Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 444: I Am The True Victim

Chapter 444: I Am The True Victim

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If he wasn't an investor, then what identity did he have? How did he have the right to make Tangning wash and cook for him?

The reporters stretched out their necks in interest. They really wanted to know if this show was going to get any more spectacular.

Between Bai Qiusheng and Tangning, who was telling the truth and who was consistently putting on an act?

"Even if he's not an investor, isn't he still teaming with you to bully people from smaller agencies like us? After all, Tangning has Hai Rui backing her," Bai Qiusheng was reminding everyone that Hai Rui had the ability to create whatever 'truth' they wanted.

"Bai Qiusheng, if Hai Rui is really like that, would I be standing here taking on your accusations?" Tangning's voice turned unusually cold.

"If not, how do you explain that even the director is on your side even though it's obvious that you paid someone to attack me?"

"You were the one that engaged in something indecent with an old man and also paid to have me attacked. You can't deny it!" Bai Qiusheng argued back.

As they watched Bai Qiusheng and Tangning argue, the media couldn't determine what was the truth; there were too many inconsistencies. However, just as the argument got heated up, the door to the hall once again flew open. This time, standing in the doorway was a retro suited old man accompanied by 3 strong bodyguards.

He wasn't his usual careless and casual self, nor was he dressed like a beggar. In fact, he was neatly suited with a mighty presence.

As for his face, everyone could finally see him clearly...

Tangning was stunned. Although he was old, he still had the distinguishing features of a Mo Family member.

"Let me tell you why Elder Hei couldn't have possibly done something indecent with Tangning..." Wei An scoffed as he stood up. He then shook the old man's hand before introducing him to everyone, "Bai Qiusheng, I bet you never thought about why he's called Elder Hei..."

"This is the chairman of Hai Rui - the grandfather of Mo Ting and Tangning - Mr. Mo Yunyang."

"Elder Mo simply wanted to train his granddaughter-in-law, so he pretended to challenge her. How is washing and cooking for one's grandfather indecent in anyway?"

Bai Qiusheng was stunned...

How did things turn out this way?

When he first planned out the rumor, he had never imagined that the old man had an identity like this.

He was Mo Ting and Tangning's grandfather!

And also a legend in the entertainment industry.

All of a sudden, Bai Qiusheng felt a chill down his spine. He just remembered he had previously spoken to Elder Mo about dealing with Tangning together. Who would have thought...

"Oh God...This is the legendary founder of Hai Rui, Elder Mo."

"Rumor has it, his acting is godly, but his whereabouts is always a mystery. He is also renowned for being the most awarded Asian actor in the world."

"So, it turns out, he was hiding on set and acting with Tangning."

"Partaking in something indecent and underhanded? Who the hell started that rumor? What a joke..."

"Quick take some photos. It's rare to see Elder Mo..."

Elder Mo looked around the hall and finally turned to Bai Qiusheng, "What is it? Are you disappointed that I didn't do something indecent with Tangning?"

At first, Elder Mo was still smiling. But then, he suddenly walked over to Bai Qiusheng and tore the bandages from his head, "Isn't your head already fine? Why are you still covering it with bandages? Are you trying to look like someone with a head injury? I've been through more than you can imagine. There's no way I wouldn't see through your trick."

Bai Qiusheng was suddenly thrown into a panic as he tried to cover his head. But, Elder Mo easily restrained his hands and laughed, "Lucky you're not my grandson. If I had a scourge on society like you in my life, I would have strangled you to death already, so you couldn't continue to wreak havoc on the world."

"I can't believe that Bai Qiusheng's injury is fake."

"How disgusting! He tried to get pity by pretending to be injured."

"Isn't everything obvious then? Doesn't that mean Bai Qiusheng self-scripted​ and self-directed his own attack?"

"Is there still any doubt? When he denied his relationship with Gu Heng, Tangning slapped him in the face with evidence. When he claimed that Tangning did something indecent, Elder Mo slapped him in the face. Even Wei An wants to get him replaced. What else does he have to say? Anyone with eyes can see that Bai Qiusheng is a liar!"

"If you don't have evidence, don't jump to conclusions. I am the true victim," Bai Qiusheng insisted. "Who can prove that I orchestrated everything? I refuse to admit to something I didn't do!"


With a loud slap across the face, Elder Mo did not hold back as he taught Bai Qiusheng a lesson. He was like a man of justice out to rid the world of evil.

"You still won't admit?"

"I won't admit it even if I die," Bai Qiusheng's​face turned red as he screamed.

Seeing this, Bai Qiusheng's manager wanted to step up and help, but Elder Mo had the entire hall under his control. No one dared to act recklessly. After all, this man was a respected leader in the industry. Not only was he Mo Ting's grandfather, even his identity as Hai Rui's founder meant he had witnessed the progression of the entire industry. He was held in such high esteem that even Government officials had to show him respect.


Another slap landed on Bai Qiusheng's face. Elder Mo did not care who he was hitting. All he knew was, this man deserved it.

"If you won't admit, then I'll make you admit." After speaking, Elder Mo gestured to the bodyguard behind him.

The bodyguard stepped out of the hall and returned with a man. It was the culprit that had spoken to Tangning and had also attacked Bai Qiusheng.

Bai Qiusheng's expression turned pale as he subconsciously gave up struggling...

He never expected the old man would directly bring the culprit before him!

The reporters looked at the culprit and immediately started snapping photos of him...

Seeing this, Elder Mo walked up to the man, lifted his head and asked, "Someone present must have paid you. I'll let you point him out yourself."

The man took a glance at Bai Qiusheng and took a glance at Tangning. He then lowered his head.

"Speak!" the old man's temper suddenly exploded.

"Bai...Bai Qiusheng," the man mumbled, "Bai Qiusheng gave me money and asked me to help him slander Tangning. If everything was a success, he would have given me $1 million."

"Why did he want to do that?"

"Because Tangning was standing in his and Gu Heng's path. So, he wanted to use any method possible to force her out of the cast," the bearded man replied as he lowered his head and revealed the truth. "Don't trust anything Bai Qiusheng says, they are all lies."

"He self-scripted and self-directed an entire act by paying my friends and I to hit him. He planned everything."

"You heard him? Lucky you're not a Mo Family descendant. If my grandson was so shameless, I would have shot him directly in the head to stop him from being such an embarrassment," the old man scoffed.

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