Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 426: We Must Think of a Way to Deal With Him

Chapter 426: We Must Think of a Way to Deal With Him

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Gu Heng looked at Tangning confusedly. She could not understand why Tangning was willing to put herself at risk. Regardless, it seemed the chance she thought she lost, had now been recovered.

"OK, let's get ready..."

Gu Heng looked at Tangning who had her back turned to her. According to her strength, injuring Tangning would be much too easy. But...for some reason, she felt extremely anxious. In fact, her palms were beginning to cover in sweat.

But, when she thought about it, this was all because of Tangning's provocation. So, she did not feel she should be blamed for making a move.

However, just as Gu Heng was preparing to make a move on Tangning, Mo Ting suddenly appeared within their line of sight. He simply walked onto set with his king-like presence and looked at the two women. For some reason, Gu Heng's back suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

"President Mo, how come you're here?" Wei An stood up and asked, "Here to visit Tangning?"

"No," Mo Ting replied as he continued to look at the two women. "Perhaps I've been scarred by seeing the incident on the set of 'Hidden Expert', so whenever Tangning has a dangerous scene, I feel like I should come watch it. I hope Director Wei doesn't mind."

"This is a normal reaction, why would I mind?" Wei An smiled as he shook his head.

He was merely being exposed to Mo Ting's care for Tangning because they were a loving couple. Why would he have any opinions about it?

"Come Gu Heng, get ready."

Gu Heng glanced at Mo Ting and noticed his piercing glare. It seemed her every move would be under his observation. His glare contained a sense of warning that made her unable to get into character due to guilt. Even during rehearsal, she made mistakes multiple times.

In the end, Tangning turned to the nervous Gu Heng and asked, "Gu Jie, are you bothered by Ting's presence?"

", it's my own problem."

"I'm sorry. It's because previously on the set of 'Hidden Expert', he witnessed someone deliberately cause my fall, so he has decided to attend all dangerous scenes from now on. If it causes you stress, I'm really sorry," Tangning explained as she looked seriously into Gu Heng's eyes, "I don't want him to feel anxious, so I allowed him to visit like this."

"It's because President Mo cares about you," Gu Heng replied. However, she probably didn't notice that her voice was currently trembling.

"I can't help it. Our lives are now connected and he can't handle seeing me being bullied," Tangning laughed.

Hearing this, Gu Heng suddenly realized what was happening. Tangning was indirectly warning her. If anything was to happen to her, Mo Ting would not let her off the hook even if she made excuses.

A cold shiver ran up her spine, straight to her head. Gu Heng suddenly felt extremely cautious of Tangning and Mo Ting. At this moment, a voice in her head clearly told her that she could not make a move on Tangning, otherwise, she would meet her end.

"Let's try again."

Gu Heng nodded her head. This time, she readjusted her emotions and focused all her energy on acting in an attempt to suppress the hatred she felt for Tangning...

This time, the scene was a success. Of course, Gu Heng still did not take notice of Tangning's acting; she was too focused on controlling herself.

Mo Ting stood quietly on set. After the two women finished filming their scene, he approached Tangning and asked, "Is everything OK?"

"Of course," Tangning smiled, "Gu Jie is a professional. Nothing could possibly go wrong."

"If anything happens to you, this film will no longer have a reason to exist." After speaking, Mo Ting placed his arm across Tangning's shoulder and walked her to one side, leaving the disappointed Gu Heng standing all alone in fear. Lucky she did not make a move, otherwise, what would Mo Ting have done to her?

The couple headed for their van as Tangning needed to change sets. At this time, Tangning finally turned to Mo Ting and explained, "Before you appeared, I definitely sensed a burning gaze on my back. Ting...I have a feeling there is something wrong with Gu Heng and Bai Qiusheng. Last night, Yanshu and I spotted them in the garden. Although it was just a quick glimpse, their movements were suspicious and did not seem decent."

"In that case, don't act in this film anymore..."

Seeing the serious expression on Mo Ting's face, Tangning suddenly started laughing, "I'm sure with your warning, Gu Heng wouldn't dare to do anything from now on. She was definitely frightened by you. Moreover, I told you about this matter not because I want to withdraw from the film, but because I want to solve the problem."

"Hubby, I'm sure you know that I'm capable of solving problems like this on my own. But, I never hide anything from you. Apart from working together as a couple, I want you to know that I would never take my safety lightly. As soon as something unusual happens, I will tell you straight away."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning as he pulled her into his embrace and placed a kiss on her forehead, "No matter what happens, I am here."

"But, I must remind you to take special notice of Bai Qiusheng. A man's mind has always been more secretive than a woman's."

Tangning smiled at this warning, "In this entire world, you are the only one that can make me willingly surrender. When it comes to others, I won't easily lose."

Of course, Tangning always knew the right things to say to Mo Ting. So, he had no reason to stop her from filming?

"Of course, it would be ideal to complete this film safely. But, if someone has any bad intentions, I'm not easy to bully. Even if someone was to bully me, it would only be you."

Mo Ting took a deep breath helplessly, "How could I bear to bully you..."

"In that case, I'll bully you instead," Tangning habitually bit Mo Ting on the neck.

Gu Heng watched Mo Ting leave the set, but she no longer dared to scheme against Tangning. She had finally realized Tangning wasn't simple. In fact, she was highly meticulous. Not only did she give her reminders, she also gave her warnings.

Afterwards, Gu Heng sent Bai Qiusheng a message in fear, "Don't do anything to Tangning, otherwise you will be damaging yourself. I can live without this award. I am willing to wait."

Seeing her message, Bai Qiusheng lifted his head and looked towards her. Without responding, he put his phone away.

Gu Heng knew Bai Qiusheng was stubborn. But, Tangning wasn't someone they could afford to offend...

No matter how good of an excuse they made up, Mo Ting would never let go of anyone that hurt Tangning. Lucky she didn't realize this too late.

Even though she was still unhappy that she was merely a supporting character, perhaps it was better for her to improve her relationship with Tangning instead. Maybe that would prevent Bai Qiusheng from doing something stupid.

"Ning Jie, should we continue to take note of those two?" Song Yanshu asked after a long day of filming.

"We can relax around Gu Heng, but let me think about what to do with Bai Qiusheng..." Tangning thought about the dull and secretive man. "We will need to see who's tolerance lasts longer. We must think of a way to deal with him."

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