Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 432: Don't Leave Any Marks

Chapter 432: Don't Leave Any Marks

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Behind the church sat a seaside villa.

From the moment that the couple entered the living room of the villa, they were stuck together​, breathing the air from each other's lungs. It was not until they both could no longer breathe that Tangning finally parted from Mo Ting's lips.

Standing in the middle of the living room, Mo Ting scanned all sides and chuckled beside Tangning's ear, "Did you also prepare for our wedding night?"

"Level two..." Tangning replied softly.

After hearing this response, Mo Ting lifted Tangning in his arms. A desirous look filled his eyes. After opening the second level bedroom, he directly pressed Tangning against the wall, lifted her arms and violently pressed his lips against her body...

Tangning started to feel pain from his kisses, so she gently pushed him away, "Don't leave any marks...I still need to film."

"I can't care about so much," Mo Ting directly tore off Tangning's wedding dress and pushed her onto the bed...

Tangning could sense Mo Ting's loss of self control as her smile increased. But, it didn't take long before he completely had his way with her.

Inside the spacious bedroom, the seabreeze wafted into every corner. Meanwhile, the reflection of two intertwined bodies could be seen from the bedroom mirror...

What a man wanted had always been this simple; one's heart and body was enough satisfy even the most vicious wolf!

After a few rounds of intimacy, Tangning lay weakly within Mo Ting's embrace. But, Mo Ting had not had enough...

"Ting, no more," within her drowsy state, she felt her entire body was out of energy. Mo Ting gave a gentle chuckle as he helped her tidy up. It was rare to hear 'no more' from her lips.

Tangning's wedding dress had been torn into shreds as if she was originally a neatly wrapped present. Looking at her snow white skin, Mo Ting thought to himself, if he could always tear open a present like this, he'd wish it was his birthday everyday.

It was weird...

Their everyday life was already similar to this, but he still felt that his 33rd birthday was the best birthday he had ever had.

Tangning remained asleep all the way until late in the afternoon. After waking up, she did not rush to put her clothes on. Instead, she stood by the floor-to-ceiling window wrapped inside a blanket with Mo Ting as they watched the sun set.

"How many kids do you want in the future?"

"Two," Mo Ting replied seriously. "The best would be for one to resemble you and one to resemble me. Our daughter should be smart, just like you, and be her father's little lover."

"OK, we should have two then..." Tangning smiled as she wrapped Mo Ting's arms tighter around her body. But, this was not enough for her. So, she turned around, buried her head into his chest and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. Mo Ting took this opportunity to tighten the blanket around them.

"Should I drive you back to the hotel?"

"No. I want to accompany you for a little longer..." Tangning shook her head shamelessly. "Also Ting, let's take a photo and post it online. I want to share a bit of sweetness with our fans."

"I feel that our love can give a lot of people courage to believe in love."

"OK," Mo Ting replied as he grabbed his phone from the headboard and took a photo of them leaning against each other. He then posted it onto his social media page. Of course, as soon as they saw it, the couple fans went crazy.

"Oh God! President Mo is handing out sweets! Where did they take this photo? There's a sunset behind them. It's so beautiful."

"I knew Tangning would be by President Mo's side on his birthday. So sweet!"

"Awww, they are so fortunate."

"Am I the only one that noticed they are wrapped in a blanket? It seems...they are naked!"

"Haha, you even noticed that? You are amazing!"

After seeing the post, Huo Jingjing also joined in the discussions, "Don't bully me for being overseas and not having my husband by my side. I hate you guys for being so affectionate. Happy birthday President Mo."

"I want the whole world to be envious of me," Tangning giggled as she put away her phone and continued to watch the sunset with Mo Ting until the stars began to show. The couple remained by the window until midnight. Only then did Mo Ting tidy everything up and drive Tangning back to the hotel. However, after arriving at the hotel, Tangning did not want Mo Ting to walk her to her room, "If you come in, I won't let you go."

"In that case, I won't go..." Mo Ting grabbed onto Tangning's hand, dragged her into her room and slammed the door shut behind them.

"The walls are thin here..."

After all, the film crew had not booked a fancy 5-star hotel.

"It's fine...You won't be able to make a sound after what I do to you."

Tangning felt, from the time they got married, although they had their intimate moments, they had never experienced the intensity of the last two days. They could continue from day through to night and it would not feel like enough.

Did this mean...her love for Mo Ting had once again increased?

Early the next morning, before the sun began to rise, Mo Ting got out of bed while Tangning was still asleep.

Mo Ting did not wake her up. He simply left her a note like she had left for him and returned to Beijing. He still had an important board meeting to attend that day.

After waking up, Tangning looked at the note and headed straight to the film set. There was a huge obstacle waiting for her today. The big shot on set was waiting for her explanation.

"Tangning, you're back," Wei An looked at Tangning helplessly as he walked to her side and whispered, "We are supposed to film your scene with Elder Hei today, but..."

The crew had started to call Elder Mo, Elder Hei, because he had told them that his surname was Hei.

"He still doesn't want to film with me, am I right?"

"It's not that I don't want to film with you. You are the one that did not fulfill your responsibility as an actress. Just because it's your husband's birthday, does that mean you can abandon the entire crew? You're acting too arrogant!" the old man scoffed as he sat to one side. "I hope I get to work with a real actor. If you can't do it, I can ask to get you replaced."

Tangning furrowed her eyebrows because the old man did not hold back at all as he scolded her in from of the entire crew.

"Sorry, I know it wasn't right of me to take a day off. But, in my heart, my husband holds the number one position. This will never change," Tangning explained to the old man. "I'm sorry for delaying everyone's progress."

In reality, according to Tangning's contract, it was fair for her to take a day off. Not only this, even if another actress was in her place and had worked so hard to complete so many important scenes, it was reasonable to take a day off for some rest.

The production crew couldn't understand why the old man kept making things difficult for Tangning.

Everyone was convinced by Tangning, so what was the old man displeased about?

"I don't care. Replace her, no excuses."

Wei An looked at Tangning uncomfortably, "He is one of the investors, so...he has strong decision-making powers. Tangning, you should try to coax him."

"But...he's not giving me a chance," Tangning responded.

Wei An glanced at Tangning and turned back to the old man, "Elder Hei, what do you want Tangning to do. Give us a condition and we can negotiate."

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