Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 455: She Has a Child in her Stomach

Chapter 455: She Has a Child in her Stomach

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"From this point onwards, I want you to put down your phone and listen to me. I have something important to tell you." After everyone had finished showing their concern towards Tangning, Mo Ting suddenly sat down on the edge of the bed and asked her in a serious tone, "Did you go with Long Jie to Beijing Hospital yesterday to do a hCG blood test?"

Tangning nodded her head, unsure why Mo Ting would ask about this.

"This morning, you received a phone call from Beijing Hospital. I picked up. At that time, the doctor came to the conclusion that you are pregnant."

Tangning froze. After quite some time, she finally remembered the smile on Mo Ting's face in the morning.

"But...this other hospital said..."

"While you were sleeping, I visited Beijing Hospital and retrieved your medical report. I also spoke to the doctor about your results. The doctor was extremely confident that you are pregnant," Mo Ting took a deep breath to calm his emotions before he continued gently, "With your medical report at this other hospital being leaked so quickly, I have a feeling someone planned it."

"So, the most important thing for us to do right now, is to go for another examination."

Tangning's originally dull gaze suddenly lit up with a twinkle of hope, "Are you telling the truth?"

"Of course."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go right now," Tangning immediately threw away her blankets, but Mo Ting stopped her.

"Stay still, let me help you," Mo Ting's heart ached at the sight of her red swollen eyes. He then retrieved a loose-fitting top from the wardrobe for her and kneeled down to help her put on her shoes.

Tangning looked at Mo Ting's lowered head and became emotional, "You don't need to spoil me like this..."

Mo Ting slowly lifted his head and looked gently into her eyes, "As long as I can do it, how I wish I could do everything for you."

Tangning helped him up before wrapping her arms around his waist. The couple then left the villa and boarded the car prepared by Song Yanshu.

This time, Mo Ting arranged for Tangning to be examined at Beijing Hospital. In order not to alert anyone, he made sure they kept a low profile in a relatively normal car.

At this time, Tangning finally saw the news that had been spreading about her. The immoral media outlets made the news of her illness known to almost everyone.

However, the reactions of her fans made her quite happy.

"Your suffering has finally paid off. This is proof that your status in the entertainment industry is no longer so easy to shake."

Tangning nodded her head. At this moment, all she felt was gratitude, "These fans are like family to me. Even though I've never met them before, I hope I can make them happy."

"Ting...from now on, let's give my fans more benefits."

"The agency will arrange it," Mo Ting smiled as he held onto her hand.

Afterwards, Tangning did not say another word. Her emotions at that moment were more nervous than what she felt earlier that morning; anyone would be able to relate. Imagine going from happily preparing for a child, to being told that it was difficult for her to fall pregnant, to then be told that she had a child in her stomach all along. All of a sudden, Tangning no longer knew who to trust.

"Don't be afraid. We've already heard the worst outcome. It can't get any worse."

Tangning gripped tightly onto Mo Ting's hand, suddenly feeling a lot more confident. He was right...

The worst outcome would be what the rumors said about her: that she couldn't bear a child. What else could be worse than that?

After half an hour, the hospital arranged for the couple to enter the ultrasound room together. Tangning was examined by the doctor that had previously looked at her report and Mo Ting was allowed in as well.

Lying on the bed, Tangning felt her heart almost beat out of her chest. As the icy cold scanner started moving across her stomach, she felt like she was about to faint.

"Can you see it? This dot in the middle is your child. It is still an embryo right now, but it is healthy. Miss Tang has absolutely no problem with the thickness of her uterus and definitely has no tumor."

"Her uterus looks good. It's clear that you both live a healthy lifestyle. So, don't worry, apart from being a little skinny, there is absolutely nothing wrong."

The doctor pointed to a black dot on the screen as she explained.

"There is no doubt about it. Miss Tang is definitely pregnant. In fact, your child is roughly 45 days old."

Hearing this result, Tangning didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

It turned out, she had a child in her stomach...

She already had a child.

Mo Ting did not say anything. He simply hugged Tangning. She too, was speechless. It was lucky that she did the blood test with Long Jie, otherwise...

...what else was waiting for her.

"Relax for now and let me finish," the doctor laughed as she watched the couple embrace each other, "Young couples always react the same way when they find out they are about to become parents. So, I understand how you must be feeling."

Mo Ting released Tangning from his embrace and helped her neaten her clothes. The doctor then put away her equipment, led the couple to her office and closed the door.

"According to normal procedures, ultrasound reports can be retrieved immediately and has the patient's name and patient number on it. It's not easy to make a mistake unless there happens to be someone else with the exact same name. So, you will need to look into how Miss Tang received a report that wasn't hers."

"So, doctor, you're trying to say that the report that got leaked, wasn't mine?" Tangning quickly caught on and pointed out the main point.

"Of course not. If you compare that report to this one, you can clearly see that it's real, but it's not yours," the doctor explained patiently. "Of course, we can't eliminate the possibility that someone may have been bribed into giving you the wrong report."

"You are a patient. Patients don't normally question doctors. With this in mind, if you were to believe that you have a tumor in your uterus, the next step would naturally be to have surgery. But, once you're in the operating theatre, they can do whatever they want to you without you knowing."

"As for who would do such a thing, that's up to you to find out."

"I would like to give you a word of advice: don't spread word of Miss Tang's pregnancy just yet. Wait until you've found out the truth before you decide what you want to do."

Tangning held onto her stomach and followed the doctor's train of thought. This sent chills down her spine.

Of course, she was really lucky to have met such a great doctor...

"Doctor Fu, thank you. Thank you for allowing my child and I to be safe," Tangning was sincerely thankful. "You don't know how important this child is to my husband and I."

"Every child is a gift from God. I will not be ungrateful for these gifts," the doctor smiled. "Saving the dying and helping the injured is my responsibility. You don't need to thank me."

"If you didn't do a blood test simply for the sake of comforting a friend, we would not have discovered this. So, if you were to thank someone, you should thank yourself."

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