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Chapter 438: There Will be a Good Show Tomorrow

Chapter 438: There Will be a Good Show Tomorrow

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Everyone waited patiently for Bai Qiusheng to pull his last move. However, he did not show any signs of action for two days. Although he still expressed his dissatisfaction towards the cast, he was not persistent with it.

With the help of Hai Rui's PR, filming eventually continued as usual.

Although Tangning had experienced a slight distraction, after changing her phone number, her life also returned to normal.

All this was thanks to the power that Mo Ting had. As a result, Bai Qiusheng realized, if he didn't make a move soon, the entire incident would eventually be swept under the rug by Hai Rui.

So, that night, while Tangning was waiting to film her scene, a visitor appeared on set claiming to be Bai Qiusheng's friend. The friend asked Tangning for the whereabouts of Bai Qiusheng, so she casually pointed to where he was filming a fight scene. The friend thankfully nodded his head and disappeared from sight.

Tangning had a feeling something wasn't right, but she couldn't figure out what it was. So, when Song Yanshu returned to her side, she whispered some instructions into her ear and Song Yanshu swiftly left.

Although Tangning couldn't pinpoint the problem, her instincts were strong. Why would someone visit at this time?

Of course, she couldn't directly pull the man over and interrogate him. So, she had to be careful in her investigation, in case she was overreacting.

However, this simple exchange with a stranger was enough to trigger the trap that Bai Qiusheng had laid out...

1am, a huge news once again stirred up the entire entertainment industry. The actor, Bai Qiusheng, had been attacked and was in a coma at the hospital!

As soon as the crew of 'The Lost Relative' received news of the incident, Wei An immediately rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Bai Qiusheng's management agency tried their best to contain the news.

"What happened?" By the time that Wei An arrived at the hospital, all he saw was Bai Qiusheng's manager sitting on a chair covered in blood. He appeared to have undergone quite a battle.

"Director Wei, after returning from the set, someone was unexpectedly waiting to ambush Qiusheng at home. Originally, Qiusheng's skills were enough to fend the culprit off. But, because he was trying to protect me, he ended up being stabbed. He was just sent into the emergency room. This is a phone that the culprit dropped. Inside, I found Tangning's phone number."

The manager handed the bloody phone to Wei An.

Wei An furrowed his brows. He suddenly realized what was going on. The 'help' that Bai Qiusheng said he was going to provide, turned out to be a self-scripted, self-directed act.

Since he had no hesitation in arranging his own injury, it was clear to see how calculative he was. A simple car accident was definitely not enough to scare him away.

"I will investigate this matter thoroughly," Wei An said to Bai Qiusheng's manager. "But before I find out the truth, don't tell the media anything. After all, this matter does not benefit Qiusheng."

"I understand. However, I feel bad for Qiusheng. We only spoke the truth, yet we were attacked. Can the Mo Family do whatever they want? Is there no longer any justice?"

Wei An held back his disgust towards Bai Qiusheng and patted the manager on his shoulder, "Don't worry, I will get justice for him."

"I hope so. Otherwise, our agency definitely won't let Hai Rui get away with it!"

After comforting Bai Qiusheng's manager, Wei An instructed the assistant director and a couple of staff to stay at the hospital. His intention was for them to keep an eye on Bai Qiusheng's every move. Afterwards, he contacted Mo Ting and warned him about Bai Qiusheng's intention to slander Tangning. He also explained Bai Qiusheng's entire plan to both the grandfather and grandson.

"I must take my hat off to him if he really dared to injure himself for an act," Elder Mo scoffed as he waved his fan. "I can't believe this Bai Qiusheng would result to doing anything."

"Since he wants to put up allegations against Tangning, he can't simply depend on a phone number. This isn't substantial evidence. He must have something else..."

"Last night, Tangning gave directions to a strange man. The man claimed to be visiting the set as a friend of Bai Qiusheng's. Tangning instructed her assistant to follow the man and to take some photos of him. So, I instructed Lu Che to investigate further into it. If the incident today involved this man and we manage to find him, we will have Bai Qiusheng in the palm of our hands," Mo Ting explained to Elder Mo and Wei An.

"Tangning has always been wary of her surroundings. I'm not surprised that she realized something was wrong," Wei An nodded approvingly. "So, our main focus is now on this mysterious man."

"Bai Qiusheng is talented, but he schemes against others too much. Now that I look at the entire situation as a whole, I can feel my hairs standing on end. It's lucky that Tangning takes one step at a time carefully. Otherwise, she may have already been killed by this man without knowing it. It's all my fault for not getting to know him properly," Wei An sighed as he looked guiltily at the two men in front of him. "Is Tangning OK after all that's​ happened?"

"She's asleep. She's long gotten used to stuff like this," Mo Ting chuckled; if he had not coaxed her to sleep, he may still be in the room right now.

"That's good. I was worried she had been affected. But from the looks of it, she already mentally prepared herself last night. I must bow down to her calmness," Wei An praised.

These days, there really weren't many actresses, or even women, that were like Tangning. On the surface she appeared weak and fragile, but in the end, she always stunned people with the way she handled matters.

She was serious and hardworking without any intention to harm others. This was definitely the reason why Mo Ting adored her so much.

"Regardless of what's happening, the results will be revealed tomorrow." He had complete faith in Lu Che's investigation skills.

"I don't think Bai Qiusheng will sit back and do nothing. Just wait for it, I'm sure there will be a good show tomorrow."

Elder Mo sat to one side and listened to the conversation between the two men. In reality, hearing about all this suspicion and deception hurt his ears. This was what he hated most about the entertainment industry. It was also the reason why he had handed everything to Mo Ting as soon as he could.

For those that spent all day thinking about harming others and not focusing on their acting, he wondered how were they to progress and receive awards?

This was why he liked Tangning's calm presence.

She was not easy to deal with, but she never initiated any attacks. It was obvious she had a bottom line.

If Tangning did one more thing that he liked, she would be perfect...

It didn't take long before the night passed and dawn hit. However, the news of Bai Qiusheng's injury had not completely disappeared.

Without a doubt, Bai Qiusheng had spread word of his injury as much as he could. He wanted everyone to see his injury and claimed that Tangning was to blame!

Although Bai Qiusheng's agency did not specifically state that Tangning was involved with Bai Qiusheng's injury, they revealed to the public that Tangning's phone number appeared on the culprit's phone. In other words, they were telling everyone that Tangning was behind the entire incident.

"We will report this matter to the police and let them look into it. I'm sure we will see a result very soon. We would like to thank the public for their concern. As soon as Qiusheng wakes up, we will tell you about his condition. I hope everyone can be at ease."

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