Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 430: Tangning Always Made Mo Ting Her First Priority

Chapter 430: Tangning Always Made Mo Ting Her First Priority

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"Qiusheng, from now on, don't challenge Tangning again. She's not as easy to go up against as we thought," Gu Heng persuaded as she sat at the foot of Bai Qiusheng's hospital bed. "I've already looked into it. From the time she announced her comeback as a model to becoming an actress, her every move has been flawless. She has received endless praise and did not merely rely on Mo Ting."

Bai Qiusheng remained silent. Perhaps it was because he had not withdrawn from the thrills of earlier.

Only now did he understand how it felt to be scared...

"Let's just focus on filming and leave her alone, OK?"

Bai Qiusheng hesitated for a moment, but ended up nodding his head.

After Bai Qiusheng agreed, Gu Heng finally let out a sigh of relief. She was seriously afraid of Tangning's meticulous nature. In fact, she had no idea how Tangning found out about their plan and if she knew anything else. Tangning was certainly terrifying.


The next morning. As soon as Bai Qiusheng and Gu Heng arrived on set, Wei An immediately approached them, "Is everything OK?"

"I'm fine. It was only a little bit of shock," Bai Qiusheng replied calmly.

Tangning also approached, but she did not say anything to expose or humiliate them. She simply pretended like nothing had happened.

So, as soon as filming ended that day, Gu Heng looked for Tangning and asked, "Why didn't you just destroy us? You obviously had the chance to get us replaced..."

Tangning looked at Gu Heng and smiled, "I expressed my intent from the start: I will not initiate an attack on anyone. Since the incident yesterday is already in the past, then in my heart it has passed. There's no need to bring it up again."

"The two of you may have had bad intentions, but I did not respond kindly either, so I have no right to send you away."

"Above all, Wei An selected the cast for this film. So, he definitely had his reasons. For the sake of the film, I won't do anything else."

"I'm sure you both know why I was so ruthless yesterday. But, there won't be a next time."

"Our job is to complete this film to the best of our abilities..."

"Plus, a couple's relationship should not be influenced by outside forces. It should simply depend on your heart."

"Don't try to provoke me again. For the sake of my own safety, I could do anything."

After speaking, Tangning left with Song Yanshu, leaving Gu Heng all alone trembling in fear. Only now did she finally realize the huge difference between herself and Tangning.

She had never imagined there was a woman like Tangning in the entertainment industry: a woman that drew a fine line between love and hate.

At this point, she could only approve of Tangning's methods, stance and pretty much everything about her...


When Tangning said she wasn't going to mention the past, it was like she completely wiped it from her memory. She would never refer to it, humiliate them about it, nor remind them of it.

This made Gu Heng's admiration for her increase once again. How many people stood on the moral high ground while bullying others? Yet, Tangning did not care about doing this.

The dangerous car scene ended up being filmed 2 days later. However, this time, Bai Qiusheng gave a serious demonstration and Tangning studied it seriously. Although a few mistakes were made, the dangerous scene was eventually completed successfully after everyone's hard work.

During filming, Tangning's head was hit quite a few times and she emptied her stomach quite a few times from nausea. But after 5 minutes of rest, her energy would be restored and she'd start again.

From that day onwards, Bai Qiusheng's attitude towards Tangning also changed.

Some people were born with more talent than others. So if they also put in more effort, it would be no surprise that they'd secure the best resources.

A little while later, Gu Heng decided to look at Tangning's audition video. In the end, she turned to Bai Qiusheng and told him she was happy to accept her role as a supporting character for Tangning.

"Ning Jie, it's almost President Mo's birthday. What do you plan on getting him? Do you want me to go buy it for you?" Song Yanshu asked during one of Tangning's breaks. She assumed Tangning was too occupied with filming to find time.

Tangning thought for a moment and shook her head, "I'll prepare it myself..."

"But, you don't have time..."

"What he wants, can't be bought," Tangning smiled as she looked at Song Yanshu. "The next scene is about to start. I'm going to go get ready."

Song Yanshu watched as Tangning walked off and nodded her head in agreement. Mo Ting already had everything, so nothing would make him feel pleasantly surprised...

However, 2 days before Mo Ting's birthday, Wei An notified Tangning that a VIP would be joining the cast. Although he was only making a guest appearance, everyone was requested to 'cooperate' with him.

At first, Tangning did not understand what Wei An meant by 'cooperating'. But she soon found out when the VIP appeared on set.

His character in the film was a sloppy ex-police officer. Because he had injured someone when he was young, he ended up being dismissed from the police force. But, he was known for being an expert investigator, so Tangning's​ character decided to ask him for help.

However, not only was he sloppy in the film, he was also sloppy in real life. It was almost like he didn't want to get out of character. As a result, no one on set knew his real identity. A few people tried to ask Wei An, but he simply laughed and told them they were in for a surprise.

The VIP had no problems talking and joking with almost everyone on set. The only exception was Tangning, who he looked at with suspicion and mistrust.

This made Tangning wonder if she had offended him in some way. But, from memory, she had not met this man before.

However, she couldn't deny that this man was a great actor. Although he was old, he was able to become whatever character he portrayed. On his first day on set, he was already able to impersonate everyone on set. His acting ability was definitely something that had been developed over a good few decades.

As the old man's first few scenes were with Bai Qiusheng, Tangning had not had a chance to come in contact with him. It was not until the day before Mo Ting's birthday that Wei An notified Tangning of her scene with him and warned her to be careful because the old man was very strict.

Afterwards, Tangning requested for a day off from Wei An, but word somehow traveled to the old man's ears. So, after being told that he'd have a scene with Tangning, he angrily stormed out, "I hate acting with people that take days off. I don't want to act with her. Replace her with someone else."

"Everyone is waiting on set. Why does she get treated differently?"

"She can't even be considered an actor, yet she's already acting arrogant."

The old man's words were very straightforward as he expressed his thoughts in front of everyone, making them feel extremely awkward.

But, Tangning did not get upset. She simply bowed to the old man and explained, "Sorry, I normally wouldn't take a day off even if the sky was falling, but today, I must leave."

"Would you believe that I can get you replaced?"

"Tangning, why don't you..."

"Director Wei, I definitely need to take a day off. I am willing to exchange it for anything," Tangning said sincerely.

Wei An nodded his head and waved his hand, "Go ahead."

"Thank you," Tangning nodded thankfully.

"Why is she taking a day off?" Wei An asked his staff curiously. Didn't she know this was an opportunity for her to perform?

"I heard from Assistant Song that it's President Mo's birthday."

"Oh, no wonder," Wei An immediately understood as he held back a smile and looked at Elder Mo. Tangning always made Mo Ting her first priority. Was the old man satisfied to see this?

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