment, I'm going to go speak to Director Wei about your upcoming scenes," Mo Ting pointed to a chair.

However, Tangning stopped him and shook her head, "I know better than anyone what my upcoming scenes are..."

"Ting, if you acknowledge me as a professional actress, then leave it with me. I know my limits and won't do anything to make you worry. Trust me, OK?"

"If you protect me like this, the entire crew will feel nervous. I don't want to see that happen."

"If you are here to accompany me, then please respect my decisions, OK?"

Stripping back his identity as the CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting was perhaps more capable than anyone could compare. But, in front of Tangning, he was just a normal husband who wanted to protect his wife and child.

"I'm just worried..."

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