Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 114: See You on The Runway

Chapter 114: See You on The Runway

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Royalty's show was scheduled for 8pm, but Tangning arrived at the backstage at 5pm. Although the show was not an international one, Royalty was almost on the same level as some of the top companies in China. Originally, Tangning did not expect Lan Xi to give her such a great present. But after careful thought, she understood, Lan Xi was after all a business person; everything she did was from a profit viewpoint.

Tonight there were to be 15 models attending the show. Tangning was the oldest amongst them...

26-years-old; amongst the average person, that was still the prime of one's youth, but in the modeling industry, it was different. In a few years, she wouldn't have the chance to attend even an event like this.

Royalty was held in high esteem, so the models invited for the show all had a great backing. According to Tangning's current status, although she wasn't low, amongst the 15 models, she did not stand out at all.

So, the fact that she was to open the show, made the show director extremely suspicious.

It seemed, every time Tangning worked with someone, she would be met with distrust. Especially since, amongst the models tonight, there were models that had won awards.

"Tangning, if you have stage fright or feel unwell, let me know immediately. I will arrange for someone to replace you straight away," the show director said to Tangning as she applied her makeup. If it wasn't because he had a good relationship with Lan Xi, he wouldn't even consider Tangning. Although she was quite popular recently...there were plenty of models that were better than her.

"Eh...Show director, Tangning's already been in the industry for 8-9 years, she definitely will not have stage fright, you can be rest assured," Long Jie reminded the man as she smiled.

"I'm afraid you're not confident!"

Hearing his words, Tangning lifted her head. This action was undoubtedly full of confidence.

The show director stopped talking and waited to see Tangning's performance. This cold woman is already at this age, how can Lan Xi be interested in her?

The other models looked at Tangning like they were waiting to watch a joke unfold. Some even whispered amongst themselves, "It wasn't easy for us to go through auditions to get here. Who would have thought, someone with a strong backing would be different; directly landing the show's opening. I heard even the A-Grade model, Qin Lu got here via auditions. Who does Tangning think she is?"

"If you think it's unfair then use your background to fight with hers..."

"She's already so old; she should be at home raising kids, why is she here doing shows? Isn't she afraid of straining her back?"

Hearing the discussions get louder and louder, Long Jie turned around and glared at them. However, she was merely an assistant.

Tangning tugged at her arm, reminding her to control her emotions, "Don't stoop yourself to their level or else you'll be just like them."

"After all, what they are saying is true. Even if you refute against them, it's just words...they won't admit defeat."

Long Jie scoffed and didn't say anything. At this time, Yang Jing entered the backstage with a group of young girls. Upon seeing Tangning, she was quite surprised; unaware that this was all part of Lan Xi's plan.

Yang Jing and Tang Ning's eyes met. Complex emotions were exchanged between the two, but Yang Jing remained silent. She simply led the girls over to the show director and introduced him to them. As the show director had a decent relationship with Lan Xi, as soon as he heard Yang Jing had brought some girls to watch and learn, he allowed them to wander freely as long as they didn't distract the models from getting changed.

"Tangning, get need to get in position."

Tangning stood up from the makeup table and brushed past Yang Jing. At this time, Yang Jing turned to Tangning and spoke, "Miss Tang, I'm sorry for rejecting your portfolio. You must know the pressures of this industry, after all, you are 26-years-old."

Tangning slightly smiled; not revealing any emotions, "It's OK, I know you have your difficulties."

"Aren't you tired of carrying on like this? Tangning...honestly, you are quite fake. Don't tell me you aren't angry at all," Yang Jing folded her arms, her words were straightforward and humiliating.

"That's because even if I was to get angry it wouldn't change the fact that you are a sinister person. So why should I stress myself?" After speaking Tangning was prepared to leave, but Yang Jing grabbed onto her arm.

"You better not find other ways of joining Cheng Tian, it's impossible."

"Does President Lan know that you are calling the shots at Cheng Tian now?" Tangning smiled as she freed herself from Yang Jing's grip.

Yang Jing was stunned. A cold feeling suddenly swept through her body. Tangning's words had precisely picked out her worries. Right now, she was indeed treading lightly as she tested out Lan Xi's bottom line.

Amongst the models that had followed Yang Jing into the backstage, one of them was actually extremely impressed by Tangning's stage presence. Upon seeing her idol, she couldn't help but be excited. But just as she reached out her hand to greet Tangning, Yang Jing sneered, "You're a model from Cheng Tian, how could you shake hands with Tangning who is nothing? Don't devalue yourself!"

Yang Jing's voice was deliberately loud; everyone around heard her.

Cheng Tian Entertainment's manager Miss Y insulted Tangning at the backstage of Royalty's show.

The young girl pulled her hand back helplessly as Tangning patted her on the shoulder to let her know it was OK.

Everyone just wanted to sit back and watch the show; they enjoyed seeing this person that had landed out of nowhere, being torn apart...

However, after Tangning got changed and returned to being a model, her presence and elegance was beyond that of anyone present. Upon seeing Tangning and thinking about her indifferent attitude earlier on, even the show director's eyes lit up.

Royalty's theme for the season was ink. So, Tangning was wearing an off-shoulder chiffon gown with an ink pattern. The random black and white pattern wrapped its way around Tangning's perfect physique and thanks to the 2 colors, Tangning looked extra slender and tall...

Tangning's ability to exhibit something was acknowledged by the public.

However, most people watched her from behind their TV screens or computer monitors. In real life, she was even more beautiful than expected...

She had the perfect body!

And her performance ability...was beyond perfect!

She had always been able to work with any clothing; supporting each other without stealing the limelight.

Looking at all the amazed expressions, Tangning calmly spoke, "I am already 26-years-old and not as energetic as you that case, I'll see you on the runway!"

Those that had gossiped about her earlier, immediately looked at the clothes on their own body. It was obvious their clothes were from the same range, but how come Tangning managed to give off the aura of a big shot, whereas they looked like something from a streetside vendor?

As for Tangning's words, they were full of meaning.

Below the surface, she was trying to say, 'You are indeed young, but how come your clothes make you appear like you are 36-years-old...'

Their level of influence was extremely low!

Below the stage, Mo Ting was already waiting patiently. After hearing Long Jie complain about what happened backstage, he scrunched up his eyebrows.

This Yang Jing...really needs to be dealt with.

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