Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 116: Only be Number One!

Chapter 116: Only be Number One!

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Seeing Tangning remaining calm, the actor felt a chill down his spine and heart freeze...

If he had known Tangning was personally acquainted with Hai Rui, he would not have challenged her...if he was to offend Mo Ting, it could be possible that he'd never land a role as the main character ever again! He didn't want to take this risk.

A line of sweat rolled down the actor's forehead. After careful thought, he finally threw away his niece's hand and approached Tanging, scratching his head awkwardly, "Errr...Miss Tang. I didn't mean to offend you earlier on...I had no idea you were friends with President Mo..."


Everyone thought they were seeing things... well as hearing things.

The actor that had been pushing others into a corner earlier, had suddenly become so polite and submissive?

Was he admitting he was wrong?

Yang Jing was furious. She had never imagined Tangning would have this layer of relations. So, naturally, she didn't expect Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship to be very strong; if Tangning really did have a strong relationship with Mo Ting, according to her personality, there was no way she wouldn't create hype. They must simply know each other in passing and Lu Che's appearance was just a coincidence.

Of course, Yang Jing's analysis was quite reasonable. Unfortunately, she would one day have to pay for her assumptions!

"Uncle, why are you apologizing to her?" Qin Lu was unwilling to accept what her uncle was doing. What was so good about a model that came from nowhere?

"Lu Lu, you are still young, you still have a lot of opportunities to do the opening, why don't we give this opportunity back to Miss Tang..."

Hearing this, Tangning couldn't help but laugh. Where did their bottom line go?

Didn't they say they couldn't allow someone to come out of nowhere?

"It's OK, I indeed landed out of nowhere...It's just that I had no idea all of you went through a series of auditions to get here. I merely promised a friend to come help out," Tangning rejected them politely.

What right did they have to call the shots? How could they assume that they could have something when they want it and give it away when they didn't?

Tangning's response was open-ended, she deliberately left them hanging so they would feel uneasy...

She knew Mo Ting almost made an appearance personally because he couldn't bear seeing her suffer. So, she couldn't let these bullies off so easily.

Seeing Tangning didn't say anything else, the actor realized he was being treated with contempt. So all he could do was turn away with Qin Lu back to their seat.

Yang Jing had originally thought Tangning would take advantage of the situation to take back her opening, since it was a rare opportunity, but Tangning did not do that - she maintained her moral integrity. Yang Jing did not know what Tangning was thinking deep down. Tangning believed that no matter which part of the show she walked, or what she wore, nothing could change the fact that she was Tangning.

The Tangning that would only allow herself to be number one for the sake of Mo Ting!

Because of Lu Che's appearance, the atmosphere in the backstage had changed. Those that had previously ridiculed Tangning, no longer dared to roll their eyes at her. The atmosphere was now relaxed and comfortable and Tangning was a lot more laid-back. Mo Ting's name was indeed useful; just a simple mention was enough to make everyone tremble. When would her name have the same effect?

As the order had changed...Tangning was to be the third model to walk out and Qin Lu remained as the opening model. However, her mood right now wasn't as relaxed as before, because she had just realized she may have offended Hai Rui on behalf of her uncle.

This was exactly the type of mood Tangning wanted her to be in...

Having a background could be useful, but it wasn't effective every time!

"Uncle...would I be disregarded by the industry from now on because I offended Hai Rui?"

Before the start of the show, Qin Lu was still full of worries as she questioned her uncle. But who could truly answer her question? Not everyone could see through Mo Ting.

"Your uncle can barely protect himself..."

Hearing this, Qin Lu froze; was offending Tangning this serious?

The actor stopped answering her questions, all the way until Royalty's show was to start...

Although Qin Lu was the opening model, she was not at ease. The result was that upon stepping onto the stage, she accidentally tripped on her own dress and almost fell to the floor...

Qin Lu had never been in such an upsetting situation...luckily, the second model to walk out grabbed her in time. But, her humiliation had already happened...

Although unexpected situations often happened on the runway, the show director and the designers were extremely disappointed by Qin Lu's performance. Since she had stolen the opening from Tangning, they at least expected her to do a good job; why did she end up being like this?

The third model to walk out was Tangning...

At this moment, in a hidden corner, sat an extremely stable man. His focus was on the runway in front of him - his wife was about to appear on stage.

Yang Jing was sitting below the stage with her newcomers. The first two models were such an embarrassment, everyone treated the third model to be the true opening model...


A person that had been so calm in the backstage, practically showing no emotions, once on the stage became a different person. The way she drew attention, her walk, the way she controlled her body, her eyes...It was like she was born for the runway and belonged there. And when she changed into another set of clothes, the audience couldn't help but erupt into a loud applause.

Was Tangning really this amazing?

Although Yang Jing didn't want to accept it, Tangning's professionalism was on a level way beyond that of most other models - how annoying!

After all, she had almost signed with Star King previously if it wasn't for Han Yufan...

Qin Lu was an A-Grade model, but via the runway, she could clearly see the aura Tangning gave off. It was like Tangning had two souls inside her; backstage and front-of-stage, she was completely two different people. She had the ability to convey whatever she wanted to the audience and she was so amazing that with just one look, she was impossible to forget...

Mo Ting's gaze was glued to Tangning; he didn't look away for even a second. Because he knew, this was what Tangning needed.

At the end of the runway, Tangning looked out at the vast darkness in search of Mo Ting's location. Upon spotting him sitting in a secluded spot, she felt a sense of warmth gush through her body...

Because of Tangning's stand-out performance, after the show ended, the only person the guests could remember, was Tangning. All the other models simply completed their part, but Tanging...

...she was like something fresh that had swept through the modeling industry...

Like this, Tangning proved that not all opening models were a pleasant surprise, they could be surprisingly terrible. Also, just because the opening wasn't impressive, it didn't mean the rest of the show wouldn't be!

The show director glanced at Tangning. No matter what clothes she changed into, she managed to immediately adapt to the style. She even knew what poses and expressions to make. How did she do this?

No wonder Lan Xi recommended her...

At this time, below the stage, Yang Jing had a sneer on her face: no matter how amazing Tangning is, she still won't be able to join Cheng Tian.

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