Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 449: Preparing For a Child!

Chapter 449: Preparing For a Child!

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In another part of town. After leaving the Tang Family and preparing herself for a few months, Tang Xuan finally showed signs of pregnancy. At this moment, she was sitting inside Beijing's best obstetrics and gynecology hospital.

In order to return to the Tang Family, she had endured for much too long. Especially when she saw Tangning become more and more famous, she couldn't help but imagine that Tangning would some day bow down to her and she'd be able to give her a lifetime of torture.

"Miss Tang Xuan, congratulations, you are already 8 weeks pregnant," the doctor explained. "You've been taking good care of your body, so your baby is very healthy."

Tang Xuan let out a sigh of relief as she held onto the report. She then asked the nurse impatiently, "Can I find out the gender of my child yet?"

"Well..." the doctor looked at Tang Xuan with a surprised expression and shook her head, "...there is indeed a technology that can do that at 8 weeks, but our hospital does not have access to it. So, the soonest will be 20 weeks before we can determine the gender."

Tang Xuan's expression darkened, but she did not make things difficult for the doctor.

She was already pregnant, so she was holding a good bargaining chip in her hands to use against Elder Tang. Returning to the Tang Family was only a matter of time.

After her medical examination, Tang Xuan left the hospital. However, when she was in the elevator, she came across Lu Che.

She knew that Lu Che was Mo Ting's right-hand-man, so she wondered what he was doing at that particular hospital?

Because of Mo Ting's relationship with Lu Che, Tang Xuan subconsciously followed Lu Che nosily. She saw him enter a doctor's office and waited outside patiently until he was done. She then asked around for information.

Of course, one could do anything when they had money.

"Miss Tang, all I know is, Tangning may come here for an examination in a couple days."

The person Tang Xuan managed to bribe was the assistant of a famous doctor. Of course, this was the only information she could provide.

"Is she sick?"

"It appears, she is preparing for a child," the assistant guessed.

"Preparing for a child?!" Hearing these words, Tang Xuan's face turned pale. However, she did not stick around the hospital much longer. Instead, she hurried home to discuss the matter with her mother-in-law.

"No matter how capable Tangning is, she is just a performer. If she wants a stable status in the Mo Family, she NEEDS a child."

"In that case, what should I do? I can't let Tangning hold the same bargaining chip in her hands." It wasn't easy for Tang Xuan to get pregnant. If Tangning was also pregnant at the same time, she would be a huge obstacle in Tang Xuan's path to returning to the Tang Family.

"Stay calm. Since God gave us this information, we should take advantage of it. Our best plan now, is to bribe someone at the hospital to tamper with Tangning's medical report."

"We need it to say that Tangning has a problem with her body. To fix it, we need to find a trustworthy doctor to remove her uterus and make it so she can NEVER have a child."

Remove her uterus...

These words sent a chill down Tang Xuan's spine...

Although she hated Tangning, hearing these words flow out of her mother-in-law's mouth, still made her hair stand on end, down her back and throughout her body.

But, she still wanted to get revenge...

Tangning had no idea a huge scheme was waiting for her. Worst of all, it was to happen on her and Mo Ting's wedding anniversary.


Over the next couple days.

After seeing Mo Ting in person, Taka felt defeated. He was obviously younger than Mo Ting, but apart from this, he held no other advantage against him. As a result, Taka was no longer as loud and​ arrogant on set as he usually was. In fact, he even avoided Tangning at times.

Wei An found this strange, so he asked Tangning, "Did you teach Taka a strong lesson? Why has he been creeping around you lately like a mouse around a cat?"

"Director Wei, I don't have that ability. If I'm right, I think he was defeated by Mo Ting."

Wei An nodded as he laughed and praised Mo Ting, "When it comes to the younger generation of men, I can't find anyone that can compare to him. Your husband is certainly the most capable."

"Thank you, Director Wei."

"You're not bad either. You are a good match for Mo Ting," Wei An also praised Tangning sincerely. He watched how she pulled through the dramas of the industry whilst fulfilling all his requirements with perseverance. This wasn't something that all actresses could do.

"I heard you are planning to have a child. What are you going to do about your acting career?"

Tangning was a little surprised, but then she realized Elder Mo must have told Wei An, so she simply responded, "Yes, we are planning to have a child."

"Your acting career only just started..."

"'W.H.' will be released at the end of the year and 'The Lost Relative' will be screened next summer. I have not truly left the industry," Tangning smiled. "Director Wei, as a model, I probably couldn't remain on the runway for the rest of my life. But as an actress, I'm confident, even if I leave for a little while, as long as I still have the ability to act, I will eventually return."

After hearing this, Wei An patted Tangning on the shoulder and responded, "I believe you when you say that. I've seen your projects and I heard 'Stupid' has been performing well in the foreign market. Westerners love films with a deep meaning and your husband is the best at promoting stuff like that..."

"Also, 'W.H.', which is to be released at the end of the year, is a high quality production. I've watched the 10 second trailer and I must say, your performance is spectacular."

"Then, there is of course, our film. Don't worry, it will definitely help you climb to the top."

The top? Hearing this, Tangning was quite surprised.

As a model, she was only a step away from being an international supermodel. But, as an actress, what level was she at?

"I heard you adjusted your day off to accommodate for your wedding anniversary. But...have you guys been married for that long?"

Although Wei An did not know the entire story between Tangning and Mo Ting, he had heard many interesting things about them.

One of such, was the fact that they had only announced their marriage in February..

However, Tangning did not respond. She simply looked at Wei An with deep meaning.

Wei An seemed to have understood her gaze and did not ask further. He simply told her to get some rest and not to worry about the progress of the film.

After thanking Wei An, Tangning left with Song Yanshu. At this time, she received a phone call from Tang Jingxuan. He simply wanted to check on her.

"It's best you worry about yourself. You are now a prince of the music industry, stop doing silly things."

She had noticed his recent popularity. He had a new album and had made multiple appearances on variety shows. It seemed, after being almost framed last time, he had learned how to survive in the industry.

Tangning was relieved. Even if she was to retreat from the industry for a while to have a child, she wouldn't need to worry about Tang Jingxuan.

But, was it really that easy to have a child?

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