Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 429: He Still Needed to Analyze Tangning

Chapter 429: He Still Needed to Analyze Tangning

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Gu Heng looked at Bai Qiusheng sitting in the car and felt all her strength had been sucked out of her body; all she had left, was fear.

"Qiusheng, let's get started," Wei An reminded, oblivious to what was happening. Bai Qiusheng did not resist as he started the car and started demonstrating his skills...

The entire production crew cheered. Meanwhile, only Tangning, Song Yanshu, Gu Heng and Bai Qiusheng knew that there was something wrong with the brakes...

It's not that Bai Qiusheng wasn't afraid. He simply didn't expect Tangning to be so ruthless. However, he could never admit to the production crew that he had tampered with the car, unless he was willing to give up his identity as an actor.

So, he decided to take a gamble...

"Director Wei, something doesn't seem right. It looks like Qiusheng can't stop the car. His been continuously driving around in circles for quite some time," a staff member noticed, so he immediately pointed it out to Wei An.

Wei An's expression changed as he ordered, "Hurry and investigate what's happening..."

Bai Qiusheng was sitting in the car. But, all he could do was drive around in circles. Although the speed of the car had already decreased, there was still a terrified look on his face.

"Qiu Sheng, jump! Jump out of the car..."

Bai Qiusheng felt his head spinning as he swerved the car into a safety barrier. The car was immediately shrouded by a blanket of smoke. As it faded, everyone ran anxiously towards him. Luckily, apart from a bit of shock, Bai Qiusheng did not receive any major injuries.

It turned out - this car was also low on fuel...

Gu Heng immediately ran to Bai Qiusheng's side without caring what others would think and tried to help him out, "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine," Bai Qiusheng replied after a short delay.

However, he did not notice that his back had subconsciously become soaked in sweat...

He had created this danger himself, but Tangning used it to ruthlessly teach him a lesson. Because only now did he realize that the car had been tampered with for the second time. Even though it had fuel, it was destined to stop on its own.

"What's wrong with the car?" Wei An hurried over and asked. "Is Bai Qiusheng hurt?"

Bai Qiusheng shook his head, "I'm fine. The brakes just suddenly stopped working..."

"Who's in charge? I want you to immediately do a thorough investigation!" Wei An yelled angrily at the crew. "Luckily Qiusheng is a good driver. If it was Tangning, what would have happened?"

Wei An's words hammered down onto Gu Heng and Bai Qiusheng's hearts. One of them witnessed the incident, while the other experienced it first-hand. No one would understand the fear of death better than them.

"Everything's fine, as long as he's fine," Gu Heng said guiltily.

"No, this won't do. He needs to get examined at the hospital. We should postpone today's shoot." Although Wei An was strict, he cared about his actors. In order not to effect their performance, he took extra notice of their physical and mental status.

"Thank you, Director Wei." After thanking the director, Bai Qiusheng left the set with the support of Gu Heng. As they passed by Tangning, Gu Heng whispered, "I give up against you, Tangning. After this incident, I hope our grudges can be forgotten."

Tangning remained calm as she slightly lifted her chin, "I've said it before: I won't attack those that don't attack me first."

Bai Qiusheng had a good look at Tangning before he left with Gu Heng. After they left, Wei An ran over to Tangning to offer comfort, "Did the incident frighten you?"

Tangning shook her head, "I'm fine."

"That's good. Tangning, you were very fortunate," Wei An said briefly before he turned and left...

His words seemed to contain a deeper meaning.

After he left, Tangning pulled out her phone and gave Mo Ting a phone call, "Everything went smoothly."

"Turn around..." Mo Ting's voice was gentle.

Tangning held onto her phone as she turned around and spotted Mo Ting's car parked on the side of the road. She immediately ran over. As soon as she boarded the car, Mo Ting wrapped her in his arms, "It's all over now. I'm here."

Tangning held tightly to Mo Ting's waist. Today's incident had been rough on her. If she had not discovered something was wrong early on, today she may have ended up on the news headlines...

"You don't think I was too ruthless?" Tangning questioned.

"If you hadn't requested to resolve it yourself, I would have been more ruthless than you..." Mo Ting's eyes darkened as it emanated with coldness.


En route back to the hotel, Wei An sat in his car with Elder Mo. The two men looked at each other like two cunning foxes.

"Your family's Tangning is not a simple woman," Wei An said to Elder Mo. "Initially, I simply had my suspicions. But seeing how Gu Heng ran anxiously to Bai Qiusheng's side, I finally discovered what was happening."

"Those two were obviously scheming against Tangning..."

"But she firmly forced Bai Qiusheng onto the tampered car. He was certainly taught a difficult lesson."

"I was wondering why she wanted to film this scene in advance. It turns out...I can't underestimate her."

"Her method barely passed," Elder Mo scoffed. Of course, since he was Mo Ting's grandfather, he naturally thought in the same way.

This world was fair and just, so some people deserved to be punished.

The lesson Tangning taught Bai Qiusheng wasn't bad, but if it was up to him, he would be like Mo Ting and do something even more ruthless.

However, Tangning still passed in his eyes. At least she wasn't like Gu Heng, who only knew how to panic and cry when something went wrong. Although Elder Mo didn't want to admit it, Tangning had won a lot of brownie points from him.

"She still has a long road ahead. Just wait and see old man. Your granddaughter-in-law is just like you. Simply looking at the way she dealt with Bai Qiusheng in such a slick manner has made me convinced by her," Wei An smiled. It was common to see underhanded schemes and unwritten rules pop up on set. But he never imagined Tangning would be able to neutralize the evilness.

She was indeed Mo Ting's wife. The couple both knew how to defeat ruthlessness with ruthlessness.

"We'll talk again once she gets past me," Elder Mo scoffed again. If she wanted to be Mo Ting's wife, there was more she needed to show.

Elder Mo did not expect his granddaughter-in-law to be highly educated nor have a strong family background. He simply wanted her to be on the same page as the rest of the Mo Family.

If the way she thought and her morals were not in line with theirs, he'd feel like he had given away his grandson for nothing.

So he still needed to analyze Tangning carefully.

"You should stop being so strict. After what happened today, I hope Bai Qiusheng will learn some self-control. I'm assuming he was pretty badly frightened; his face was pale when he stepped out of the car," Wei An was quite satisfied at the thought.

Tangning obviously didn't want to take away his life, so she made sufficient preparations. But, in the end, her method was certainly ruthless.

Was she always this ruthless? Or did she learn from Mo Ting?

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