Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 447: I'm Afraid of Hurting You

Chapter 447: I'm Afraid of Hurting You

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Elder Mo watched from the side as he waved his fan. His gaze was sharp and deep. Seeing Tangning make her move, he couldn't help but scoff; at least she didn't embarrass him.

This was the right way to deal with a foreigner. Hit them without restraint or mercy.

Taka held onto his chest, took a few steps back and looked at Tangning in surprise. He had never expected a woman to have such strength.

Tangning stood up straight and expressed her concern, but wasn't overly worried. Taka was fascinated as he shook his head, "I am really looking forward to my scenes with you."

"You will regret it," Tangning said in scornful voice.

She did not like the casual attitude that Taka had. He seemed to think that every woman was destined to be attracted by him. However, the world did not revolve around him.

Tangning had no idea that her attitude towards Taka made Elder Mo light up in glee.

Obviously, her dislike towards Taka was suited to Elder Mo's tastes.

When Hai Rui was in his hands, he had never branched out internationally. So, Hai Rui's progression was all thanks to Mo Ting, who was good at communicating with foreigners. This was one of the main reasons why Elder Mo did not like staying in the office. He understood that Mo Ting would never stop working with foreigners and Mo Ting understood his dislike towards them, but he never backed down. So, seeing that Tangning was on the same page as him...

...Elder Mo's​ mood lightened. He was glad that his words would no longer fall on deaf ears.

"We will try and make this choreography flow smoothly. Let's practice a few more times and see how it turns out," Wei An had complete trust in the two. But, he could tell that Tangning was trying to put Taka in line and teach him how to respect others. So, as he looked into Tangning's eyes, there was deepness in his expression.

It didn't take long before they completed the first move smoothly. As Taka was now prepared, he put away his casual attitude and became serious. But, as Tangning fiercely threw attacks at him, he was once again stunned by her power.

"We are not on the same path!"

"But our paths will eventually meet. If I don't save the hostages today, I will make sure we die together."

After their brief exchange of words, it was time to film the end of the scene. After being stunned twice, Taka no longer underestimated Tangning. In fact, he felt that her every punch was strong and firm. Although her punches hurt, they made the scene feel real, and even gave him a sense of thrill.


In the end, the result was extremely satisfying. With Elder Mo's guidance, Tangning had improved her grasp on her character's emotions. On top​ of that, Taka was very capable. So, their fight scene made everyone's heart race in excitement.

"Tangning, I've been trying to find a chance to get everyone together. Let's meet up tonight and officially welcome Taka to the cast," Wei An suggested to Tangning after their filming was complete.

However, Tangning smiled and rejected, "I won't be joining you guys. Tomorrow's scene will be even more difficult. I need to go home and practice with Ting."

"OK, you go home first then," Wei An nodded without insisting.

Afterwards, Tangning directly went home. Taka was confused by this. He had never met an actress that didn't like get-togethers.

In reality, it had been quite a few days since Tangning had seen Mo Ting.

Nothing in the outside world was more attractive to her than Mo Ting's handsome face. And no matter how spectacular the world was, nothing compared to a simple hug from her husband...


11pm. Tangning was driven back to Hyatt Regency by Song Yanshu. Of course, she expected Mo Ting to be asleep. So as she entered the bedroom, she made sure to be extra quiet.

Perhaps it was because of a culmination of tiredness over the past few days, Mo Ting did not get woken up...

Tangning gently massaged the gap between his furrowed brows before entering the bathroom with her robe.

Half an hour later, Tangning returned to the bed. She lifted the blanket and gently lay down beside Mo Ting. However, just as she thought Mo Ting had no idea that she returned home, he suddenly rolled over and pulled her into his embrace. His movement was so natural, it was almost like she never left.

He was the Big Boss of the entertainment industry and ruled over the entertainment empire, but he always maintained his pure nature. In fact, he saved the pure side of himself for her.

Tangning confirmed that Mo Ting was still asleep. He had subconsciously sensed her presence and hugged her.

So, Tangning quietly looked at her man; the man that she admired. He was her beloved husband; a partner that she'd spend a whole lifetime loving and appreciating...

This small action of his was enough to make her feel moved. Because it was clear to see that Mo Ting would never be able to leave her.

Neither of them could leave the other.

With this thought, Tangning suddenly pressed her body on top of Mo Ting's and directly pressed her lips against his...Mo Ting's eyes flew open instantly. At first, he was surprised, but then he quickly responded by returning her kiss.

After they pulled away from their passionate kiss, Mo Ting hugged Tangning and asked, "What was that all about?"

Tangning climbed up Mo Ting's body and placed her nose against his, "I was emotionally moved..."

"Huh?" Mo Ting wasn't quite sure what she meant.

"Just know that I want you..." Tangning once again kissed down on his lips.

Mo Ting did not hesitate. The wife that he had missed was finally back by his side and she was wildly in love with him. She was his proudest possession. In fact, compared to Hai Rui's status, Tangning made him happier.

The hot bodies intertwined like they were trying to burn each other into ash. And at the final stage, Tangning stopped Mo Ting from fetching a needed item, "Let's just do it like this..."

"I'm afraid of hurting you..." Mo Ting said as he resisted.

"You won't," Tangning replied confidently, "Let's do it like this...Ting."

Perhaps, it was because of the look in Tangning's eyes, or perhaps, it was because of the way she called his name...

Mo Ting could not endure any longer as he powerfully occupied her body. Even after they reached their climax, Tangning continued to hug tightly to his arm, "Let's just sleep like this..."

"It's not uncomfortable?" Mo Ting asked as he brushed back her hair.

Tangning shook her head, "I feel safe like this."

Mo Ting gently kissed her ear and pulled over the blankets. However, he did not forget to check the time and calculate how much longer Tangning would need to complete her filming.

"Ting, a couple days ago, grandfather talked to me about achievements. He said that his greatest achievement was you. So, what is your greatest achievement?" Tangning asked as she pressed herself on top of Mo Ting's body.

"Me?" Mo Ting thought carefully and chuckled, "My biggest achievement is giving you a happy family and home to return to."

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