Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 456: No Doubt, This Was The Power of Mo Ting

Chapter 456: No Doubt, This Was The Power of Mo Ting



Lu Che obediently went to investigate the hospital as per Mo Ting's orders. But of course, he could no longer appear personally. So he arranged for a clever paparazzi to familiarize himself with all the doctors in the obstetrics and gynecology unit and then picked a target for him to get close to.

The paparazzi found out through a nurse, the name of the doctor that examined Tangning and the names of all the medical staff involved.

But, to find out the ultimate motive, they needed to be patient. So, Lu Che asked the paparazzi to continue maintaining a good relationship with the nurse and to take note of the doctor's next move.


Late into the night, Tangning finally completed a full body checkup requested by Doctor Fu.

Mo Ting then accompanied Tangning home. While Song Yanshu drove, Mo Ting knelt before Tangning and placed a gentle kiss on her stomach, "I can finally be a father."

Tangning smiled as she looked at Mo Ting. Her movements were careful, afraid she'd hurt their precious child, "Yes, President Mo, you are finally going to be a father."

"From this point onwards, you're not allowed to do anything."

"But, have you forgotten that I still need to finish filming?" Tangning reminded.

Mo Ting furrowed his brows and sat down beside her as he wrapped his arms around her body.

Tangning understood what he was worried about, so she tried to comfort him, "I've spoken to the doctor. She said, as long as I'm careful, I can continue filming. Anyway, most of the dangerous scenes have already finished filming. Following on, we will mainly be filming talking scenes. If there's anything dangerous, I'll handle it with care."

"I simply don't want you to work so hard."

"I won't push myself," Tangning said in a cute but firm tone.

Mo Ting understood, after a day of drama, the woman in his arms required comforting. So, in the end, he surrendered, "You promised. Don't push yourself."

"I promise," Tangning raised her hand seriously.

"I trust you," Mo Ting lowered Tangning's hand just as he received a phone call from Lu Che. He subconsciously moved his finger towards the reject button, but, Tangning stopped him, "Don't return his call behind my back. Pick it up here."

Tangning understood that Mo Ting did not want her to hear about the dirty things that were going on behind-the-scenes, but...after being in the industry for so long, she had long become accustomed to it. So, what else was there to fear?

Mo Ting looked deeply into Tangning's eyes. Without hesitation, he picked up the phone and answered it.

"President, I have already got the names of everyone involved. According to what we know so far, it was not a simple mistake. They appear to have something else planned. I will continue to take note and report to you as soon as I find out."

"Let me know as soon as possible," Mo Ting's voice turned cold and dark.

"So, how did the Madam go today?"

"She's pregnant." Perhaps Mo Ting did not notice, but Tangning definitely saw, as he said the word 'pregnant', the corners of lips subconsciously curved upwards. "But, don't let anyone know about this. We will continue playing along for now."

"I understand, President."

Mo Ting always enjoyed lurking in the shadows, so this time was no different. Especially when the incident this time, involved both his wife and child! As soon as they found out the culprit...he was not going to go easy on them.

Tangning understood that this incident had already crossed Mo Ting's bottom line. Similarly, Mo Ting and her child were also her bottom line!.

After returning home, Mo Ting hugged Tangning in bed as he pulled out his laptop and started browsing online for information on how to take care of a pregnant lady. Seeing this, Tangning couldn't help but laugh, "You've opened up so many tabs, can you read it all?"

Mo Ting wrapped his arm around her waist and gently touched her stomach. As soon as he thought about the little creation sitting inside his woman's body, he would lose himself in excitement. He was so tempted to share this news with the entire world.

Mo Ting did not say anything. He simply coaxed Tangning to sleep. Only after she fell asleep, did he grab his phone and gently head into the study room.

The first person he called, was Wei An.

"Tangning is pregnant. How much longer will filming last and are there still many dangerous scenes?"

On the other end of the phone, Wei An was stunned. He obviously did not know how to react; didn't they say that Tangning was sick and couldn't bear a child? How did she become pregnant all of a sudden?

"I hope Director Wei can keep this a secret."

Wei An got up out of bed and finally realized that Mo Ting was not joking, "She's really pregnant?"

"It's confirmed."

Wei An thought about the film for a moment. Luckily, all the dangerous scenes had already been filmed, otherwise, according to Mo Ting's wife-doting level, he may have had to go through another change in main lead.

"Filming will continue until the end of September. Tangning should be able to handle the remaining scenes as they mainly involve talking and not much action."

"I will come and keep an eye on the set over the coming month," Mo Ting notified in a serious tone. Although the remaining scenes only involved talking, it was still a film with a rollercoaster of emotions. So, he was going to have medical staff on standby to take care of Tangning, both physically and mentally.

"You are her manager. You can do whatever you want."

Wei An simply hoped the film would be completed smoothly and there wouldn't be another 'Bai Qiusheng incident'. If anything happened to Tangning, he could already imagine that the entire production would go down with her.

There was no doubt, this was the power of Mo Ting.

After calling Wei An, Mo Ting made another phone call to Fang Yu and handed a huge portion of his responsibilities and authority temporarily to him. Since he had to keep an eye on the set, he of course needed the time. If he continued working the way he always did, he would not be able to watch over Tangning.

Fang Yu assumed that Mo Ting wanted to accompany Tangning while she fixed her body and was impressed by the influence Tangning had on Mo Ting.

Over all these years, this man had never once let go of even an inch of his empire. Yet, for Tangning, he handed everything over to Fang Yu without hesitation.

By the time that Mo Ting arranged everything, it was already 3am. To make sure he had time the next day, Mo Ting quickly dealt with some urgent documents overnight and woke up the department managers to hold an urgent online meeting.

As a result, Mo Ting stripped off his business attire the next day and transformed into Tangning's personal manager.

"Don't you need to go to work?" Tangning asked questioningly as she watched Mo Ting pack his suitcase.

"Following you is also my work," Mo Ting reminded her that he was her manager. "Song Yanshu is meticulous, but there is a limit to what she can do. I don't want you to give up on filming, so the best solution is for me to follow you."

"President Mo, don't you feel that giving up on your empire to follow me, isn't worth it?" Tangning's eyes involuntarily turned red.

"You will eventually become Hai Rui's most dazzling superstar. So...I must keep an eye on you...and the little person inside your body."

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