Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 433: Could he Possibly Make Use of Him?

Chapter 433: Could he Possibly Make Use of Him?

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"In what way have I displeased you? Don't tell me that taking a simple day off was enough for you to completely deny my abilities."

"Do you really think that your acting is better then Gu Heng's? In my eyes, you are still far from her!" the old man scoffed. "Don't be upset. Gu Heng's acting is consistent, whereas, you overact in a lot of your scenes. Yes, you can use your talent to imagine you are the character you are playing, but you must remember you are a normal person. You can't continue to be another person forever."

"A normal person has a limit to how much energy they can focus on one thing. So, your quality of acting can't be better than Gu Heng's in every scene..."

"For a person to act as another person for a long period of time is impossible, unless they have multiple personality disorder."

Elder Mo evaluated Tangning's​ acting harshly. In fact, he did not state a single positive as he continuously insulted her.


"You appear like you are willing to give up anything, but deep down, you carry a sense of arrogance," the old man scolded. After speaking, he noticed Tangning's expression had not changed, so he calmed down, "It appears you are already aware of all this."

If she did not agree with him, she would have already erupted in anger like any other person.

It's not that Tangning didn't care, but what the old man said was indeed true. So, she could not refute...

Plus, in her eyes, this old man indeed had the right to scold her. After all, he was a lot more skilled than her.

"Not bad. At least you have the mental capacity to know not to argue back," the old man lightened up after glaring at Tangning for a while. "It's better to be scolded by me now than to be scolded by the audience later."

Tangning remained silent as she listened to the old man nag.

As the crew watched the old man scold Tangning, they were seriously afraid that Tangning would storm off or do something even more frightening; after all, she had Mo Ting backing her. But, she instead stood still like a guilty student being lectured by a teacher. She did not look embarrassed at all because she indeed felt she was wrong.

Actually, Tangning was using the best method possible to deal with the old man.

Because everytime he scolded her a little, his anger would subside a little. In the end, he was left with nothing to complain about.

"If you want me to film with you, it's possible. But, you will have to be my assistant for one week and see how my mood goes. Of course, I know you have a powerful husband, so you can also complain to him that you are being bullied and get him to come speak to me."

Tangning looked at the old man and then looked at Wei An before she nodded her head, "OK."

"You sure agreed quickly. Don't start crying later on!" After speaking, the old man waved his fan and stood up.

Wei An immediately turned to Tangning and asked, "Should I postpone your shoots?"

"No need Director Wei. Just try to schedule all my shoots this week for the night. I can handle it. Don't delay the entire production's progress because of me," Tangning replied sincerely.

"OK. If the old man bullies you too much, let me know," Wei An instructed.

"OK," Tangning nodded her head.

A little while later, Song Yanshu rushed to Tangning's side and apologized, "Ning Jie, sorry I was a bit late. Should we tell President Mo about what happened?"

"You shouldn't be sorry. Don't tell Mo Ting about this. I can handle it." After speaking, she quickly followed after the old man. However, the old man did not stay at the hotel like the rest of the crew. He instead lived in a small house nearby. In his spare time, he would play with his cats and dogs or grow some plants in the garden.

"From today onwards, you will take care of my daily living needs. Right now, I am hungry..."

"What would you like to eat?"

"Guess. If you guess correctly, I'll eat it all...If not, you will need to keep cooking until you get it right," the old man smirked as he rested in his bamboo chair.

Tangning looked at the old man and submissively nodded her head, "Please wait a moment..."

Elder Mo watched as Tangning disappeared into the kitchen and scoffed under his breath, "Yesterday, you were playing with my grandson. Today, I will teach you a lesson." When it came to eating, Elder Mo was the pickiest in the family. Even when it came to expensive delicacies, they had to check if the old man liked it first. If Tangning could understand his tastes, her thoughtfulness would probably calm him down for a few days.

Tangning came to act, but she was now forced to wash clothes and cook for this old man. However, she did not feel upset at fact, she found it quite enjoyable.

After half an hour, 3 delicate dishes were placed on the dining table. As soon as the old man saw that they were bland vegetables and tofu, he was displeased, "Do you think I'm a goat?"

"Give it a try first," Tangning said as she handed him a bowl and chopsticks.

The old man received the chopsticks and unwillingly picked up some of the vegetables. As he placed it in his mouth, the fragrant flavours immediately made his senses feel like they had been awoken.

Mo Ting, the little rascal, was sure lucky to find a wife that could cook so well. Tangning was unlike the other cheap women out there.

But, he couldn't go easy on Tangning. So, he put aside his chopsticks, "I don't want to eat such bland food..."

"Then I'll cook again," Tangning turned around without a second thought.

However, as soon as she turned around, the old man immediately emptied half the plates in front of him. He then held a cat in his lap and pretended that he had fed the food to the cat.

After torturing Tangning for half the morning, the old man finally took a break and headed on set to watch Bai Qiusheng and Gu Heng film their scenes. During the entire time on set, the old man continuously told the people around him how he would have handled the scene if he was still young. Everyone was fascinated by his analysis, including Tangning.

However, seeing her go from female lead to someone's assistant, the people on set felt slightly unfair for her. Who was this old man and what was his deal? Why did the king of entertainment's wife have to show him respect? It appeared, he wasn't simply an old man with good acting.

But, no one had heard of this old man before.

Elder Hei; even when they searched back 30 years of records, they couldn't find any information on him. What right did he have to torture Tangning like this?

Seeing the scene in front of him, the idea of replacing Tangning with Gu Heng once again arose in Qiusheng's mind...

Since Elder Hei disliked Tangning so much, could he possibly make use of him?

So, he ended up contacting Wei An in private, "Director Wei, if Tangning goes to be an assistant, what will happen to her scenes?"

"She will film them at night..."

"But...that will delay my sleep. I could tolerate 1 or 2 days, but if it's for a long period of time, I refuse to accept it," Bai Qiusheng complained.

"What are you trying to say?" Wei An's eyes squinted questioningly. Was Bai Qiusheng still thinking of doing something to Tangning?

"I'm just hoping that you make a reasonable decision..."

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