Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 441: What Else Do You Have Up Your Sleeves?

Chapter 441: What Else Do You Have Up Your Sleeves?

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"This time, the issue has gotten so big, Hai Rui can't possibly protect Tangning any more, right?"

"If they do, then there's really no justice in this world! Just because they have power and status, they think they can step all over others?"

"This time, she was involved in an indecent act, and she also paid to injure someone. I wonder what she has to say about this?"

"I must bow down to Tangning. No one can stop her from scheming wherever she goes."

"If we kick Tangning out of the industry this time, I'm sure no one will object."

"Yes, Tangning, get out!"



Various discussions filled the hall; the majority were promises from reporters that they'd help Bai Qiusheng get revenge as they directed their anger towards Tangning...

They wanted justice...

Bai Qiusheng looked at everyone's responses and tried to conceal the darkness in his eyes. While no one noticed, the corners of his lips curved upwards, ever so slightly.

The truth would never be revealed. All they would believe was that Tangning paid someone to injure him...

Faced with the continuously flashing cameras, Bai Qiusheng and his manager looked at each other. They understood what the other was thinking.

However, just as everyone was about to turn to their studios to type out a huge news story, the door to hall 5 suddenly flew open...

Everyone turned to find Tangning standing in the doorway wearing a long light blue dress.

"Oh God, Tangning's here."

"How dare she come here..."


The media immediately crowded around her and started throwing questions her way.

"Tangning, are you here to prove your innocence?"

"Tangning, say a few words..."


Tangning smiled confidently at the media. She then said, "You've already spent half the day listening to Bai Qiusheng. Is it time for you to listen to what I have to say?"

As soon as the media heard Tangning's words, they immediately understood her intention. So, they began to beam with excitement. They knew Tangning would twist everything around and give them an even more spectacular story to write about.

"Please, you may all sit. Although this was originally Bai Qiusheng's press conference, I was somehow dragged into the mix, so I feel it's reasonable for me to come say a few words. I can't simply stay quiet and do nothing, right?"

In order to gain an even more spectacular news story, the reporters slowly returned to their seats and prepared themselves to watch a good show.

Bai Qiusheng and his manager looked at each other again, reminding each other to act accordingly. After all, Tangning was never easy to deal with.

They watched as Tangning approached the stage with a smile. She started off by bowing gently before she lifted her head to face the media, "I actually have a few questions I would like to ask Mr. Bai Qiusheng."

"Tangning, what else do you have up your sleeves? Haven't you hurt me enough?" Bai Qiusheng complained.

"You said I paid someone to injure you based on two reasons: number one, the culprit had my phone number in his phone; number two, he had previously come in contact with me. So, I would like to reveal the truth behind this."

"Firstly, my phone number was leaked to the public not too long ago. I'm sure everyone here has my phone number in their phones. In fact, many of you have tried to call me with that number!"

As soon as everyone heard this, they looked at each other awkwardly; especially those that had harassed her more than once.

"Secondly, the man came in contact with me merely to ask for directions. He said he was a friend of yours, visiting you on set, so I showed him where to go. How is that paying someone to injure you?"

"Did you think someone would believe the story you've made up?" Bai Qiusheng lifted his chin and questioned Tangning.

However, Tangning did not hurry as she replied, "In that case, what proof do you guys have that Bai Qiusheng didn't create this entire incident himself? Is it simply based on the fact that he has an injury?"

After hearing Tangning's question, the media began laughing in ridicule, "Are you trying to say that Bai Qiusheng self-scripted and self-directed his own attack? Who would ask someone to do that to them?"

"Isn't Bai Qiusheng also talking nonsense without evidence?" Tangning calmly took control of the hall.

"Why would he frame you when he has no grudges against you? If you want to throw the blame onto someone else, you should find a better excuse."

"No grudges?" Tangning emphasized as she looked at the people below the stage. She then scoffed, "Who told you he has no grudge against me?"

"In that case, tell us what grudge he has," the media challenged.

Tangning waited a few seconds before lifting her head and explaining, "Firstly, I would like to draw your attention to a few recent incidences. Not too long ago, during one of my car scenes, my car was tampered with. Fortunately, I found out in time and prevented myself from becoming the person lying in bed right now. The entire production crew can bear witness to this."

"Afterwards, a man called Elder Hei suddenly appeared on set. As he disliked my acting style, I decided to take care of him while learning from his experience, hoping he'd agree to cooperate with me. However, someone decided to turn this into a story about me being treated indecently and even claimed that my marriage was on the rocks."

"Following on, my phone number was leaked to the public..."

"And then, I was suddenly accused of paying for an attack..."

"From the start, I have been the one that's received the most damage. So, how did Bai Qiusheng suddenly turn into the victim?" Tangning asked.

The media looked at each other. It seemed they really hadn't looked at the issue as a whole.

"You are all the leaders of the media. I'm sure you can figure out on your own that if I was to scheme against others, Hai Rui's backing would be enough to shelter me from anything. Why would I put myself in such a hopeless state?"

"I already have Mo Ting, why would I need to do something indecent to get what I want?"

"And when have I ever used such underhanded methods against anyone?"

"Are you claiming that Bai Qiusheng is defaming you? He has no reason to!" the reporters could not understand why Bai Qiusheng would take this risk when they'd had no bad history together.

"Tangning, don't you think your story is getting a bit too ridiculous?" Bai Qiusheng added to the reporters' doubts. He was confident that public opinion was already on his side, so he did not believe Tangning had the ability to change their minds.

"I'm sure you know whether I am making up a story or not," Tangning looked at him with ridicule as she smiled. Her eyes began to show signs of anger. "I was originally planning to give you a chance..."

"Quick, tell us what you know. Stop teasing," one of the reporters cried.

"The reason why Bai Qiusheng would defame me is quite simple."

"Because, he and Gu Heng...are a couple."

"What does it mean when the male lead and supporting actress are a couple? It means, if I was to withdraw from the cast, the supporting actress would become the female lead!"

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