Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 115: The So-called Fairness

Chapter 115: The So-called Fairness

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Yang Jing did not sense she was in danger at all, because she had no idea, behind Tangning was a vicious wife-protecting Mo Ting. In actual fact, she believed her and Tangning were the same kind of people; she felt, for the sake of advancement, the amount of methods Tangning used, were no less than what she had done.

So she continued to despise Tangning....

...the way she often despised herself. She felt Tangning was simply too secretive and her methods were too good.

She didn't feel it was a shame to lose her at all!

Royalty's show was about to start, but a lot of the models were still making last-minute tweaks because either their clothes or makeup weren't suitable. As Tangning was to only appear for the opening, she only had one set of clothing, unlike the other models who had multiple clothes to change into.

Yang Jing continued to teach her models. Every now and then, her eyes would meet with Tangning; her gaze always contained the same message: No matter how capable or professional you are, even if my people are merely here to learn, you still won't have the opportunity to join Cheng Tian and attain the best resources. You will forever remain as a model that isn't moving forward or backward; an old model stuck between B-Grade and A-Grade!

"Tangning, why does Yang Jing insist on clinging to you? Is it simply because you snatched the opening for the France show? Why does she hate you so much?" Long Jie was tempted to poke out Yang Jing's arrogant eyes. "How does she have the confidence to suppress you?"

"When the day comes that you announce you've signed on with Cheng Tian, let's see if she can still be so arrogant..."

"Since you know that's our opportunity to step on her, why are you still upset? Just let her feel proud for now," Tangning didn't care. Although, Yang Jing's position was indeed high...she thought too highly of herself. People like that easily revealed their weaknesses.

"Hmmph," Long Jie scoffed as she turned back to Tangning and praised her, "You are really beautiful tonight."

In reality, Tangning's exposure right now was indeed sufficient, but...she couldn't forget that there was still the A-Grade model, Qin Lu. She didn't arrive until the show was about to start and accompanying her was her award-winning actor uncle. Upon seeing him, the show director immediately recognized who it was. He spoke in a respectful manner, "Yun Ge, I didn't expect you would make an appearance here, sorry I didn't know."

"No need to be polite. I came specifically for my niece today. With Lulu's status, why isn't she doing the opening?"

Qin Lu must have heard about how Tangning landed the opportunity out of nowhere, so...she brought along some support. Of course, with her status, it was understandable that Qin Lu would do something like this.

"That..." the show director glanced at Tangning; he was put in a difficult position.

"Aren't you guys being unfair?"

"Yun Ge, how could you say that? Isn't Lulu doing the closing? She will be in the grand finale..."

"I want to do the opening..." Qin Lu whined to her uncle; she hated models that came out of nowhere.

"Then...should I go make some tweaks?" the show director asked for their opinion.

"I don't care if it's the opening or closing, I don't wish to see a model that landed a position out of nowhere; that is my bottom line."

Her intention was clear; it turned out she didn't want Tangning on stage at all...

Everyone rejoiced in Tangning's misfortune as they looked at her. A moment ago, wasn't she acting all proud and arrogant? Look at what happened now; she no longer has the opportunity to even go on stage...

At this moment, the happiest person amongst them was Yang Jing. She crossed her arms and scoffed...

Tangning, did you think, without any background, you would be able to survive in this industry?

The show director had no choice. He had no idea Tangning had already signed on with Cheng Tian; he simply thought Lan Xi had suggested Tangning because they were friends. If he could explain things to Lan Xi, then he'd rather offend her. After all, Tangning wasn't anyone important; he didn't have to care about her too much.

So after careful consideration, he approached Tangning and said, "Tangning...I'm only doing this as a favor for a friend. I can only ask for your forgiveness."

"Is it funny for you guys to tease someone like this?" Long Jie was so angry she was about spit fire as she stood in front of Tangning and questioned the man.

The show director felt slightly guilty as he prepared for Tangning to lose her temper, but...

...Tangning remained calm. She didn't look affected at all...

She simply grabbed Long Jie, reminded her not to act rashly, and replied gently, "I've already arrived and am sitting here; my makeup is almost done and I am simply waiting to go on stage. If I was to leave, you'd have to find another model to replace me, that would be too much trouble. I won't do the opening or closing, but I'll do other parts instead, OK?"

The show director was surprised for a moment...

His heart immediately filled with gratitude...

At that moment, he almost bowed down to Tangning for being so understanding...

"OK Tangning...thank you, thank you so much."

No one expected Tangning would actually be willing to give up her opening. After being humiliated like that, she still managed to sit there unaffected as she continued to apply her makeup.

In reality, while Tangning was talking, Long Jie had already stepped outside and reported everything to the Big Boss. After Mo Ting found out about what was happening backstage, he immediately whispered something into Lu Che's ear.

Qin Lu and her uncle proudly enjoyed everyone's admiration...

All the models were extremely happy that Qin Lu had snatched back the opening from Tangning. Needless to say, Yang Jing was so happy at this moment that the corners of her lips were almost in line with her nose.

It was at this time, a handsome figure suddenly appeared backstage...

Everyone turned their attention to Lu Che. A few people weren't familiar with him, but the so-called famous actor, definitely recognized him. He immediately stood up from his seat and approached Lu Che to greet him, "Assistant Lu, it's been a long time..."

Lu Che took one glance at the man and nodded his head in acknowledgment; he couldn't be bothered to even say a word to him. He was simply focused on looking around for Tangning. Eventually, he spotted Tangning's location and immediately walked over beside her as he bowed down respectfully, "Miss Tang, the president knows you are nearby so he wants to know if you are free for dinner later?"

Although the actor couldn't hear what Lu Che was saying to Tangning, he knew...for Lu Che to speak so politely to her, Tangning must not be someone of normal importance!

It was also possible...she was somehow involved with the CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting!

Tangning, of course, knew Lu Che was doing this on purpose. Mo Ting must have sent him to help her out of this sticky situation. So, she smiled at Lu Che and replied without hesitation, "Please thank the president on my behalf, it is my pleasure."

Lu Che did not say anything else as he smiled and left. At this time a trembling voice echoed through the backstage...

"That man just now...wasn't he the assistant of....Hai Rui's CEO?"

"Then Tangning..."

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