Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 453: How it Feels to be in a Living Hell

Chapter 453: How it Feels to be in a Living Hell

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"Is it because I've done too many bad things in my life that God has decided to treat me this way?" Tangning sobbed with her back to Mo Ting. She didn't cry often...Even during her toughest times, she had never broken down in such a way. But, finding out that she temporarily couldn't have children made her cry painfully. She cried so much that her throat began to hurt.

Mo Ting lay on the bed beside her and hugged her comfortingly, "You've never done anything wrong. If God was to punish someone, he would punish me, not you. Don't think too much into it for now, it's not as serious as you think. We can fix it. We can take it slow."


"I will agree to whatever you want to do. Even if we don't have kids, it won't matter. All I need is you," Mo Ting said in a serious tone as he brushed back her hair. "I'm telling the truth, Ning. You couldn't possibly imagine how much you mean to me. Even if you want my life, I can give it to you, not to mention not having children. All I want is for you to be healthy."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Tangning suddenly turned around, buried herself in Mo Ting's embrace and cried. She cried until she got tired and drifted off to sleep. At this time, Mo Ting kissed her on the forehead as his heart ached. He continued to watch over her until she fell into a deep sleep.

Afterwards, he grabbed Tangning's phone and headed into the study room to return the call from earlier that morning.

"Hello, Beijing Hospital."

"This is Mo Ting. I want to know if I can still get the medical report from Tangning's recent blood test?"

The person on the other end never expected Mo Ting to return the call. After a few moments, she nervously replied, "Y...Yes, it's still available for collection."

"I'll send someone over to get it. Actually, no, I'll come and pick it up myself."

Seeing Tangning hurt was more painful than being stabbed in the heart by a knife. To find out the truth, Mo Ting decided to personally investigate into the matter and not leave it with Lu Che. He simply gave Lu Che a phone call and told him to tell Long Jie to watch over Tangning while he stepped out for a bit. That way, when she awoke, she would not feel so bad.

Afterwards, he personally drove over to Beijing Hospital and made an appointment with the doctor to confirm the results.

"Mr. Mo, generally, a non-pregnant woman's blood hcg value would be less than 100 IU/L, but your wife's hcg value has reached as high as 7000. So, we have diagnosed her as being pregnant," the doctor explained calmly, even though she felt quite pressured.

"But, my wife had an examination at another hospital, and after an ultrasound, they diagnosed her with a thin uterus and said she has a tumor."

"Mr. Mo, I can tell you with confidence that Miss Tang can't possibly have any gynecological problems," the doctor said firmly. "My 40 years of experience has taught me that a person's health can be clearly determined by looking at their physical state. I don't know which hospital you went to, but if Miss Tang isn't pregnant, then I might as well not be a doctor."

After hearing this, Mo Ting's heart felt heavy. He could no longer determine who was telling the truth and who was lying.

"If a hospital's results can't be trusted, visit a few more hospitals. You will find out who's telling the truth and who's lying."

Indeed, that was perhaps the best method to confirm the diagnosis.

After retrieving the medical report from Beijing Hospital, Mo Ting returned to Hyatt Regency. He then instructed Lu Che to book Tangning into a few other hospitals for an examination. However, just as he stepped foot into the villa, Lu Che received a phone call and his expression changed...

"President, the Madam's medical report has been leaked and it's going viral."

"Immediately notify PR," Mo Ting sneered, "And don't let Tangning know about this."

"'s it possible to keep this from her?" Lu Che was a little suspicious, "President, I find this incident quite strange. The hospital I found is extremely confidential and even signed a confidentiality agreement. Logically speaking, there's no way that the Madam's medical report could have been leaked."

Hearing this, Mo Ting suddenly stopped in his track.

That's right...

Just because the incident involved Tangning, he had almost missed an important point.

Tangning's examination had only been done not too long ago and the report had already been leaked.

At the same time, two different hospitals got two very different results.

Mo Ting felt himself relax. The more things seemed like they were part of a plan, the more likely it meant that Beijing Hospital had the true results.


"I'll go organize the examinations. You go investigate where the report was leaked from and find out who's​ behind it," Mo Ting instructed. "If someone did this on purpose, help me find out their motive. l'm going to show them how it feels to be in a living hell."

"Understood," Lu Che nodded his head seriously as he noticed the fierceness in Mo Ting's eyes.

Afterwards, Mo Ting returned to the bedroom. As the door opened, he spotted Tangning still asleep on the bed, so he quickly gestured for Long Jie to hush.

Long Jie gently stepped away from the bed and knowingly gave the couple some privacy as she went outside to vent about the news she had just seen on her phone.

How dare they call Tangning a hen that couldn't lay eggs?

How dare they claim that Tangning received this illness because she had done too many abortions?

As soon as Lu Che saw the expression on his wife's face, he could tell that his wife felt unfairness on behalf of Tangning, "Still upset?"

"How could I not be? Tangning's body isn't that bad. Yet the problem-causing media are going around spreading rumors. It makes me so angry," Long Jie complained as she held her head, trying her best to keep her voice down in order not to disturb Tangning's sleep.

"The President will handle this matter. Don't worry."

"I can only hope that Tangning doesn't see the news. Do you know how big of a blow this is for her?"

She couldn't have a child and was being rumored as having multiple abortions, plus her career was being affected...No woman could handle a destructive attack like this. Regardless of how strong Tangning was, she couldn't possibly be unaffected and continue her life like nothing happened.

Mo Ting could deeply relate to the pain she felt. But, he was more willing to believe that Tangning's​ stomach contained his child. The instinct that his own flesh and blood was somewhere in there, couldn't possibly be wrong.

So, he stretched out his hand and gently rubbed it over Tangning's stomach until she finally woke up.

"You're awake?"

"Uh huh," Tangning replied with a raspy voice. "Sorry hubby, today was meant to be a happy day, but..."

"I've spoken to Wei An and arranged for you to have another day off. He's agreed. I know you won't give up on acting, so we can only do that for now."

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