Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 454: Did Grandfather Scold You?

Chapter 454: Did Grandfather Scold You?

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[Tangning cannot have children!]

The media edited the story and spread it all over the place along with the supposed 'medical report'.

However, apart from those that ridiculed Tangning, there were also many that stepped out to protect her. After the incident with Bai Qiusheng, she had gained a lot of trust.

"I feel bad for Tangning. Medical examinations are a highly private matter, yet someone leaked it to create hype. They've gone too far."

"I'm so angry that I'm about to cry! What did Tangning do wrong to have the media latch onto her like this. The media are a disgusting bunch of people!"

"I believe in the love between Mo Ting and Tangning. Regardless of how her body is, I'm sure Mo Ting will take good care of Tangning. The immoral media dogs should get lost."

"Outsiders shouldn't make up ridiculous theories. There are many factors that can cause the thinning of the uterus. For example, Tangning was injured not too long ago on set. I really don't understand how you guys can be so disgusting as to jump straight to the conclusion that she's had too many abortions."

"Tangning and Hai Rui both keep a low profile. What does the media want from them? Do you need to be so ruthless and cruel? I hope Hai Rui can step out and do something about this."

"Tangning simply wants to act and be a good actress. I hope those that don't know the true story will stop hurting her..."

After all that she'd been through, Tangning finally received what she had worked hard to achieve. Online, fans tried their best to prevent the rumors from spreading by convincing people to delete the false information. As a result, Tang Xuan and Mother Zhong did not get to watch the show they anticipated.

"What's wrong with these netizens? Don't they like to gossip? Why are they all stepping out to protect Tangning?" Tang Xuan clenched her fists. She had long forgotten the image she had in the eyes of the netizens.

Back then, the news about who was a mistress' daughter, was much more hyped up than this.

Mother Zhong also did not look impressed. After all, to have so many people step out to protect her, it must mean her status in the industry was no longer the same as before.

"Don't worry, as long as the Mo Family react the way that we want, then we haven't completely failed."

But, what did the Mo Family think?

Of course, Elder Mo saw the unreliable news as soon as it was released and called the couple to confirm.

At first, Mo Ting picked up the phone. Perhaps he was afraid of Elder Mo's reaction, so he said straight out, "I don't care if Tangning can bear a child or not. She will forever be my one and only wife."

On the other end of the phone, Elder Mo sighed, "This is not what I called you to talk about. How's the silly girl? Tell me, how could the almighty CEO of Hai Rui allow his wife to constantly appear on the headlines? Do you know how to handle it? If not, let me do it."

Mo Ting lifted his eyebrows in surprise.

"Your grandfather is not a senile old man. Did you think I wouldn't be able to tell if Tangning is good or bad? I'm strict towards her for her own good. Pass the phone to Tangning, I want to talk to her. There's no point taking to you..."

Mo Ting: "..."

After roughly two seconds of silence, Mo Ting handed the phone to Tangning, "It's grandfather."

Tangning was nervous at first, but she still ended up receiving the phone from Mo Ting's hand, "Grandfather."

"Silly girl," as soon as Elder Mo heard Tangning's voice, he could tell that she had been crying. His heart naturally softened, "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine," Tangning replied.

"Don't worry about the ridiculous news that is going around. Let me tell you this old man's standpoint right now. It is true that I hope for a grandchild, but I am not close-minded. Anything could happen in one's lifetime. I will not let outsiders influence my impression of you. I have eyes and can make my own judgment. You understand?"

After hearing the old man's words, Tangning felt her tears seep out of her eyes. In an instant, her heart overflowed with emotions.

"Thank you, grandfather."

"If your body is unwell, you can slowly fix it, it's not a big deal. You've already pulled through so many challenges. I am sure that God will watch over you. The Mo Family's luck couldn't be that bad."

"I understand, grandfather," Tangning said between tears.

"OK, no more crying. If you continue like this, your husband is going to think that I am bullying you. Have a good rest. I'll keep an eye on the set for you." Elder Mo did not like to dwell on things, so as soon as their conversation was over, he swiftly hung up. Afterwards, Tangning looked at Mo Ting with her teary eyes.

"Did grandfather scold you?"

"I wish he did," Tangning sat up and hugged Mo Ting. "Grandfather gave me strength and encouragement. Hubby, I really don't know how much good karma I've saved up to have married you and gained such a great family."

Mo Ting gently patted her back as he relaxed his originally tensed brows, "He finally did something right."

Tangning laughed and cried. In the end, she finally calmed down in Mo Ting's arms. Afterwards, Tangning received a phone call from Xia Yuling asking about her situation, "Tangning, did you know that you scared the hell out of me? The immoral media are trying to cause trouble again. I originally wanted to help you resolve the problem, but luckily your fans beat me to it and spoke up for you."

Tangning was still unaware of how the public had reacted.

"I'm fine, mom."

"I trust that Mo Ting will take good care of you. You behave and listen to him, OK?" Xia Yuling reminded.


The last person to call was Huo Jingjing. It seemed, anyone that had anything to do with Tangning was truly concerned about her. Even her one-time enemy, Lin Chong, who had started a new life working for a photo studio, couldn't help but stick up for her after he saw the news.

"Tangning is indeed a vicious woman. So vicious that she forcefully saved my morals. I can't wait for you all to attack her, because then you will get to see how she truly is."

"I trailed her for months and witnessed the evils of the world. But, I never imagined, in the end, the only person that cared about my dignity, was Tangning!"

"I really need to curse her. I want to curse her to have more children. Let's see how the media handle that...The media is currently getting out of hand."

As soon as Lin Chong's post went up, it attracted a lot of discussions. After all, everyone was well aware of how Hua Rong Studio once clung onto Tangning.

When it came to trailing people, all the current reporters could not compare to Lin Chong. Since a senior of the industry gave his opinion, they could only back down and shut up.

Tangning also saw Lin Chong's post and felt quite moved by it.

It turned out, karma really did exist...

If that was the case. Could karma give her a child?

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