Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 437: We Will Never be Defeated

Chapter 437: We Will Never be Defeated

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At the same time that Tangning was rumored to be treated indecently and having a rocky marriage with Mo Ting, her phone number was also leaked to the public.

An immoral media company got hold of her number and immediately made a phone call, "Are you Tangning? Are you? This can't be."

At first, Tangning could still handle the random phone calls. But after the media called her one after another and confirmed it was her, Tangning's phone did not stop ringing for the rest of the day.

"Ning Jie, that 'Bai Something' seems to be taking things too far," Song Yanshu decided to stop referring to Bai Qiusheng with his full name. She was originally indifferent towards him, but now, she was extremely angered.

Tangning looked at her phone with a dark expression. A little while later, Mo Ting arrived at the hotel. As he stepped into Tangning's room, a reporter called.

As soon as Mo Ting saw this, he picked it up.

"This must be Tangning. Is it true that you've been treated indecently?"

"What company are you from?" Mo Ting asked without a second thought.

"I am from Huaming Media and Communications Company," the reporter answered, obviously not realizing who was on the phone. He simply thought it was a nearby staff who wanted to reveal some information. But, to his surprise, Mo Ting replied without flinching, "Wait for your company to be closed down." After speaking, he hung up the phone and gestured for Song Yanshu to leave the room.

"I'm fine," Tangning reassured as she looked at Mo Ting and held onto his hand. "I know you guys have your plans, so I'm just patiently waiting."

"I got Lu Che to change your phone number..."

Mo Ting understood that Tangning was a sentimental person, so he added, "Hold onto your old number. Once the media have stopped bothering you, you can use it again."

Tangning knew that Mo Ting understood her, so she simply smiled submissively without a word.

"Also, if you want to do something, then just do it. Don't worry about anyone else. Wei An's plans will not affect you," Mo Ting encouraged. He simply wanted Tangning to be happy. If he could get revenge her, he was willing to break all rules and overlook all schemes.

"OK," Tangning nodded, acknowledging Mo Ting's support.

Mo Ting's heart ached as he pulled Tangning into his embrace and gently ran his fingers through her hair, "I will definitely boost you up to the pinnacle of the entertainment industry. That way, everyone will be left so far behind that they won't dare to do anything to you."

Tangning understood Mo Ting's intentions, so she hugged him tighter...

"I just need to know that we will never be defeated and I'm satisfied."

"That's a given!"


After visiting Tangning, Mo Ting walked out of the hotel and instructed Lu Che, "Huaming Media and Communications Company. I want to see news of them being shut down tomorrow."

"Also, have you found out where the old man is living?"

"I'll take you to see him," Lu Che immediately led the way.

Mo Ting followed behind Lu Che with a dark expression and entered into the garden of Elder Mo's villa. At this moment, Elder Mo was standing leisurely under a cage and playing with the bird inside. As soon as he saw Mo Ting, he frantically ran to hide.

"There's no point hiding," Mo Ting's voice was cold, "From the moment you stepped foot out of the airport, I already knew you had returned. Come out!"

Elder Mo furrowed his brows and had no choice but to step out from hiding to face his grandson.

The old indeed had to make way for the new. This rascal had actually known he was here from the day he arrived. From the looks of it, his every move had been monitored by this precious grandson.

"Since you pretended not to know for so long, why didn't you continue pretending?" the old man asked as he waved his fan. Seeing that Mo Ting did not respond, he assumed he knew the answer, "Worried about your wife?"

"How much longer do you want to analyze her?" Mo Ting was indeed getting a little impatient. He had already given the old man so much time, was he still not happy with her?

"Why are you in such a rush?" Elder Mo sat down calmly at a stone table, "When the time is right, I will eventually reveal myself to her."

The grandfather and grandson's eyes met. Mo Ting of course knew the 'right time' that his grandfather was referring to. Since Bai Qiusheng had blown matters out of proportion and wanted to delay the work of the crew, there was no reason for him to play nice.

Mo Ting scoffed. Just as he was about to turn and leave, the old man looked up and said, "The young lady hasn't passed my last test yet, but she's been doing pretty well so far."

Mo Ting turned around and gave the old man a glare of warning; if the old man was to go too far with his tricks, he would have no choice but to step out and help his wife.


After Tangning's phone number was leaked, the public had another reason to focus on her. So, when Wei An returned on set, Bai Qiusheng began to make slight hints to him.

"Director Wei, is it worth continuing filming like this?"

Wei An looked at Bai Qiusheng with a slightly amused look, "It's my fault that I didn't discipline my staff properly. That's why both rumors and Tangning's phone number were leaked at the same time."

"Director Wei, we both know what's going on here. Stop playing Tai Chi with me," Bai Qiusheng wanted to get his plan going, so he tried to drag Wei An into it.

This time, Wei An gave him a piercing glare, but still managed to smile, "Give it two days. Something will happen in two days. A big piece of news will be announced."

"I will definitely help you," Bai Qiusheng smirked. Assuming that Wei An also had the intention to replace Tangning, he decided to stir up the crew one last time.

Wei An understood his expression. So, as soon as Bai Qiusheng left, Wei An immediately contacted Elder Mo, "It seems like Bai Qiusheng still has something big up his sleeves."

"That will be the best time to destroy him once and for all..." Elder Mo said suggestively.

Bai Qiusheng was, after all, in Wei An's crew. It wouldn't​ be hard for him to keep track of his whereabouts.

Wei An nodded his head. His mind was completely clear of his path ahead.

Once Bai Qiusheng made a move, they would be able to collect their trap. Wei An had already signed a contract with the international actor he met and he was scheduled to arrive in 3 days. The timing was perfect!

"I really don't want to reveal my identity...I haven't played enough yet."

"Then don't reveal it. I can handle that b*stard on my own," Wei An laughed.

"I have no choice. The rascal came by not too long and gave me a warning...If I continue to play tricks, you might find me shot dead on the beach. It's best I pick the easy path," Elder Mo scoffed. Regardless of everything else, Mo Ting was in control of Hai Rui. So, he had to show the almighty President Mo some face.

"Is Elder Mo afraid of President Mo?"

"A king today, becomes a subject tomorrow. The world now belongs to him. I simply want to eat, drink and play. It's best I don't play with fire, or else I could land in serious trouble. The consequences would not be worth it," the old man weighed his options.

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