Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 442: Confrontation

Chapter 442: Confrontation

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As soon as Tangning's words left her mouth, the media were in an uproar.

Some people revealed a look of disdain, while others were stunned...

Everything now made sense; Bai Qiusheng had a motive. On the other hand, according to Tangning's EQ and IQ, it was inconsistent with her character to pay for someone to get attacked. This was something the reporters had questioned for a long time...

Tangning belonged to Hai Rui. If she wanted to teach someone a lesson, did she need to exhaust so much effort?

As he sensed that the media were slowly getting convinced, Bai Qiusheng suddenly pointed to Tangning and yelled, "I've never seen a woman that is more shameless than you. In order to hide your crime, you've thrown the blame on an innocent person."

"You claim that Gu Heng and I are a couple. But, who has seen us together and who has proof?"

"Gu Heng and I are just acquaintances. Don't make false claims. It's best for you to admit to your wrongdoings while it's still early."

"Acquaintances? Are you sure?" Tangning asked with a deeper meaning. Her confidence sent shivers down Bai Qiusheng's spine.

However, he had already gone this far; there was already no turning back...

"If you have evidence, then show it."

Tangning stared at him firmly for 3 seconds before she turned to face the media, "As long as one is persistent, there is evidence everywhere. However, I think it's best if we ask Gu Heng to explain everything herself..."

"Where's Gu Heng?

"Is Gu Heng here?"

Bai Qiusheng sneered. Tangning was usually smart, but even if Gu Heng made an appearance today, there would be no way that she'd stand on her side. Was there something wrong with Tangning's head for her to think otherwise?

Tangning also sneered at Bai Qiusheng. However, her sneer contained a sense of danger and provocation.

The media stretched their necks and looked towards the entrance of the hall. However, ten seconds passed, but there was no sign of Gu Heng. In the end, they asked Tangning impatiently, "Stop fooling with us. If you have evidence, then show it all at once."

"Exactly. Stop teasing."

"Hurry, tell Gu Heng to come out."

Looking at the anxious reporters, Tangning finally turned towards the entrance. A moment later, the doors of hall 5 flew open. Walking in was not only Gu Heng, but also Wei An, the assistant director and the producer.

Of course, Gu Heng never expected she'd fall into Wei An's trap. She thought he wanted to see her because he wanted to discuss role changes in the film. But, instead, he directly walked her into Bai Qiusheng's press conference.

The reporters once again erupted!

What kind of internal battle were the crew of 'The Lost Relative' getting themselves into?

This was more entertaining to watch than the film itself.

The male lead was accusing the female lead of paying to get him injured.

While the female lead was accusing the male lead and supporting actress of framing her.

What was the actual story? As the number of people in the hall increased, so did the confusion towards the truth.

"Gu Heng is here. Gu Heng, say a few words. Tangning said that you and Bai Qiusheng are lovers, but Bai Qiusheng immediately denied it. What do you have to say regarding this? Are you and Bai Qiusheng lovers?"

Gu Heng originally had her arm hooked around Wei An's, but at this moment, it suddenly dropped to her side. She had no way of avoiding the media's questions.


Gu Heng looked at Tangning and then at Bai Qiusheng. One was calm, while the other was dark and secretive.

But, she had previously declared that she would do anything to protect Bai Qiusheng. So...after careful thought, she lifted her head and replied firmly to the reporters, "Of course not. How could we possibly be lovers? Bai Qiusheng and I are just acquaintances."

"Tangning, I've never offended you. Don't go overboard!"

"Plus, everyone already knows that you paid someone to attack Bai Qiusheng. Why are you trying to deflect the public's attention elsewhere?"

"Bai Qiusheng and I are innocent. Why must you implicate me?"


Even their words were the same.

Everyone got the answer they were asking for, yet, Tangning continued to smile without the slightest bit of panic. This made Gu Heng feel slightly anxious.

"The parties involved have denied any relationship."

"So, what does Tangning have to say about this?"

Just as they were about to lose control of the crowd, Wei An suddenly waved at everyone and approached the microphone, "I would like to take this opportunity to express my thoughts."

"The replacement is definitely happening. My film does not welcome those with a wild ambition."

As soon as Wei An spoke, everyone was stunned. They couldn't believe that he had made a decision at a place like this. Was he planning to announce that he'd replace Tangning?

The reporters frantically snapped with their cameras as Bai Qiusheng looked at his manager with a deep and triumphant look. This was what they had been waiting for.

"Director Wei, since you've decided to replace Tangning, have you found a replacement?"

"Director Wei, by replacing Tangning, aren't you afraid that you'll bring trouble upon yourself?"

"Why would Director Wei be afraid? Isn't it everyone's responsibility to rid the society of rubbish?" Bai Qiusheng said as he looked at Tangning, obviously hinting that she was rubbish.

Wei An did not respond. He simply looked at the reporters below the stage and scoffed. They were much too immature.

While everyone thought Wei An was planning to replace Tangning, Wei An suddenly shrugged his shoulders and asked, "When did I say I was replacing Tangning?"

"You're not replacing Tangning?"

"Then who are you replacing?"

"Him of course - Bai Qiusheng!" Wei An placed his gaze on Bai Qiusheng and increased the firmness of his voice, "I'll let Tangning explain the rest to you. I will simply confirm that the car incident she spoke about, did indeed happen. This is something that the entire crew know about."

The reporters were stunned! After a few seconds, they finally realized they weren't hearing things - Wei An had indeed said that he was replacing Bai Qiusheng!

He was replacing Bai Qiusheng, not Tangning. Yes, Bai Qiusheng!

Bai Qiusheng's expression changed as he asked anxiously, "Director Wei, did Tangning say something to you? Or did Hai Rui bribe you?"

"I have already found an A-Grade actor. That's all I can say." After speaking, Wei An showed no regard for Bai Qiusheng as he patted Tangning on the shoulder and turned to leave.

Bai Qiusheng was the victim, but he was getting replaced!

What exactly happened?

"Director Wei, Qiusheng and I are the victims. If you do this, the public aren't going to agree with you," Gu Heng couldn't help but warn.

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