Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 448: Are You Interested in Her?

Chapter 448: Are You Interested in Her?



The next morning, Mo Ting dragged Tangning out of bed for some early training. As Tangning's fight scenes following on would be more dangerous, she decided she'd tell him about the scenes and then practice with him to see if he had any suggestions.

In reality, as soon as Wei An notified Tangning to prepare for dangerous scenes, most of the crew assumed she'd take a long time to adjust. After all, she had no foundation in martial arts. But, surprisingly, all she needed was one night, and she was able to do what she previously couldn't.

So the crew realized, they could never judge the 'Future Tangning' based on the 'Current Tangning'. Because, apart from the strength of her own perseverance, she also had a capable manager - Mo Ting.

Elder Mo continued to remain on set. After his identity was revealed, he would appear on set dressed in traditional clothing as he waved his fan and gave Tangning pointers in her acting.

Seeing Tangning completely consumed in her acting, Elder Mo became more and more pleased. A person could put on an act for a while, but it was difficult to keep it up for a lifetime. So, Elder Mo began to acknowledge that Tangning faced the world with her true self.

He was especially pleased with the way she handled matters. She was quick, efficient and ended things cleanly.

Faced with Taka's teasing, she remained cold and distant.

This proved that she always held Mo Ting in the number one position!

One month after 'The Lost Relative' began refilming, they finally caught up to their previous progress. Of course, Gu Heng's role was taken over by a newcomer. As she was new, she had gone through a strict training regime which taught her to be cautious of others. As a result, she was very polite towards Tangning.

That day, Mo Ting finished his work early and arrived on the set of 'The Lost Relative' without notifying anyone beforehand.

Taka had never seen Mo Ting before, so he had no idea that he was Tangning's husband. Seeing Mo Ting's gaze was focused on Tangning, Taka approached him and asked, "Can you speak English?"

"Of course," Mo Ting smiled. In fact, his pronunciation was even more accurate than Taka's.

"Are you interested in her?" Taka asked as he pointed to Tangning, "Let me tell you, don't waste your time. She is already mine. It's best if you don't compete for something that I already have my eyes on."

"Oh, really?" Mo Ting lifted his eyebrows, "Has she already agreed to be your girlfriend?"

"Uh huh, how many women could resist this youthful body of mine?" Taka laughed as he looked at Tangning.

Mo Ting's gaze deepened a few shades. At this time, Tangning finally finished acting in front of the camera. As she turned around, she noticed Mo Ting had arrived.

As Taka stood beside Mo Ting, he thought she was smiling at him. He was quite shocked. Tangning only ever hit him or glared at him, so it was rare to see her smile.

"You see that? She's smiling at me."

"Really?" Mo Ting couldn't help but tease. A moment later, Tangning approached the two men. Taka immediately stood up straight, prepared to greet the woman walking towards him. However...

Tangning directly pounced into Mo Ting's embrace and buried herself in his chest, "Why did you come at this time?"

Mo Ting hugged her tightly as he said softly into her ear, "I am your manager. No matter what time I come, it is reasonable."

"Let's get going then. After I remove my makeup, we can go home," Tangning said as she lifted her head. "The director has given me special permission to take tomorrow off."

"In that case, let's go." After Mo Ting spoke, he grabbed onto Tangning's hand. However, before they walked away, he couldn't resist turning to Taka and saying, "I wish you all the best."

Taka's expression turned extremely awkward...

He brushed his hand through his hair and didn't dare to look the couple in the eye. After they left, he finally approached Wei An and asked, "The man that Tangning hugged..."

"Oh, him? He is Tangning's manager and husband. Also known as the CEO of Hai Rui."

Taka's face turned red in embarrassment as he thought about the words he had said to Mo Ting.

His manly pride suddenly felt hurt...

As Mo Ting escorted his wife away, his expression did not look impressed either. His wife was being harassed by an annoying fly, and he had brought this fly into her life?

"Your expression is a bit sour. Did Taka say something to you?" Tangning boarded the car and couldn't help but laugh as she looked at Mo Ting's expression. "Don't worry, if he dares to bully my husband, I'll find a way to teach him a lesson."


"I learned it from you. I'll use filming as an excuse to leave him bruised and battered. In fact, I'll call Director Wei right now and tell him to make Taka do some extra scenes tonight."

Mo Ting grabbed onto Tangning's hand before she made a phone call and rubbed it between his palms, "You always manage to ease my anger."

"Because there's nothing to be angry about. There's only two more months of filming left. Afterwards, we will barely come in contact again."

Mo Ting nodded his head as he started the car and drove Tangning away from the film studio.

The couple's wedding anniversary was fast approaching. Whenever Tangning thought about the previous year's August 15th, she believed that life was filled with surprises and miracles. If she had not been so courageous that day to suggest they got married, her life would have perhaps turned out very different and nowhere as fortunate as she was right now.

"Mrs Mo, I must congratulate you on being married to Mr. Mo for one year."

Hearing this, Tangning smiled and whispered something in Mo Ting's ear. Mo Ting fell into deep thought over what she said.

"After 'The Lost Relative' completes its filming, 'W.H.' should be roughly due for release. Although I haven't lined up another job for you, would it be too soon to have a child?"

"Mr. Mo, you will be 34 next year! Did you want our child to call you grandfather instead?" It was rare for Tangning to refute Mo Ting's words; she had always been submissive towards him.

Mo Ting sighed and eventually nodded his head. Although Tangning was submissive towards him, he was obviously the one that compromised the most.

"I really don't know what to do about you."

"In that case, I won't take a day off tomorrow. I'll leave it for our wedding anniversary."

Mo Ting did not respond. It seemed, he was quietly accepting Tangning's arrangements.

"Also, we need to go for a medical checkup. We need to confirm that our tiring work has not affected our chances of having a baby."

Mo Ting completely listened to Tangning. He had no choice. If there was such a thing as 'The Wife Doting Club', he would be the honorary club president.

After all, he had gotten used to treating Tangning as his everything.

"We can do it on our wedding anniversary. I'll tell Lu Che to organize it."

Having a child...

Thinking of these three words, Mo Ting felt for an instant that he was not yet ready. In fact, he felt a little helpless. He couldn't imagine how such a fragile creature would turn out once it entered this world...

Perhaps, every man in this world experienced the same moment of panic before becoming a father.

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