Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 440: Ning Jie is the Smartest

Chapter 440: Ning Jie is the Smartest

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It's not that Gu Heng wasn't being cautious, but over the past few days, Bai Qiusheng had made her extremely tense. So, she could no longer tell when Bai Qiusheng was telling the truth or lying. He simply told her, "Everything will be settled in a few days. When that time comes, you will be the female lead."

By this point, Gu Heng had long given up on the idea of being female lead. All she was worried about now, was whether Bai Qiusheng would be exposed.

However, Bai Qiusheng didn't share any information with her. He simply told her to wait and to make sure not to reveal their relationship. But, this cluelessness was the reason that she took Bei Chendong's bait as soon as he threw it out - because she had no idea what Bai Qiusheng had planned.

In the middle of the night, Gu Heng left her home without her assistant. All alone, she drove to her usual meeting place with Bai Qiusheng; an underground cafe.

However, after she arrived, she realized Bai Qiusheng was not there. She then received a phone call from Bei Chendong, "I was discovered by my manager, so I won't be able to come out tonight. Go home first and we'll meet another time."

Gu Heng did not question the voice that she heard. So she quickly returned home without realizing that she was being tailed.

She was in too much of a panic to notice...

Those that were sent out by Mo Ting, had always been trustworthy. So it didn't take long before he received information from the cafe about a nearby hotel that Gu Heng and Bai Qiusheng often frequented. He even got hold of a record of their stays and photos from locals of the two entering and exiting the hotel.

The hotel was in a hidden location and had strong confidentiality procedures. However, the staff couldn't resist bribes. After all, there was no way for their boss to find out who leaked the information.

While all this was going on, Lu Che also sent over an update. Although the culprit had escaped once again, he had already secured important evidence and believed he'd capture the man in the next two days.

With evidence in their hands, Tangning finally let out a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Han Xiner looked admiringly at Tangning and praised, "I knew it, Ning Jie is the smartest..."

"Why don't you ever say that my acting is good?" Bei Chendong scoffed unhappily as he looked at Han Xiner.

"Now, we can only hope that Lu Che puts in enough effort...He can't let anything go wrong at this point!" Han Xiner placed her palms together and prayed sincerely to the skies.

Bei Chendong was helpless against her. So, he stood up and forcefully dragged her out, "Since my job is done here, I'll be making my leave. I have a lot of plants at home that need taking care of; I can't be gone for too long."

This was Han Xiner's new method of curing Bei Chendong's laziness. His home now had 5 cats, 5 dogs, 5 parrots, 5 turtles and a garden full of plants.

Surprisingly, her method worked on him. Apart from filming, he now spent most of his time at home, improving his character.

"Don't worry, nothing bad will happen," Bei Chendong comforted. After all, Wei An was also preparing something.

Elder Mo was still waiting to serve Bai Qiusheng a lethal attack.

Actually, when they looked at the problem as a whole, it wasn't a high level of difficulty. Even though Bai Qiusheng had control over public opinion, they still had more evidence in their hands.

Perhaps due to fear that the longer they dragged out the issue, the more likely Tangning would find evidence, Bai Qiusheng decided to hold a press conference three days after he woke up.

Because the incident this time was extremely disgusting and involved both Tangning and Hai Rui's reputation, the media crowded into the press conference organized by Bai Qiusheng's agency. It was to be held in hall 5 of a random 5-star hotel...

Bai Qiusheng did not need to prepare much. He simply had to ride a wheelchair onto the stage and the scene was enough to spark headline ideas for the media.

Bai Qiusheng's manager held onto a microphone and started off by thanking the media. He then said in a serious tone, "Regarding Qiusheng's attack this time, all I can say is that we were extremely heartbroken when we found out the truth."

"Of course, I can't jump to conclusions since the police are still investigating the matter. So I can only ask Qiusheng to describe the incident in detail," the manager handed his microphone to the wheelchair-bound Bai Qiusheng.

Bai Qiusheng was dressed in a hospital gown and the bandage on his head still had traces of blood. His head was initially down, but after receiving the microphone, he looked up and faced the countless cameras and flashes.

" quite baffled by this incident."

"In fact, I don't know what I've done wrong to be attacked in this way."

"On the night of the incident, my manager escorted me home to get some rest. But, to our surprise, there were a bunch of people waiting in front of my house with axes, iron poles and other weapons. I started my career as a stunt double, so my skills aren't bad. But, one of the men decided to target my manager, so I had no choice but to block a hit for him. As a result, I lost consciousness. Fortunately, my manager got hold of the man's phone during the struggle."

"The police have not come to a conclusion yet, so I don't know what the truth is..."

"But, I can confirm that Tangning's phone number was found on the culprit's phone..."

"Plus, police investigations have found that the man that hit me has previously come in contact with Tangning."

"I really don't want to tie such a horrible incident to a woman, but..."

"...if I pity her, who would pity me?"

Bai Qiusheng paused for a moment, pretending to hold back tears.

His manager quickly tried to control his emotions as he added, "I hope the conclusion that the police come to in the end won't have anything to do with Tangning. Or else, I will use the law to battle with Hai Rui until the end."

"As the Big Boss of entertainment, Hai Rui have a status that can't be easily shaken. If the incident this time was really caused by Tangning, I hope President Mo can let her step out and give a formal apology."

"As an outsider, I don't want to get involved with your marital affairs. I am simply expressing my standpoint and have no intention to offend. If Tangning feels angered by what I have said, I would like to apologize in advance. I am still waiting for the results from the police..."

Bai Qiusheng firstly expressed his innocence, then he explained the situation. Lastly, he placed Hai Rui's reputation on the line.

He also claimed that Tangning's motive was because he had said a few things that he shouldn't have. This included claims that Tangning had a bad temper while Mo Ting spoiled and protected her.

The media had heard stories long ago, but now, they received confirmation.

Bai Qiusheng successfully lured the public's opinion onto his side by playing the image of a victim perfectly.

Otherwise, why would he have entered on a wheelchair and why did his bandages have blood?

He obviously wanted to get pity from them!

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