Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 423: You Finally Know How to be Cautious

Chapter 423: You Finally Know How to be Cautious



The film was to start shooting in July and was due for release in December. As for the Fei Tian Awards, they would be held in February the next year.

So, 'The Lost Relative' was Gu Heng's biggest hope. Especially since her agency had hinted that they'd try to bribe the judges this year. If she missed this chance, her agency may end up placing their focus on someone else.

Bai Qiusheng was right...She couldn't afford to wait any longer.

Within the industry, who didn't strive for fame and fortune? Didn't Mo Ting also put a lot of 'effort' into helping Tangning? When it came to stepping on others, Hai Rui never held back, right?


After becoming an actress, Tangning's appearance in front of the public reduced dramatically. Apart from attending events, she barely stepped foot out of her house because she wanted to spend all her time preparing for her new film. After all, the film this time posed quite a challenge for her.

In order to help Tangning get into her police role, Mo Ting hired an actual police officer to train Tangning like a cadet in a police academy. Whether it was the way she walked, her fighting stance or even the way she held a gun, she tried her best to look exactly like the real thing. As a result, Tangning began to appear more and more heroic. She was so impressive that Long Jie would raise her thumb everytime Tangning grabbed her gun.

"If someone didn't know, they might think you are an actual police officer."

Inside the training grounds, Tangning put down her fake gun and leaned against the wall, "Police are amazing. So, my mission is to show the audience how great they are."

"Well, it's time for a break. Your husband was worried that you'd be hungry, so he told Lu Che to tell me to deliver you a healthy lunch. Don't just focus on training, you should come here and eat some food first."

"OK," Tangning nodded.

Long Jie opened the lunch boxes and sat in the training ground with Tangning, ready to eat. But, just before they picked up their chopsticks, Long Jie suddenly said, "Do you want me to do some investigations regarding the male lead? As for the defeated Gu Heng, she auditioned for female lead but had to settle for the supporting character, I'm afraid she won't just accept the result so easily."

"You finally know how to be cautious," Tangning smiled. "If you have some spare time, you could have a look into it for me."

"OK, I'll look into it after we're done here." After speaking, Long Jie suddenly looked a little awkward.

"Is there something else you want to talk about?" Tangning could sense her hesitation so she prompted her to talk.

"Do you think, as a woman gets older, it's harder for her to get pregnant? I've been trying to get pregnant for a while now, but nothing seems to be happening. I'm a bit worried that there's something wrong with me," Long Jie said worriedly as she put down her chopsticks. "Tangning, I really want to give Lu Che a child as soon as possible."

"Have you done a medical examination?" Tangning asked.

"I'm too afraid to go..."

"It's best you discuss it with Lu Che. This is a matter concerning the two of you. Stop bottling up your worries or something bad might happen. Haven't you learned from your past?"

Tangning was referring to the time that Long Jie was forced to kneel.

Long Jie nodded, "You're right, I'll discuss it with him when I get home."

Tangning watched as Long Jie's head sunk and began to feel a little worried. Why was she so desperate to have a child?

After Long Jie left, Tangning couldn't help but give Lu Che a phone call.

"Madam? Let me get the President on the phone for you..."

"No need. I want to speak to you," Tangning said as she leaned against her desk, "Do you know what Long Jie has been concerned about lately? Her mind seemed to be elsewhere during lunchtime. I understand that the work given to you by Ting is important, but you mustn't forget to take note of the people around you."

Lu Che furrowed his brows questioningly. But of course, he understood Tangning's concern, so he nodded his head, "Thank you, Madam, for your concern."

"The most important people in my life are all under your care, Lu Che."

"I understand," Lu Che replied.

After Lu Che hung up the phone, Mo Ting lifted his head and looked at him questioningly.

Lu Che revealed an awkward smile as he explained, "The Madam called me regarding Long Man. President, please don't misunderstand."

"My wife called you because she's worried about you. You should pay closer attention to the happiness of your family." After speaking, Mo Ting lowered his head and continued with his work.

Lu Che took a deep breath. Although he had indeed sensed that there was something on Long Jie's mind, he did not expect it to be so serious. It seemed, the pressures she felt from his parents were stronger than he thought. It was time he found a chance to resolve it.

With this thought, he left Mo Ting's office and gave his parents a phone call to meet up. Sometimes, what a woman most needed was certainty from her man.


Late at night, after Tangning returned from the training ground, Mo Ting was sitting all alone on the sofa. Tangning dragged her tired body towards him, but he suddenly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap.

"You gave Lu Che a phone call?"

"How did you find out?" Tangning was a little surprised.

"He picked up the phone right in front of me..." Mo Ting replied in an upset tone, "Mrs. Mo, it seems you aren't the least bit worried that your husband would get jealous."

"President Mo, a suitable amount of jealousy is good for the heart," Tangning giggled. She then grabbed onto his cheeks and explained, "There were some private matters concerning Long Jie that I originally didn't want to get involved in. But, Long Jie is sometimes too considerate towards others that she ends up hurting herself. I don't want to see her do anything stupid, so I gave Lu Che a slight reminder."

"I know," Mo Ting responded. It was inconvenient for a man to get involved in womanly matters.

"Are you still jealous, then?" Tangning sat up straight and placed a bite on Mo Ting's neck.

Mo Ting placed his hand on top of Tangning's hand and linked his fingers with her's. At this time, he noticed her hands had developed calluses from holding a gun for too long.

"My heart is aching Mrs. Mo."

Tangning gave him a kiss, "Is your heart still aching after this?"

"I really don't know what to do about you."

He was completely helpless.

Mo Ting had been in the entertainment industry for many years, but had never been met with a situation or person that had made him feel so helpless. It was not until he met Tangning, only this woman made him willing to do anything for her.

"Let's go. I'll carry you upstairs to apply another layer of ointment." After speaking, Mo Ting lifted Tangning in his arms, "Try and come home with this many injuries tomorrow and see what I'll do to you..."

"The film is about to start shooting... I'll personally bring home what you asked for and present it in front of you," Tangning said in a serious and confident tone.

She was going to get an award!

Because she deserved it...

"I will definitely make your wish come true." Of course, bribing judges was something Mo Ting would never do. Plus, it would be an insult to Tangning. But, he was confident what belonged to his wife would not be able to escape from her grasp!

After all, no matter if she was an actress or model, she always did her best.

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